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  1. This is Bo. He used bows.
  2. https://twitter.com/netgeekAnimal/status/904453049380364288
  3. This is why my old guard director banned glitter.
  4. Jesus Christ. I always thought the educators would be some of the more open and tolerant people, but perhaps not.
  5. Ace Attorney: The ONLY lawyer game in which you can use your TOTALLY not magic powers to expertly solve all murders ever.
  6. When I was younger I used to play outside a lot, imagination and all that fun stuff.
  7. I done did some arts wow! I'm really proud of the second one c:
  8. Indoor Fireworks: Ten times the disappointment at almost the exact same price!
  9. Worrying about the future and our lack of control in it is something I sit down and think about a lot as well. It's a scary, scary thought, and I wish it was easier for us to know. Scared as we may be, all we can do is keep pressing on, I suppose.
  10. Intuos Drawing Tablet: Our drivers MAY not fail on you again!
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