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  1. Music Night tonight! First a healthy dose of cringy faith with Sunday School Musical, followed by Sing! Movies start at 5:30PM EST. Join us before then for cringe hour. See ya there :3 https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  2. Tonight is more chill, we'll be watching a bunch of cartoons and shorts until...well I run out Join us at 5:30pm EST. See ya there :3 https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  3. Tonight, we're watching A Fox's Tale!...the bad one. Followed by a surprised good movie involving a sheep and a wolf ;3 See ya there :3 https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  4. Good movies this week, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Balto at 5:30PM EST https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV See ya there :3
  5. Tonight we are edumucating ourselves with Documentary Night with "Fursona" and "The Rock a-fire Explosion! at 5:30pm EST See ya there :3 https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  6. Tonight, we're watching Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory...totally original idea https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV Movie plays at 5:30PM EST, followed by intermission and a surprise good movie! Right now we're torturing ourselves with cringe vids
  7. Lions lions and more lions tonight! The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Megaman lion episode Lion Guard episode and your choice of the Lion King movies :3 Starts at 5:30pm EST see ya there! https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  8. It's shark week tonight! 3 bad shark movies, starting at 5pm EST -Sharknado 2 -Shark Exorcist -Sharktopus vs Whalewolf See ya there :3 https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  9. With Spider-Man Homecoming out, we're going back...to 70's live action Spider-Man! Cringe hour starts in a bit with the movie beginning at 5:30pm EST. Come on in :3 https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  10. I know most of ya'll are busy with the cons, heading home, soooo tonight is gonna be casual. Just playing movies I have saved on my drive that I've streamed before. We're starting in a few minutes! :3 https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  11. Since Cars 3 is out, what better movies to watch tonight than Cars ripoffs! The Little Cars and A Car's Life will be playing at 5:30PM EST after cringe hour. After that I'll be playing Finding Nemo on Rabbit for Father's Day. Hope to see ya there :3 https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  12. Alright so Sony's was pretty nice. I was expecting some Last of Us 2 but what was shown was cool Shadow of the Colossus looks stunning. My jaw dropped just imagining reliving these encounters with the upgraded graphics. Good lord I want it Monster Hunter on console, FUCKING FINALLY Detroit looks interesting God of War looks cool but I never had an attachment to the series or Kratos Spiderman has me worried. Looks great but the fighting looks a bit slow and the action parts felt really scripted with all those quicktime events So if I were to rate this E3 from the conferences I've seen from best to worst Microsoft and Sony, tied Ubisoft EA Devolver Bethesda
  13. Bethesda was bad: No new ip Milking the fuck out of Skyrim and Fallout Paid mods Shitty looking VR This didnt have to be a stage show since it was a prerecorded (and lame) presentation. It could have been like Nintendo Direct Wolfenstein 2 looks good but again, another shooter and sequel from Bethesda
  14. Cringe hour is on right now, with "The Wizard" playing at 5:30pm EST come on in :3 https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  15. I'm looking forward to/wanna see: -Far Cry 5 gameplay -Assassin's Creed gameplay (maybe it can coax me back to being hyped for the series) -Spiderman PS4 -South Park Fractured But Whole -Kingdom Hearts 3 Trying to think of other things but those are my realistic expecations My dream ones are: -Red Dead Redemption Remastered for PS4 -Fallout 3 in the Fallout 4 engine -
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