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  1. Sexy hair being sexily tornado-ed while looking into the cam sexily
  2. Joshi

    I'm not new

    Minty rings a bell, I do know your avatar though. Hello semi-stranger
  3. Something unusual, but since this is general art talk and there are a lot of talented artists I thought I might as well ask here. I'm searching for someone to commission a simple OC for a roleplay with a budget of about 30€ negotiable. Throw your examples in! For easy of access just shoot me over a PM here on the forums or on Twitter @capjoshi
  4. Joshi

    I'm not new

    Thanks for the welcome, nice to see you're still around too!
  5. Heavily WIP texture study.
  6. 10/10 can't give Fiddler's Green anything else! Nice to see an old gem of theirs!
  7. Joshi

    I'm not new

    Nice to see you trekkie! You'll be glad to hear that the guitar pick you sent me has actually become my favorite to play with
  8. Joshi

    I'm not new

    Hey, thanks! I feel like I've made the biggest progress over the past year than I have ever. Been able to work more and more and learn more through doing so. I'm posting the most important stuff on Artstation, an art site specifically for Industry Standard art, so you can just check it out there ^^ prevents me from posting hundreds of pics in this thread https://www.artstation.com/artist/x_joshi_x Also nice to see you're still around!
  9. I'm actively and exclusively using Discord since two years now I was asking because I dont use Skype anymore. We had a furry group on Discord but it's quite inactive.
  10. Getting better. Still very exciting! Is the Skype group still alive?
  11. Wacken Open Air festival is from August 3rd to August 5th 2017! Got my ticket today, who else is going?
  12. It's been one of those years... Much happening here with gradutation, university etc.
  13. *cracks knuckles* Hi! So just as a general overview, 3D is big. It's a gigantic field of art, very different from drawing, you will not only sculpt with digital brushes, you will create digital skeletons, you will unwrap the skin of your models to apply textures, you will create textures, materials, renderings, compositions etc. It's not an overnight project no. But to get you started you should definitely check out the Blender beginner series on Blenderguru.com https://www.blenderguru.com/tutorials/blender-beginner-tutorial-series Also check out http://creativeshrimp.com/ for more resources. You can also get help and tips on the http://blender.reddit.com subreddit or join the discord. It takes some time to get started yes, 3D has a very steep learning curve, especially for beginners. Best of luck. You got my telegram and Discord, so just hit me up if you need help
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