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  1. Minä haluaisin asua Suomi yks päivän.

  2. Being depressed is hip and cool.

  3. Sometimes I walk around thinking about this website, but I never log in and say hi to anybody, and I never really do anything I used to do anymore. I wish I had a few years back to do all the things I liked doing again.

  4. the gumdrop theme is the same

    i'm scared

    1. Chrysocyon


      It's beautiful~

    2. Machine


      Is this what furry looks like on LSD?

  5. who in god's name made the furry friends theme

  6. I forgot I had an account here.

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    2. Machine


      It's Zerigiglgjegee hi

      Is this place still poppin'

    3. Kosha
    4. Zerig


      its sorta active

      tbh I don't really post much lately

      I hang out on discord mostly.

  7. So basically I had this music on and I bumped into your post and your avi and sig just goes perfectly with it, imo.


  8. you have been visited by the shaking vibrating cat rated tem out of tem

    if you like this status and post "*gives temmie flakes*", love and cute things will come your way


    1. Endless/Nameless


      *gives temmie flakes* 

      oh god, what have I gotten myself into

    2. Machine


      OMG! FURRIES ARE SO KYOOT!!!! *dies*


  9. ur avatar is hawt lez fug

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    2. Machine


      why is king richard in your pants

      that is some hardcore temporal displacement you got goin' on there

    3. PastryOfApathy


      He was a man of many talents.

    4. Machine

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    2. Sourdough


      Then how do you not freeze?

      To be honest, I'm a chubby fuck so the winter would only maim me at worst.

    3. Machine


      I am skin and bones and generate no heat. I'm trying to wear more layers to compensate.

    4. Sourdough


      Hug me woman, it will drive the cold winter away. I should find a warm place to sleep now.

      You are pretty gosh darned okay, message me whenever.

  11. I never know what the fuck to do for people's birthdays, and in turn, it makes me feel stupid about my own birthday.

    Fuck birthdays.

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