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  1. Hello, am vry late to partee I second dragons and different types of geckos, maintenance is super duper easy as opposed to other reptile species. Sneks are low maintenance too if you can handle buying and storing rats. Leopards and cresties from what I've gathered don't need humidity or lighting requirements as much, just heat and regular temps. Beardies on the other hand need UV-A/UV-B and a certain kind of humidity. For bulbs I always get https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00TQG6DRI/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 because it's the perfect all encompassing bulb for one price (~$44.00 but worth it since it lasts 6 months to a year, 18+ if you have a UVB meter apparently) As far as I'm aware, geckos are carnivorous/insectivorous, so they only eat insects (superworms, crickets, and dubias). Whereas beardies are omnivorous and eat green vegetables (mustard greens, turnip greens, collard green, bok choy) and insects (same as gekkos). If you start with a baby, they require a higher insect diet for growth, so start them off on a good regular supply of crickets or small dubias and a little bit of greens. When they become adults you can switch to greens as staple with insects as secondary feeders. Currently my two beardies are the best babies and loves of my life. Rio is my one year old "beefmama" as I call her since she's gotten so big and I've reared her as a smol lizard. Reyna is my five year old who I readopted from some college jock going away to school. Their personalities are different as can be! Rio is lazy as fuck, but she's docile and takes to handling, she'll lick my finger if I place it in front of her jaw when she's out of her tank and running about, which is great because it means she's testing her environment and she feels comfortable and safe there! When I let her out she'll run for a bit then find a spot to sleep in. Reyna on the other hand runs around like crazy, she'll try to climb on everything and run on anything. The worst part is she'll eat anything off the floor so I have to keep an eye on her and the floor, she'll eat friggin cat food (further solidifying my suspicion that they are actually cats), so I have to watch them to make sure they're okay and lizard/catproof the house. Reyna is very skittish though and will flinch if you touch her. This was hecka long ago so you probably thought about it enough already, so I'm using this thread to rave about my lizzars, and just an fyi if you get any in the future ;3c
  2. On the positive side, I am really planning on getting some form of invertebrate as a pet soon (seeing as I have the resources to care for them with my reptiles and they are low maintenance creatures) Going to a reptile expo today, can't guarantee they'll have all kinds of invertebrates as well but should be fun, nonetheless. If I pick up any, I'm planning on some of three types: A tarantula, and I will name her Mr. Fluffy. 2-3 Madagascar hissing roaches, which will be named after philosophers. Or a scorpion, undecided on name.
  3. What up guys, I've been MIA with life stuff and school, hope you all are doing good. I came here to vent today, I got off the phone with my mom last night, my family lives in Texas. I, fortunately, do not (and certainly after hearing about these bastions of humanity I never will!). They told me stories about their neighbors and how they are. They try to put them in a good light at times, like how they invited my family over for giant meals and events at the beginning. However, My mom told me that one of the fuckers THREW GASOLINE ON MY DOG! She didn't catch the guy in the act, but she saw my dog scratching and rolling around and licking himself, and the neighbor from far off walking into his house (which is why she suspected it was him). She had to douse my dog with the hose and give him a bath, this was a long ordeal and it didn't seem to be enough. Fortunately, he was okay. But that shit makes my blood boil, it's a damn good thing I'm not there because honestly the emotional rage that gives me makes me want to spraypaint their house or shitty truck, do it like in "The girl with the dragon tattoo" and make it say: ME OR MY GROSS FRIENDS ARE DOG ABUSING PIGS Seriously, it almost makes me want to hire a hitman for vandalism, it's a shame that can't be tattooed on their foreheads. The police got called over to their place since my mom did see some guy walking away during the incident, but of course they can't be charged because there's no specific proof it was them, and they of course denied it. Still, hopefully getting a cop knocking on their door is enough at that point so they don't continue with anything like that. I'm a pretty chill dude by nature, I avoid confrontation, but any particular incident concerning abuse animals or kids is going to make me rage. Apparently these other neighbors, dont know if they're all the same or different neighbors: also casually make jokes about lynching, abused their now-departed wife (My mom found a book from his passed wife that was about dealing with an abusive husband), and probably were the ones that ate my sister's pet rabbit (to be fair, there's no proof of this one and my parent's stupidly did let the poor damn monster live outside and under the house). Yikes, whatever! I'm so glad I don't live there, this is why I'm wary of new people I don't know. I've not had a solid relationship with my parents but they've had it rough these many years, between the constant moving, my shit going on in my life, neighbors they thought they could trust but ended up stealing their cash savings out of their home, and my sister being bullied in school. I feel for them
  4. I was going to write in the things we hate to avoid making it's own topic, but one thing oldFAF was known for was the occassional deeper, more thought out post here and there, and it's not like I've done one in awhile, so I guess I'll risk it here. If it's in any way out of bounds just lock it I guess Okay, so something I've come to the realization of, I dont fear much of anything. Spiders, snakes, heights, all the typical phobias. I dont have any deepset fears much...but there's one thing that might actually bother me enough to think about. I don't fear death, but years ago I had a dream where I was hit by a gunshot, and I could feel the life slipping out of me and my vision going fuzzy, as if my very soul was slipping from me, and it was gradual. It was a strange and disconcerting dream, the feeling was fairly vivid, too. If I'm in a darker train of thought I often picture myself as if I were in this situation, fighting to stay awake and to keep conscious In fact, if it wasnt for a person that I cared about, this fear might actually take over me, but I've been taught, so to speak, how not to "go gentle into that good night". I've been taught a lot of skills of awareness, breathing slowly and maintaining control of your body, how to ignore pain and feelings that cant affect you if you dont let it, how to maintain your consciousness and always ask yourself where you are, what's going on, and things like that. Things to help fight through the inevitable situation that may come to pass if it ever did. There's a lot of people who have affected my life in little ways
  5. I thought about my dog again this morning, she's on my mind a lot lately because she's about 13 now, more or less, and she's got 7 years at most if she's a very lucky dog (she is a very healthy, active small dog). Though I'm cautiously awaiting it to be closer to 3-5 years, and I dont live with my parents anymore to see the state of her day to day health. Which is even worse since if something happens to her I wont be there to see it. I dont know how I'd feel if she passed on someday, but Im surely not feeling well about it already
  6. No full opinion except the way you phrased the second video of the kids sitting on the lemur made it sound like a big deal, but it was a minor accident, the lemur wriggled free, and all parties were fine. The lemur wasnt trapped there kicking and screaming, I step on my cat's tail or dog's paw sometimes, too. Also, for what its worth, you could have explained the situation to your local zoo if it was a valid complaint, and screenshotted your original comment to show them And if you didnt expect any kind of backlash, maybe you know next time to post anonymously instead of facebook of all places
  7. Sounds like me when I eat things I dont like the taste of but attempt to eat anyways because I spent money on it
  8. Exactly my point, Why ignore the present tense if it'll dissappear in the future? Because I want my clean waterways, extant species, and thriving ecosystems NOW, damn it! Ecologists and environmentalists are doing their jobs for the life forms that exist RIGHT NOW Nobody is going to be alive in the inevitable destruction of humanity from now to then so it's not like preservation isn't solely about singlehandedly saving the world with the power of human gooderness, even if some people do carry that motivation somehow.
  9. Well, my neighbor just got stabbed. I'm not going to call the cops and paramedics because he's going to die at some point anyways, the paramedics can't stop death it's inevitable.
  10. Okay yeaah but why are you guys hating on environmentalists? Sure, the world would be better off without humanity and nothing we can do is going to 100% reverse damage unless humanity stops being so populous, but that doesnt change the fact that humanity still exists RIGHT NOW, Why are you shitting on environmentalists and humanitarians trying to maintain a sense of balance when if there weren't any humans that made any attempts at all more species would go extinct, more land would be destroyed, and more damage would be done? I'm pretty annoyed by the anti-humanitarian rhetoric on the basis of evolutionary timeline of the planet making it irrelevant Would you rather all the environmentalists, ecologists, and researchers stop doing their jobs because it doesnt matter? Jeez...
  11. Maybe there are misanthropy forums out there, with humans bonding over how much they simultaneously hate each other? ...imagine the forum drama
  12. So you say you love your friends and family, you do know they are also human and part of this entity called humanity, right? Would your feelings of humanity getting hit by a hurricane change if it was your friends and family there being killed, devastated, hurting from loss, thrust into poverty and fighting for survival? Also, you missed all the reasons presented to you, but if you needed more, I found this the other day: http://cheezburger.com/3617797/50-feel-good-facts-moments-and-memes-to-make-your-day-a-bit-brighter
  13. So...if you failed...and youre above average, this is essentially a test everybody is expected to fail? :< Is it just your teacher having overly difficult grading standards or is it really that hard to pass that certain section of the subject? >.> It's so awful to think about...
  14. -\_(owo)_/- I loved the show for the first few seasons...like...maybe the one after Shining Armor marries Princess cadence and they have to defeat the changelings. Yada yada. Of course with popularity the show kind of just rode out a bit longer...I havent kept up. I'm not this MLP megafan that will bother seeing it in theaters, but as a mild curiosity I'll pull it up on my computer and watch it when it's old news
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