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  1. Minä haluaisin asua Suomi yks päivän.

  2. Being depressed is hip and cool.

  3. Sometimes I walk around thinking about this website, but I never log in and say hi to anybody, and I never really do anything I used to do anymore. I wish I had a few years back to do all the things I liked doing again.

  4. the gumdrop theme is the same

    i'm scared

    1. Chrysocyon


      It's beautiful~

    2. Machine


      Is this what furry looks like on LSD?

  5. who in god's name made the furry friends theme

  6. I forgot I had an account here.

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    2. Machine


      It's Zerigiglgjegee hi

      Is this place still poppin'

    3. Kosha
    4. Zerig


      its sorta active

      tbh I don't really post much lately

      I hang out on discord mostly.

  7. #BringBackOberyn #MakeWesterosGreatAgain
  8. Did somebody say naga moment?
  9. I should take the name Neversleep and emulate his shitposting techniques.
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