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  1. Sausage, actually.
  2. Hunting makes me uncomfortable, but having known people who hunt, I've been forced to see and acknowledge the shades of grey.
  3. Yep, that too. In that sort of case, I'd say the misanthropy largely comes from constantly being bombarded by other people's (truly!) incomprehensible, contradictory and confusing behavior, and then not knowing how to express those feelings of confusion and hurt in a way most people would read as reasonable, measured, and socially appropriate.
  4. True misanthropes are people who previously had great faith in humanity, and were ultimately betrayed. Scratch a misanthrope, and you'll find a sentimental idealist. Most self-described misanthropes are just melodramatic young emos looking for attention, though.
  6. I can dig this! Though I don't "kink-shame" folks for genuinely and consensually enjoying what they enjoy, I am personally uncomfortable with the fetishization of disability and particular things associated with my disability for similar reasons. Musclebears and the like do nothing for me personally, because I'm not into big or pronounced muscles, and am turned off by excessive body hair, or the suggestion of it. (Which, yes, I realize sounds weird, because we're talking about furries here. Fur is different from body hair.) At the other end, I don't like "slobs." The art generally makes me go "bleh" or "ugh."
  7. I'm keen on a few specific "types," including fatties. But, for me, the devil is definitely in the details, and I can be quite particular about what I do and don't like. So, when it comes to fatfurs, I don't like art featuring featureless blobs or mounds of melted custard that don't even resemble living things. I have a sense of what looks anatomically plausible, and what looks like the artist just gave up and drew random folds and creases everywhere. When it comes to writing, of course I expect the spelling and the grammar to be correct, and I want the author to put effort into describing the physical and mental states of their characters. I also prefer that the characters experience certain emotions and mental states in these stories.
  8. People don't become hikikomori or commit suicide because they're having a grand old time, I reckon.
  9. Here's a plot twist for the body-pillow-hugging white identitarian weebs: No, I don't give a Japan a pass for this idiocy, either. Robots alone can't compensate for their rapidly-decreasing population, so they'll eventually experience the consequences of their own racism and xenophobia if they don't wake up.
  10. Context matters. Like I said, I think it's entirely fair to criticize the tactics, attitudes, and rationales on "both sides." In particular, I think if people are truly committed to fighting fascism and authoritarianism, they will need to confront their own flaws and their own inner darkness, or else end up morphing into the kinds of people they've been fighting without even realizing it. But, the "both sides" crowd overwhelmingly comes across as wanting to look emotionally, intellectually, and philosophically superior and "above it all" without actually having to do real research or deep thought. It's rather like when the teacher doesn't care to investigate which kid started the fight, or when they actually rather like one of the kids, but can't admit to it, and so they sentence both the bully and the victim to after-school detention, and give a little pep-speech about how violence is always wrong.
  11. I reckon, some people are just inclined towards authoritarianism. From there, my read is that in addition to seeking the usual sense of meaning, order, and belonging, people who join these kinds of movements are also looking to feel important and powerful. Nazis are scary and intimidating, and so people who want to be intimidating and feel powerful themselves may be drawn to Neo-Nazi or white supremacist groups. This is why I suggest that satire and mockery are powerful tools for de-fanging these kinds of movements.
  12. I actually agree, even though I firmly believe that the alt-right is a much greater threat, and that our priority right now should be to take a stand against white supremacist (or whatever the dipshits are calling it now) ideology. I agree that the people who are saying that "both sides are bad" or that "both sides have done bad things" are overwhelmingly wimpy, cowardly "moderates" or right-wing concern trolls. The liberals are absolutely correct in this case that one side in this conflict was largely comprised of Nazis by any other name, and you shouldn't mince words about that. But, it does bother me that so many of my liberal friends figure that if you're supposedly fighting Nazis, you can do no wrong, and that anyone who criticizes or questions you when you're "fighting fascists" is obviously an apologist for fascism themselves. That strikes me as incredibly dangerous. History has shown that the road to hell is paved with righteous intentions, and that when you've long stared into the abyss, the abyss stares into you. I am also sick of my right-wing friends who have glommed onto the idiotic term "alt-left" and who've been screeching about Antifa non-stop like the group buggered their grandma. Other than finding them often rather tiresome and obnoxious, I just can't get too excited about Antifa. I'm also annoyed with my right-wing Yankee friends who are concern-trolling and crying crocodile tears about the Confederate monuments, and posting all kinds of moronic memes that engage in false equivalence by asking if we should (for example) take down statues of MLK jr. because he "opposed gay marriage." (Spot all of the problems with that, kids! I rang the friend who posted this one through the ringer.) I am also feeling for my black, Jewish, and other friends who understandably feel unnerved and uneasy right now, and I wish I could do even more to support and comfort them.
  13. I also can relate to this feeling. I'm good at appropriately channeling and managing my anger for the most part, but that certainly comes with a price. Occasionally, I find myself feeling jealous of people who "get" to rant and rave all over the place.
  14. Ashley and Xaende nailed it. Boomers, Gen Xers, and miscellaneous hipsters might mock you for your interests and hobbies, or say that they put away childish things when they were YOUR age, but that's just their projected baggage. Playing golf, having a membership at the country club, or talking about the weather or the stock market does not a true adult make. Being an adult is about being willing and able to step up and take responsibility for your life to the best of your cognitive and physical ability.
  15. It's really stupid if people are masquerading as members of Antifa or the Raiders or whomever else to prove that Antifa or the Raiders are a threat. But, given that non-furries do that, too, it's not all that surprising. A friend of mine shared these things from Deo's Twitter feed, the main thing being the excerpt of the phone call made to Califur: DogpatchPress rip of the call uploaded to Youtube Conversation thread