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  1. They're douches made out of concrete, interpreting the rules to their liking. Don't expect anything else from them.
  2. Yes, I fucking do. But mods are too retarded to get it.
  3. If her beauty is inversely proportional to how annoying her voice is, I would have raped her.
  4. You know, it's not all about that. In truth it's more about various groups of people developing a sense of ethinc affiliation, with nationalism and patriotism rising, with so called "national awakening" that happened in XVIII and XIX century across the whole world. Back when the Ottoman Empire was created there was little affiliation between lower social groups and the state. Only the elite was familiar with the idea of "nation". We had it the same in Europe - Ukraine, Germany, Belarus, Baltic States, even Italy, only a bit earlier. It's more a result of a world-wide trend, connected with the downfall of the social divisions. You must remember that before this "terrible agreement" there were no ethnically homogenous countries there as well. There was only one country - Ottoman Empire.
  5. Um, no. There is a distinction between social and economical left-right division Socially: left - progressive right - conservative Economically: left - socialism right - liberalism So it can be confusing, as, for example here major "rightist" party is socially conservative but economically mildly socialist. Mallet face is right, it's better to specify instead of using left/right system.
  6. Umm, no. In Europe radical right is all about strong government and against rights of the individuals. So if she was from radical right in our understanding of that word, she'd cooperate. Trust me, I'm ex-(almost)radical rightist myself.
  7. 30 half-naked women standing in the queue after they heard that we give away extra caps in case they show us tits. We ran out of caps in half an hour. And it was supposed to be an easter-egg, kind of.
  8. FTFY Last thing that haven't been said. At times at war countries can suspend their repayments of the debts.
  9. I have this dirty secret of actually loving kebab and turkish sweets. Just you look at this. And this Aren't they cute? Whispering: "eat me, eat me", softly to my ear :C
  10. But muslims do shot back in the middle-east. And despite that it's still fun to shoot them :C
  11. Good job. You probably fucked up a raccoon. You prick
  12. Lokum in all quantities. I have this dirty secret... I love turkish sweets.
  13. I have no problem with taking light drugs from time to time, amphetamine included, but I'd never take anything previously opened, drugs, food, drinks, whatever, which I found lieing somewhere in a public place. Hell knows, what "extras" can be found inside.
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