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  1. I hate hangnails. Especially when they first show up.
  2. I imagine you must be great at interviews since you turn negatives into positives quite easily.
  3. Hey Aleu,Fallow, Dingo, Zop, Chili and Wolf! (Been doing real world stuffs, seeing peoples, etc.) Hope things have been good with ya'll. It does kinda look like a wishbone actually. Ok, I'll go with it. My need for avian beauty is appeased.
  4. I think it's a lizard with it's tail in the air...(A position we've all been in, admit it.) ...or maybe an owl looking down at something. I dunno. Was the phoenix art too awesome? This is some avian bias bs. Imma gather protesters. Brb. (Also hi)
  5. Schwarzenegger running on a moderate (establishment) republican ticket in the Hollywood state in the 2000's is comparable to Trump's scandal infused, bigotry fanning, establishment slapping, media threatening 1.5 year Klan rally post Obama? M'kay...
  6. Your tears literally fill me with such joy, OP. <3 It's like All Lives Matter, Not All Men, #lockerroomtalk and "Why isn't there a White Entertainment Television?" all rolled up in one.
  7. I don't think he'll ever be forgotten. It's Donald Trump after all. He's a giant celebrity and has been referenced in our culture for atleast 30 years. And he basically was the face of 2015/16. I kinda think his effect will be just as massive. He has caused some confusion among his base. Do they choose the next "Donald Trump" or a "worse than hillary" mainstream republican for congress? The Deplorables are out of the closet and ready to elect more Trump-like candidates. It'll split the republicans and lead to more democrats in the legislative branch. I really don't think Republicans can win another presidency if they follow Trump's example and don't reach out to minorities and women. WIth a significantly less white America (and the aging/dying population that is fiercely conservative), they just don't have the numbers anymore. Just like the republican autopsy report post-Obama victory in 2012 said.
  8. The "brexit is just like USA Elections 2016" is a silly one though. For your analogy to work, we'd instead have to have a lot less people of color (The UK has what? 20 percent? America has 40.) We'd have to also have a huge gender gap. Instead, Brexit only had an age gap. Trump does dismally with female voters, and we have more of them than men in this nation. Unless Hillary totally fucks up the Vegas debate, Trump's goose is cooked. He doesn't win, by any great margin, any group except uneducated white males. We do have a lot of them, but not nearly enough to win an election. And in any case, Pussygate and his sexual assault allegations are a thing. That's why he's encouraging "poll monitors" to racially profile people of color on Nov. 8 (or 28th XD). PoC and women will win the election for Hillary. He's floppin' like a fish on dry land. @Rassah What do you think Trump's civil war with the Republican Establishment will have on the party in the long run? Are we seeing the new Whigs?
  9. It was rather nice of democrats to raise 13,000 dollars to help the Campaign rebuild. That and Clinton's presidential response to it. Trump really cannot help but lose this election though. All the vile shit he said in '15, those gross sexual assault tapes with Billy Bush, and now calling people "animals" doesn't really inspire the general electorate to vote for you. The real interesting thing will happen when Clinton wins the election. Will there be riots from Trump supporters? It's gonna be a fun ride.
  10. Butters


    Times are hard. I'm pretty sure the number one reason people commit suicide is because they see their situation as hopeless. Bravery and gumption don't have nothing to do with depression. That's one for the basket.
  11. You can always tell a random alt-righter from a redneck trump supporter by who they think is doing the raping. Alt-righters: Muslims. Rednecks: Mexicans.
  12. I've often wanted to try that. @OP: French Press is the best! Do you even brew bro?
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