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  1. Minä haluaisin asua Suomi yks päivän.

  2. Being depressed is hip and cool.

  3. Sometimes I walk around thinking about this website, but I never log in and say hi to anybody, and I never really do anything I used to do anymore. I wish I had a few years back to do all the things I liked doing again.

  4. the gumdrop theme is the same

    i'm scared

    1. Chrysocyon


      It's beautiful~

    2. Machine


      Is this what furry looks like on LSD?

  5. who in god's name made the furry friends theme

  6. I forgot I had an account here.

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    2. Machine


      It's Zerigiglgjegee hi

      Is this place still poppin'

    3. Kosha
    4. Zerig


      its sorta active

      tbh I don't really post much lately

      I hang out on discord mostly.

  7. #BringBackOberyn #MakeWesterosGreatAgain
  8. Did somebody say naga moment?
  9. I should take the name Neversleep and emulate his shitposting techniques.
  10. If you have their number, you can always call and scream at them in an attempt to take your mind off the pain. Hopefully it's not something chronic. Be well please!
  11. All of the politicians make me cry harder than usual this year.
  12. Le screaming swedish man X D *subscribes* *consumes mountain dew* *watches MLP* *draws horrible weeb fanart*
  13. Maybe if we take in more refugees the attacks will stop, inshallah.
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