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  1. Thank you!! I just started offering those and I'm really happy with them Looking forward to seeing your orders!
  2. As long as I can get an idea of the character, I can work with it. What you have will do fine!
  3. Artists! Share where to find you!

    https://www.furaffinity.net/user/Birdfox https://instagram.com/brimercedes/ https://www.weasyl.com/~BriMercedes https://twitter.com/BriMercedes http://brimercedes.deviantart.com/ (not as active)
  4. Wearing Furry Tails

    Only at meets, events, or close to Halloween, when people would expect it. Randomly in public, no (unless I want to play with peoples' minds). Tails are fun in moderation.
  5. Inktober

    Day 2!
  6. What's your job?

    Until recently I was a janitor at some county buildings and a barista at a local coffee shop. Now I'm a full time freelance illustrator. Took a pay cut when I went full time art obviously, but it's nice working for myself.
  7. Inktober

    Day one! I'm doing an Iron Artist type, if you want one of these done you can check out my Weasyl journal: https://www.weasyl.com/journal/95121/inktober-20-daily-ink-drawings-in-october-signups-open
  8. Does your fursona represent you as is or an idealized you?

    Mine represents me as I am now. Unrealized, wishy-washy, can't decide which species she is and has unresolved underlying problems. Idealized Bri would be a phoenix.
  9. Where did your Username come from?

    My name is Bri, I am a birdfox. Bam.
  10. Good day! I'm Bri Mercedes, a full time freelance illustrator and picture book author/illustrator. I am almost always open for new commissions. Website: http://brimercedesart.com FurAffinity: http://furaffinity.net/user/Birdfox Weasyl: http://weasyl.com/~BriMercedes Twitter: http://twitter.com/BriMercedes Email Me: brimercedesart@gmail.com -------------- Current Commission Catalog Click on each image to be taken to the corresponding order form or information page! Note: I am a SFW artist. I will draw specialty fetish themes as long as they are non-sexual.
  11. It's a bird! It's a fox! It's a tree!

    haha thanks! Have you really seen my art around? that's great!! That's one of my favorite meets. Glad you could come and hi! Hello Diss!
  12. ...It's Birdfox Bri! Hey guys, I'm a professional illustrator and member of Furst State and Maryland Furs, was registered on the old forums but wasn't active there much. Me around the web: http://brimercedesart.com http://weasyl.com/~brimercedes http://twitter.com/BriMercedes http://furaffinity.net/user/Birdfox Glad to see how united this community is. High hopes!