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  1. This sort of thing is best kept behind closed doors. Not cool to do pup play in a hotel lobby, even if you don't personally see it as kinky or sexual. that said, people are blowing this way out of proportion, especially given that this happened at 4am, and barely anyone was around to see it.
  2. Yep. He just generally smells like a predator to me. He just comes across as somebody who takes advantage of people, and feels entitled to do so, and he always ducks and dodges whenever he's called out for something. Sexual and other predators have a grand tradition of trying to dodge accountability with heapin' helpings of rationalization ("It's different when it's me because..."), lofty-sounding rhetoric ("muh freeze peach"), gaslighting ("It was just a joke; it didn't mean anything,"), and finger-pointing. Really, more than the particular kinks or fetishes, what worries me about folks is when they have a particular tendency to always justify, rationalize, and defend their own behavior at all costs, because that's when shit gets dangerous.
  3. To be succinct, based on what I've heard about him over time, I wouldn't trust Zaush any further than I could throw him, personally. Your mileage is welcome to differ. Intentions, ethics, and legalities aside, the exchange he had with that client was just plain creepy in my book.
  4. I reckon it's fair to say that if someone's attracted to children, they're a pedophile. (But, we need to avoid confusing pedophilia with similar-looking kinks, like being attracted to objects associated with childhood, or being into the idea of being a child.) I agree with Battlechili that there's a difference between fantasy and reality, and that one doesn't necessarily cross into the other. Pedophiles are not necessarily child molesters. It's important to avoid witch hunts just for "thoughtcrimes." So, we do have to be cautious about jumping to premature conclusions about someone's kinks, what they mean, and how they're going to act on them. But, I also think it's smart to err on the side of caution when someone has a fetish that tends to lend itself to harmful and/or non-consensual behavior. Claims to good intentions aside, I'd still be extremely reluctant to leave a suspected or known zoophile alone with an animal, or a suspected or known pedophile alone with a minor.
  6. Ohhh, fair point. Still, it seems stupid and potentially classist to make people pay a hundred dollars for an old, outdated device that they'll likely only use in class. Wonder if there's some third way.
  7. Course requirements are, in my estimation, a fucking racket. It's basically a-grossly overpriced game of Russian roulette. I'm sorry. For future reference: https://www.campusbooks.com/ https://www.cheapesttextbooks.com/ https://www.bookfinder.com/textbooks/ https://www.quora.com/What-are-good-resources-to-learn-statistics-online Also, it seems to me like a phone app could theoretically do everything one of those clunky Texas Instruments calculators can do, so it just comes across as a waste of money intended to just keep Texas Instruments afloat as a company. I really resented having to pay so much for SPSS. As for the topic itself: I recommend the "Discovering Statistics" books by Field. I mainly used the one for SPSS. Field is a clear, funny, engaging writer, and his explanation of things helped me to get through by the skin of my knuckles. https://www.analyticsvidhya.com/resource-statitics/ https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/learn-statistics-free-6-resources/ https://www.tutorialspoint.com/statistics/index.htm
  8. The movie was not without its flaws, but I thoroughly enjoyed it overall, and appreciated its fresh take on an old franchise. I'm also savoring all of the pissy nerd tears that are flowing over it.
  9. I yearn for the day when we collectively draw the line at people using their religious beliefs to justify hurting others or disrupting the Commons. Your right to swing your fist ends at another person's face, period, and to hell with your "personal relationship" with Barney the Magical Skynosaur.
  10. I realize that the legal and ethical issues here are complicated and genuinely problematic and fraught with peril, but at the end of the day, I'm at least perfectly fine with socially shaming fundies and bigots who would deny service to members of a protected class for "sincere" (gag me) moral or religious reasons.
  11. "Whataboutism" is a common tactic designed to distract people from an issue or problem. Warning to the wise: "What about (other issue)" is often (but not always) employed by people who don't actually give a shit about that other issue, and who mostly want to kill the discussion about the issue that's currently on the table, but know that they can't quite get away with just telling people they just shouldn't care at all. Don't fall for it, guys. Nine times out of ten, it's a ruse.
  12. Enjoy: Debate Against and For Net Neutrality Why the arguments against Net Neutrality are wrong Tech Founders Talk Net Neutrality Net Neutrality Repeal Will Be a Boon to Large Tech Companies Net Neutrality Myths and Facts 5 Arguments Against Net Neutrality
  13. ^^^There could be lots of explanations for that phenomenon, and may not be due to any one thing. People may feel they no longer connect well with the youngsters, may get tired of the kiddie drama, may just get bored with the same-old same-old, and/or may just not have time to participate in the fandom because they're focused on their family and/or career. Echoing Red Lion and some other folks, I absolutely appreciate being able to talk about or allude to sex without people assuming that I'm automatically hot to trot.
  14. This is all crazy, unhealthy stuff in my book. People should be able to fantasize, dream about, or check out other people without coming under fire from their significant other. You can have fleeting attractions or superficial crushes on people without betraying your mate or loving them any less. And if you're wrestling with serious, persistent self-hatred or body dysphoria issues, you should get a therapist, because it's uncool to consistently corner your mate and manipulate or guilt them into assuring you that all is well when you fundamentally don't believe it.
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