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  1. Honestly, creating a successful franchise is an achievement in within itself let alone beating McDonalds. I hope that the stores all have something hockey related.
  2. Type 9 got a 6, I am the: I think it's pretty accurate.
  3. BEING REASSURED OF MY ACADEMIC RECORD and that I'm actually doing fine at uni by one of the uni... people? the people that do the uni stuff. A great weight has been lifted and I love it.
  4. Currently I don't have any pets, but before I had a dog named Murphy and we also used to have dogs named Wazza and Dennis
  5. YOU HAVE BEES? TELL ME ABOUT THE BEES. I LOVE BEES. Also, who even is tim horton? He must make a lot of coffee...
  6. Howlo Furriends I'm finally back to the furrums after a long set of assignments and exams and DEATH. Have we overthrown the mods in a glorious revolution yet?
  7. Although everyone else has pretty much answered it. I do agree that the first route to go down is with your mother's enabling and explain it to her how it's affecting you and how it'll end up damaging and potentially costing your sister a relationship. Perhaps suggest something like nicotine patches to help her quit to your mother and if your sister refuses I think you need to support your mother. She'll be needing it to stay committed if it does work out. <3 It's a shame america doesn't have our plain packaging laws, you could show her the packet's fucked up pictures :V
  8. I'm enjoying sitting back with a nice hot cup of tea on a cool autumn night after a long day. I'm feeling pretty accomplished after managing to get through a heap of assessment and glad I can relax.
  9. I celebrated by spending my day inside doing university assessment. :v #420blaze But in all seriousness, maybe one day it'd be fun to go stoner spotting?
  10. Howlo furriend welcome to penix furrums. Cute doggo bee tee double ewe. Hopefully we make many good posts together and that you enjoy our glorious furrum.
  11. I personally like the idea of users being able to make posts members-only or public since that helps with privacy concerns and also being able to talk about it on a case-by-case basis so that people aren't deleting accounts just like that and disrupting the flow of the forum. Another reason I'd like it to be on a request basis is the fact we have people like Eversleep and a couple more who constantly make alts and having multiple accounts popping up with the same ip's makes it difficult to control (I think). As it stands all users are able to hide their posts that may be compromising their privacy and I don't think we should have users deleting their entire posting history and disrupting the flow of the furrums. So if they were to go through and find the posts they wanted hidden we could help change the posts quoting them to make sure nobody can see the original post. Also, I think it's a good idea to hide them over totally deleting them for legal reasons incase posts are ever relevant to any legal matters. So those are my thoughts fursonally and I imagine there are compromises to mitigate privacy concerns.
  12. Well I guess when it dies Adani will be able to do whatever it wants, WIN FOR ADANI, loss for tourism and everyone else. It's a shame that we'll be losing such a national treasure at this rate... :c
  13. But the confusion only makes it all the better. IT FUELS ME
  14. Hey Lemon, welcome to Phoenix. I've decided I'll tag both of you in any post that I need one of you to only further confusion.
  15. The other one was closed due to the fighting and such so we're letting this thread go through and Vae added a disclaimer to the end of your post! So it's all good to have this one open under that disclaimer.