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  1. Boop the Snoot

  2. Me IRL

  3. hit paste

  4. Furry Crush thread

    This is Bo. He used bows.
  5. Things that you love! v2

  6. Things That You Don't Understand!

    This is why my old guard director banned glitter.
  7. Things that you love! v2

    Happy birthday!!
  8. The Mugshots and Selfie Thread 2.0

    Woah I did a thing!
  9. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Jesus Christ. I always thought the educators would be some of the more open and tolerant people, but perhaps not.
  10. New slogans

    Ace Attorney: The ONLY lawyer game in which you can use your TOTALLY not magic powers to expertly solve all murders ever.
  11. Things That You Don't Understand!

    When I was younger I used to play outside a lot, imagination and all that fun stuff.
  12. What have you submitted recently?

    I done did some arts wow! I'm really proud of the second one c:
  13. New slogans

    Indoor Fireworks: Ten times the disappointment at almost the exact same price!
  14. Convergence

    Worrying about the future and our lack of control in it is something I sit down and think about a lot as well. It's a scary, scary thought, and I wish it was easier for us to know. Scared as we may be, all we can do is keep pressing on, I suppose.
  15. New slogans

    Intuos Drawing Tablet: Our drivers MAY not fail on you again!