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  1. "I kinda like watching the twinkies on the dance floor... not on a shelf..."
  2. 8/10 I loveeee swing style
  3. I know how much @GarthTheWereWolf likes werewolf-based dime romance novels
  4. ctrl+v

  5. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I can understand a mat in front of the toilet or the bath tub, but the WHOLE bathroom? That'd get SOOOOO filthy!!
  6. Pretty sure this has been my life from day one.
  7. Ashens reviewed one of those, and the irony of it was not lost on him. Also it was kind of shite so :v
  8. Sleeping with your doctor is an effective way to get cheap checkups.
  9. Hi, welcome Here. We Exist.
  10. ctrl+v

  11. I wish he would just get up off his ass and try and do SOMETHING or just leave
  12. My roommate. He hasn't bothered to look for a job, learn how to drive, nor apply to any uni (there's TWO in town, he can go to one of them). All he cares about is getting high and food, and he whined at me to go make dinner. He doesn't cook and barely cleans up his dishes. All he does is play on his xbone or watch anime. The worst part is that my father won't kick him out of the house because he doesn't want some barely legal teen to be out on the street without a house.
  13. I figured that they weren't, they just LOOKED ancient
  14. the two on the far left look older than me I think I had one similar to the 3 from the left, the bar phone next to the first touch screen one