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  1. MY UNIVERSITY SEMESTER IS OVER NOW LET'S FUCKIN' PARTAAAY! And by party, I mean I have to leave for the airport in 1 hour to catch a flight to the USA THEN WE CAN PARTAAAAAAAAAY
  2. I live on clickbait articles, myself.
  3. There there we all miss Melon :c
  4. I'm pretty safety minded tbh, I don't really like taking risks and much prefer to have a firm grasp on a situation before I do anything. Risk taking isn't really my thing.
  5. Realizing my marks are better at uni than I realized because apparently I can't math. WELL I AM STUDYING NURSING NOT MATHEMAGICIANICS
  6. Hi

    Hi Wufflit and welcome to the furrums, I hope you enjoy your stay here and good posting to you. Also would love to see the plushes you make x3
  7. Vae: Casts mind control (+40 psi modifier) Rev: Resists mind control (+60 psi modifier)
  8. REPORTED. Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.
  9. Dw seafood is disgusting anyways. Goodbye dearest Melon, godspeed my friend. YOU BETTER FUCKING MESSAGE ME ON DISCORD. <3 Goodbye
  10. Here's me with Patrick Morgan, she's a 5 year old girl.
  11. Honestly, creating a successful franchise is an achievement in within itself let alone beating McDonalds. I hope that the stores all have something hockey related.
  12. Type 9 got a 6, I am the: I think it's pretty accurate.
  13. BEING REASSURED OF MY ACADEMIC RECORD and that I'm actually doing fine at uni by one of the uni... people? the people that do the uni stuff. A great weight has been lifted and I love it.
  14. Currently I don't have any pets, but before I had a dog named Murphy and we also used to have dogs named Wazza and Dennis
  15. YOU HAVE BEES? TELL ME ABOUT THE BEES. I LOVE BEES. Also, who even is tim horton? He must make a lot of coffee...