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  1. Me too:
  2. Nobody cares why you're the way you are, maybe you're the narcissist lol. I wonder why
  3. Be thirsty no more my friend, my day at school was GREAAAAT, I learned how to take vital signs and put things in people's ears that go BEEP. Thank you for asking Nova.
  4. They all seem good well rounded people with strong moral integrity, Zara.
  5. Nobody, it's gonna be a free for all, only the strongest survive.
  6. I fursonally unironically like this idea and think it's good and great, I want to be able to talk freely about politics. I propose that we should also include REEEEEEEEEligion into the thread, because that's what my spirit animal President Kasich would do!
  7. I think we all know who our favourite prolific thread creator is, I personally thought my favourite Nova thread was "Rave: 2 months working", I was glad to hear how well nova was going and it was a great thread.
  8. In this thread we will post about the fun thoughts we had today. Today, I thought about the fun I am going to have making my new thread and also the fun thought that I get to talk to all my furriends <3
  9. I believe that we should tax our death camps and put in greater regulations so the people in them are treated humanely.
  10. As double Hitler I ban Nazis, let's all get along furriends!
  11. WELL LOOK WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE? VLADIMIR PUTIN WITH A 13% TRUMP FACTOR Also as fur my political opinion, I have no political opinions, I let the stars decide my fate~
  12. THAT WOULD BE A GODSEND, I normally only buy like half of my required text books because dayum they're pricey. Good luck! Hey, if you like you can pm one of the mods and explain what difficulties you're having and we might be able to help you.
  13. Glad to hear that everything is working out with you and it must be wonderful now being able to travel with your partner. Good luck with your best friend, I hope that also works out!
  14. What makes me hate that movie most of all is that people are paying to go watch it because it's bad. IT ONLY FUELS THE PEOPLE THAT MADE IT. REEEEEEEEEEEEEE. That movie needs to burn. In other news, I love work, I got to zoom around for most of the day in a bobcat spreading around wood chippings and also chipping stuff!
  15. It only today occurred to me today that Donald Trump is an old man. More updates at 6.