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  1. Phoenix Cytube Channel: FurriesRuinEverythingTV

    Music Night tonight! First a healthy dose of cringy faith with Sunday School Musical, followed by Sing! Movies start at 5:30PM EST. Join us before then for cringe hour. See ya there :3 https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  2. Phoenix Cytube Channel: FurriesRuinEverythingTV

    Tonight is more chill, we'll be watching a bunch of cartoons and shorts until...well I run out Join us at 5:30pm EST. See ya there :3 https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  3. Phoenix Cytube Channel: FurriesRuinEverythingTV

    Tonight, we're watching A Fox's Tale!...the bad one. Followed by a surprised good movie involving a sheep and a wolf ;3 See ya there :3 https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  4. Phoenix Cytube Channel: FurriesRuinEverythingTV

    Good movies this week, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Balto at 5:30PM EST https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV See ya there :3
  5. Phoenix Cytube Channel: FurriesRuinEverythingTV

    Tonight we are edumucating ourselves with Documentary Night with "Fursona" and "The Rock a-fire Explosion! at 5:30pm EST See ya there :3 https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  6. Phoenix Cytube Channel: FurriesRuinEverythingTV

    Tonight, we're watching Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory...totally original idea https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV Movie plays at 5:30PM EST, followed by intermission and a surprise good movie! Right now we're torturing ourselves with cringe vids
  7. Phoenix Cytube Channel: FurriesRuinEverythingTV

    Lions lions and more lions tonight! The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Megaman lion episode Lion Guard episode and your choice of the Lion King movies :3 Starts at 5:30pm EST see ya there! https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  8. Phoenix Cytube Channel: FurriesRuinEverythingTV

    It's shark week tonight! 3 bad shark movies, starting at 5pm EST -Sharknado 2 -Shark Exorcist -Sharktopus vs Whalewolf See ya there :3 https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  9. Phoenix Cytube Channel: FurriesRuinEverythingTV

    With Spider-Man Homecoming out, we're going back...to 70's live action Spider-Man! Cringe hour starts in a bit with the movie beginning at 5:30pm EST. Come on in :3 https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  10. Phoenix Cytube Channel: FurriesRuinEverythingTV

    I know most of ya'll are busy with the cons, heading home, soooo tonight is gonna be casual. Just playing movies I have saved on my drive that I've streamed before. We're starting in a few minutes! :3 https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  11. Phoenix Cytube Channel: FurriesRuinEverythingTV

    Since Cars 3 is out, what better movies to watch tonight than Cars ripoffs! The Little Cars and A Car's Life will be playing at 5:30PM EST after cringe hour. After that I'll be playing Finding Nemo on Rabbit for Father's Day. Hope to see ya there :3 https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  12. E3 2017

    Alright so Sony's was pretty nice. I was expecting some Last of Us 2 but what was shown was cool Shadow of the Colossus looks stunning. My jaw dropped just imagining reliving these encounters with the upgraded graphics. Good lord I want it Monster Hunter on console, FUCKING FINALLY Detroit looks interesting God of War looks cool but I never had an attachment to the series or Kratos Spiderman has me worried. Looks great but the fighting looks a bit slow and the action parts felt really scripted with all those quicktime events So if I were to rate this E3 from the conferences I've seen from best to worst Microsoft and Sony, tied Ubisoft EA Devolver Bethesda
  13. E3 2017

    Bethesda was bad: No new ip Milking the fuck out of Skyrim and Fallout Paid mods Shitty looking VR This didnt have to be a stage show since it was a prerecorded (and lame) presentation. It could have been like Nintendo Direct Wolfenstein 2 looks good but again, another shooter and sequel from Bethesda
  14. Phoenix Cytube Channel: FurriesRuinEverythingTV

    Cringe hour is on right now, with "The Wizard" playing at 5:30pm EST come on in :3 https://cytu.be/r/FurriesRuinEverythingTV
  15. E3 2017

    I'm looking forward to/wanna see: -Far Cry 5 gameplay -Assassin's Creed gameplay (maybe it can coax me back to being hyped for the series) -Spiderman PS4 -South Park Fractured But Whole -Kingdom Hearts 3 Trying to think of other things but those are my realistic expecations My dream ones are: -Red Dead Redemption Remastered for PS4 -Fallout 3 in the Fallout 4 engine -