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  1. I'm really liking my switch so far, been having a blast playing it on the bus and around uni as well as back home on the TV. Zelda is fucking great. Unfortunately it's basically the console equivalent of an early-access game right now in terms of the lack of games or virtual console (Zelda, Shovel Knight and Fast RMX are pretty much the only good games out so, ) and basic OS features such as being able to search for friends by name or cloud saving, but hopefully that'll have all changed come winter and splatoon and mario etc are out and Nintendo have had time to sharpen the OS up.
  2. no offence dude but all the mod election banners/images are getting kinda obnoxious now
  3. try find something you don't need anymore and sell it on ebay to recoup the costs
  4. Just saw the godfather for the first time. It was good. had pizza while watching too which is even more good
  5. Never grew out of Doctor Who. Always been into that. Uhh things I have grown out of is a little tricky. Probably children's entertainment things like Thomas the tank engine or postman pat or fireman sam or whatever.
  6. 32GB is way too small for a console but it doesn't bother me too much. It's expandable and doesn't use any dumb proprietary memory cards so I can't see it being a problem for me.
  7. howl arf all our furriends been doing this weekend ^.^ I hope ewe all great satfurdays, don't furget to relax
  8. I shall certainly do my darndiddly best to post more. the posts shall flow
  9. Woah, 900 pages in 1-3 days? That'd take me like a month to read at least, the fastest I've read was a 500 page book in 2.4 days and I considered that exceptionally fast for me. You're a fast reader o-o how do you read so fast?
  10. I genuinely can't think of a more dumb idea. Haven't rabbids died yet? I thought they fell out of popularity around 2010/11.
  11. When was the last time you had pizza? How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? Do you read books often?
  12. I hate late buses. Like I need to get on the way to uni now so as not to be late, not in 10 minutes when you finally decide to show up. ):< I hate bread puns. >:v
  13. They might have put the SD card in to get one-up on Nintendo, seeing as the NES Mini has no way to expand the number of games on it. But by extension Sega would also be condoning/encouraging the use of illegal ROMs so idk.
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