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  1. Ye I'll dm u my discord
  2. Glad to hear that, if anybody fucks w u I'd still beat them up for ya sidewalk.
  3. you're one of the people I worried about the most, so it's good to see you around still. Hope you're doing well.
  4. damn! Looking a lot more dynamic. I always admired how expressive your characters are.
  5. I've been going super slow but I'm almost done with college now. I put a lot of effort into the family farm and I plan on moving to my own farm using money from selling my house. Shit's not wrapped up but it's getting better. I got off the internet for a full year and got myself some fuckin hobbies lol. Now I can make cheese, carve wood, do some super beginner level stained glass, and I got way better at art. I'm on the Dean's list again, which I know isnt a big deal for a lot of people but I'm the first person in my family with a four year degree. I hope to use it to work remotely so I can focus on my animals and projects at home. I got real into gardening and food preservation. I had to kinda go off the face of the earth because there was no telling exactly who was getting info back to people that affected my safety, so I thought the best course of action was to just cut contact with everyone. On top of that there was just a lot of bad blood in the water. Then I had lots of money issues related to that entire situation, so I lost electricity and internet. It left me with a lot of time to realize how much of an addiction the electronic stuff had become for me. I used it as a coping mechanism and an escape when my grandpa was murdered and I needed to find healthy coping mechanisms instead, so it was a lucky happenstance that I was cut off cold turkey. I was not doing well for a while, emotionally, financially, health wise I had a tumor the size of a baby's head which lead to a bunch of hormone imbalances, it ate one of my ovaries and I am now sterile after surgery. I think that was a cause of a lot of my mental issues as well, because afterwards I feel a shit ton more stable. Also I figured out I was gluten intolerant lol. Either way a lot has changed, I feel like a completely different person now visiting the ghost of who I used to be. It's a weird feeling, it's not all good. But I hope to learn from the mistakes I made here and face any accountability I have to.
  6. I forgot about twitter, I completely abandoned it as a platform, it never seemed like my cup of tea and I'm glad. Zara is right though, furries have been the same on whatever platform they are on. You got some cool ones and you got the funky people and the even funkier ones that tend to do crime or social bullshittery. I think I was a little bit of everything lol.
  7. Ay happy pride month lol
  8. Don't feel bad, not many of us were good for each other. Tbh I came to see updates on people to see how they are doing but I don't think I'll get that. If anyone lurking sees this I hope you're doing well unless you're an ex of mine.
  9. b4 zara turned into science, rip dogman
  10. damn sidewalk you've improved a lot over the years
  11. Fr, came by for some nostalgia and I see everybody's gone. Interesting stuff. This community was definitely a whirlwind lol but hopefully we all got some therapy and it wasn't just me :V Remembering days of old like the sylox piss thread and how I used to date dudes. I like torturing myself with embarrassment I guess. I imagine everybody's on discord now, they were navigating that way when the internal drama started.
  12. Is everyone alive in here? yall doin ok?
  13. Some Blaack market comics I made in a discord chat. They're super cheesy and arms are for nerds.
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