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  1. I don't think the problem with brushing one's teeth in the communal sink is exactly to do with how hygenic it is, probably no one has gotten sick from someone doing that, but it's just one of those things that's frowned upon in society. If the vast majority of people are squicked out by it and are telling ya not to do it, it's probably best not to do it shrug
  2. I had a neighbour one time in a dorm who liked to sing very loudly (and very badly) late in the evenings. Loudly enough I could hear him from the other end of the corridor anyhow. I never said anything because I didn't know what the fuck I would possibly say and eventually it got to the point where it had gone on so long it would've been weirder to say anything now. So fast forward a year and his sleep schedule gets fucked up and his nights turn into his days, he would sing what I could only assume was an opera rendition of an Adele song at 4AM and earplugs became my best friend. My other roommates actually said they liked his voice.
  3. I've talked about it before but still can't find a name. The idea was you played a series of small stages where you had to clear enemies to progress (and then maybe you had to move to an exit tile? I forget). You did this by moving into a tile which would cause 2 enemies to enter the same tile, and then they'd be destroyed. The enemies would always move into the tile that would get them closest to you so that's how you got them. Also if they hit an obstacle they'd die. I seem to remember you played as a wizard? Kid Mystic comes to mind really really muchly but I looked that up and Spooky Castle is the only game that I found for that (great game too). I definitely remember some.of the enemies were stone people like in that stage in Super Mario 64 except they were people sized. It was 3D graphics and it was turn based IIRC.
  4. Happy Christmas everyone! Love from your favourite sergal
  5. Not gonna lie, the one on the left is particularly adorable. o_o
  6. Here's the new me - less stupid face piercings, less garish makeup (even less after the day this was taken), 85% more muscle tone and 60% more basic bitch (Also you can't see this in the photo but my shirt has a picture of Gir on it)
  7. Recently I dreamed I was stuck inside a Pink Floyd song. Not any specific one, just a song. There was a vale with a wall with blue bricks in it that glowed and gave out a lovely blue light, and two elderly couple danced in the light. When the ferry/whatever the fuck brought us there was going to leave one of them said "Oh, I think I want to stay here". So some guy came in to get them out and his mind got literally blown. Over time, everybody in there went insane and it took quite a dark turn for a brief moment before I woke up.
  8. I was originally gonna be just human, because even though a lot of choices seemed cool and fun, I didn't really feel like I had any desire to pretend to be any of them. Then I learned about sergals and when I saw the concept drawings I fell in love. I had that "I legitimately wish I could be one of these" moment and with that I knew it made sense to have a sergal 'sona. I began using her to express my feelings in drawings. Now I use her to live out the fantasy of having the body I will never have because I can make her whatever I want her to be.
  9. I know I don't know your coworker but I already hate him
  10. Oh yeah, I've got my own naming system for my soldiers too. I keep the first name as whatever it was, but I either rhyme or alliterate the last name and make it something badass. E.g, Jane Insane, Khaled Kickass, Boris Ballistic. The only one who doesn't follow this trend is Dick Kickem, but he doesn't need to.
  11. I've started playing XCOM 2 recently and I ALWAYS reset my save if one of my soldiers gets killed because I've become attached to them all.
  12. Almond milk. It might be like, 3 times more expensive than regular milk but I can't get over how filling it is for... what it is.
  13. Last night I dreamed that I was at work, and my coworker decided halfway through the day that we were gonna use my car to deliver the rest of the mail instead of the van (I mean my car has a LOT of trunk space but I think that's pushing it). At that point 2 more coworkers came along - one who is real and another who does not exist and my dream made up. The one who exists got in the front passenger seat and my regular coworker got in the driver's seat. I got in the back seat with the one who doesn't exist. My car only has 2 seats IRL. Coworker who doesn't exist then starts making out with me. My thoughts were something along the lines of "he's kind of a bad kisser but at least I might get laid" and I stopped him because we were still working. So we get parked up at the next place and all 4 of us get out and round a corner on foot. Sudden;y there's a landslide of rubble around the corner, and a bunch of stuff, including my car, is completely submerged in rocks. A bunch of people show up including my parents, who advise me to start taking photos for the insurance when they remove the rubble. When they do, the car was unrecognisable. It kinda looked like GlaDOS tbh. I remember taking photos of the license plates and having to write on a piece of paper what the licence number actually WAS because it was so punched out on the car you couldn't read it. Then I woke up for a minute or two, then went back to sleep and I remember telling my mum I thought I was dreaming and she said "No Alex, unfortunately this is what you're having to deal with so you have to make the best of it" or something. Then I woke up for real and I was like "told ya."
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