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  1. I don't get it, neither of these are anthros???
  2. I read that as "I want to bang a goob" sounded like a slur ngl
  3. I have a great time on twitter. Why does anyone ever get mad, like you know where the power button to your computer is right?
  4. Lesbian gamer bisexual trans
  5. Yeah but liking you is also cringe
  6. Life update: I have plans to upload every human to a collective consciousness and subvert them all to my will.
  7. If I lashed out, this forum would cease to exist.
  9. I need evidence of your bootstraps. Let me see those boots.
  10. Being poor is a way of life.
  11. Enjoy your trip, make sure to only drink pure maple syrup.
  12. Welcome to the unfiltered FA experience. Also happy birthday skateboard! Welcome to being an adult
  13. NO that's just them putting you on hold for customer service. I HATE the government, I think the government should be run by Walmart and everyone should have to buy bananas and flip flops and if you don't, you have debt collectors come harass you!
  14. Rassah just needs to think of the government as a big company, they take a little bit of your pay and in exchange they let you drive on their roads and everyone is a shareholder! How cool is that, we all get to choose the ceo! Awesome.
  15. That's a very good picture of a mushroom man
  16. I know right!? Statists and their roads, roads are for losers imho. I'm glad that I live in a country with a similar population density to Japan allowing me to easily get around both rural and urban centers timely and efficiently without ever having to use a car, it's good because there's a station within walking distance from literally everything which is nice. Flying drones aren't so good imo, the skies are owned by Delta Airlines unfortunately, so you'll have to pay air tolls to fly anywhere. :c
  17. I can't wait for the competitive infrastructure market, there will be 6 different motorways from here to Brisbane, all owned by different companies, it's gonna be great. And if someone forms a road monopoly someone with better road deals will just sell us better roads.
  18. I think part of the reason I wouldn't trust him is because to me what he says publicly is different to what his behavior and actions say about him, imo. Which I think aligns very closely to what you've said in many ways. Also thank you furriend, you have the best essays btw. But your succient posts are beautiful. I give you an A I've been attending all my posting classes to improve everyday. So, I had to give you a D- on the marking rubric since you failed to meet the task description. But in your defence it was a step up from 950 words.
  19. My goodness, gracious me, the posts in this thread are why we need a dislike button. Please get your ideas across succinctly. Sad reacts only. Also, Zaush is low quality and should like older people and not be a pedo, change my mind. You have a 250 word limit. Go. If you'd like a marking rubric I can email it to you, it's also in the course outline.
  20. I feel like you took offense to that, I was genuinely surprised, especially enough people to warrant crypto furs.
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