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  1. You'll be a doggy daddy!
  2. It hasn't even been dangerously hot yet. Just dangerously humid. I can't even sit in my bedroom sometimes because it's so stuffy
  3. Have you tried iced tea and lemonade? An Arnold Palmer drink? It's fucking amazing.
  4. She's not wrong, but she might anger a lemon.
  5. Oh, this is my life, but more humidity and less heat because Northeast Texas is a forest.
  6. Do robots dream of booping otters?
  7. America is just Britain 2.0 on steroids anyway
  8. It's good to at least, I dunno, have some sort of plan in place. Before you bring an idea to your boss you at least need to have SOME vague idea about what the fuck you're going to do. There's no harm in discussing something. At least they're TRYING to do something helpful, instead of sitting here and twiddling their thumbs. I digress though, nothing's going to change if people don't want it to. Whatever happens will happen, and frankly, that's okay with me. I don't want to get involved any more than I have to. (which, yes, does sound hypocritical, but I'd rather not get into it until someone asks for me to help)
  9. 9/10 That was really gosh darn good! I love accordion-based music c:
  10. I don't even know why
  11. ctrl+v

  12. 10/10 chill af and a like it very much
  13. What new ones, almost all of the new ones disappear in point four of a femtosecond.