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  1. I reckon, some people are just inclined towards authoritarianism. From there, my read is that in addition to seeking the usual sense of meaning, order, and belonging, people who join these kinds of movements are also looking to feel important and powerful. Nazis are scary and intimidating, and so people who want to be intimidating and feel powerful themselves may be drawn to Neo-Nazi or white supremacist groups. This is why I suggest that satire and mockery are powerful tools for de-fanging these kinds of movements.
  2. I actually agree, even though I firmly believe that the alt-right is a much greater threat, and that our priority right now should be to take a stand against white supremacist (or whatever the dipshits are calling it now) ideology. I agree that the people who are saying that "both sides are bad" or that "both sides have done bad things" are overwhelmingly wimpy, cowardly "moderates" or right-wing concern trolls. The liberals are absolutely correct in this case that one side in this conflict was largely comprised of Nazis by any other name, and you shouldn't mince words about that. But, it does bother me that so many of my liberal friends figure that if you're supposedly fighting Nazis, you can do no wrong, and that anyone who criticizes or questions you when you're "fighting fascists" is obviously an apologist for fascism themselves. That strikes me as incredibly dangerous. History has shown that the road to hell is paved with righteous intentions, and that when you've long stared into the abyss, the abyss stares into you. I am also sick of my right-wing friends who have glommed onto the idiotic term "alt-left" and who've been screeching about Antifa non-stop like the group buggered their grandma. Other than finding them often rather tiresome and obnoxious, I just can't get too excited about Antifa. I'm also annoyed with my right-wing Yankee friends who are concern-trolling and crying crocodile tears about the Confederate monuments, and posting all kinds of moronic memes that engage in false equivalence by asking if we should (for example) take down statues of MLK jr. because he "opposed gay marriage." (Spot all of the problems with that, kids! I rang the friend who posted this one through the ringer.) I am also feeling for my black, Jewish, and other friends who understandably feel unnerved and uneasy right now, and I wish I could do even more to support and comfort them.
  3. I also can relate to this feeling. I'm good at appropriately channeling and managing my anger for the most part, but that certainly comes with a price. Occasionally, I find myself feeling jealous of people who "get" to rant and rave all over the place.
  4. Ashley and Xaende nailed it. Boomers, Gen Xers, and miscellaneous hipsters might mock you for your interests and hobbies, or say that they put away childish things when they were YOUR age, but that's just their projected baggage. Playing golf, having a membership at the country club, or talking about the weather or the stock market does not a true adult make. Being an adult is about being willing and able to step up and take responsibility for your life to the best of your cognitive and physical ability.
  5. It's really stupid if people are masquerading as members of Antifa or the Raiders or whomever else to prove that Antifa or the Raiders are a threat. But, given that non-furries do that, too, it's not all that surprising. A friend of mine shared these things from Deo's Twitter feed, the main thing being the excerpt of the phone call made to Califur: DogpatchPress rip of the call uploaded to Youtube Conversation thread
  6. Well, and what's interesting is that I know people who are lifestyle kinksters (including a small handful of furries), and they're totally cool people. I think the difference is that they radiate easygoing confidence and self-acceptance, and aren't pushy, cloying, or aggressive. The annoying kinksters, in contrast, usually have terrible boundaries and no understanding of "time and place," and tend to radiate desperation, cluelessness, and neediness--or at least, that's been my read of them. Oh, and sitting your family down like you're about to share your cancer diagnosis is an awful, idiotic way to "come out" to your parents (or anyone) about being furry. It immediately sends a non-verbal message that Something is Very Wrong.
  7. Well, compares them how? That's the point. Someone who says that furries are an oppressed class who deserve legal protection because they are just like gay people or blacks needs to smacked upside the head. Someone who says that furries are technically minority group because they're a small, fringe group of people; or who says that furry behaviors, problems, or in-group norms are similar to those seen in the LGBT community; or who notes that furry-hating appears to overlap with homophobia in various aspects is just stating an observation without necessarily being dramatic or cloying about it. I get the impression that some young furs heard that comparing furries to other groups is absolutely forbidden, and nobody explained why certain types of comparisons or statements are obnoxious or problematic. The reason comparisons are "forbidden" is because furries have used false and insulting comparisons to play Oppression Olympics, and that's obnoxious. Yeah, no, that's irrelevant. Even if you think you're a wolf or a kumquat, if you're interpreting the behavior of other people in any way, or if you're proposing grand theories about how society or people are or should be, you should ideally have some insight into how humans think and operate. If you know or suspect that you're actually sub-par at understanding people or society, or realize you may have some "blindspots" when it comes to types of people or kinds of experiences, you should be prudent and modest in that regard, and you should at least avoid getting into intense battles with people over these topics. It's like how I don't try to check Stephen Hawking's math, because I know I'm bad at math.
  8. In an arguably similar vein, I'm extremely frustrated with furries who frankly lack serious insight into human nature, but don't have the sense or the humility to refrain from boldly jumping to conclusions about other people's behavior, proposing grand theories of human motivation, and/or creating over-arching societal models. They lack insight into their lack of insight, and their hubris is just embarrassing. Things really get cringey when they get defensive.
  9. ^^^Furries have a cringey tendency to latch onto a general rule of thumb as if it's an immutable truth and then endlessly pester people over it. On one of the other furry groups, there's a furry who has become obsessed with policing "negativity," and who will now argue with people who are supposedly being "too negative," even if they've offered a constructive criticism, a legitimate concern, or a non-disruptive, low-key beef. Then, we have sperglords who flip out whenever anyone, say, compares furries to LGBT people or dares to suggest furries are technically a minority because OH NOES SJWS DO THAT AND WE HAVE TO STOP DOING THAT OR ELSE PEOPLE WILL THINK WE ARE SJWS.Hakuna your tatas, furries.
  10. Though, I've seen some pretty terrible educational children's programming, too, to be fair.
  11. ^^^Don't despair, most people don't get the species right! I've had people think Stitch was an elephant, and a dog friend of mine has been mistaken for a skunk because he's white with black markings.
  12. ^^Well, or he's a Nazi sympathizer in the same sense that a 12-year-old boy thinks that he's be a SUPER BOSS SPACE MARINE and that HE COULD'VE TAKEN THOSE TERRORISTS NO PROBLEM. Anywho, that's been done to death as it is, and Ashley's right that it isn't really important. It SHOULD, but history's shown that, unfortunately.... Oh, and at the risk of conjuring up unfortunate mental images, rabbit hole goes deeper, it would appear.
  13. Well, and in California, PAWcon was created by people who had issues with the con chair of FC--and then,people dug up dirt on the con chair of PAWcon, so there was a period where the Northern California con you attended was taken as proof that you were either a domestic abuse apologist or whatever was wrong with PAWcon's chair. That appears to have largely blown over, with nothing achieved.
  14. Maybe we're less likely to notice their red-flag rapey behaviors? Thoughts on what people should do if a con has unsavory people on the board? That's a controversial one.
  15. Well said. Those sound reasonable.