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  1. I dont know the suiter and I dont like the suit, but I also heard of it and I'm happy that it found the way back
  2. Mh.. I never had the time to get into ZBrush, but I experimented a bit with Blender Sculpt and almost instantly recognized that I hate it I don't like sculpting. Not just that I'm horrible at it, it's just not fun.
  3. http://soundcloud.com/joshi-b-1/65-dos-radio-protector-guitar-cover-test
  4. Thanks! I'm still trying to figure out why the track is slightly off >.< but I also like the rest. And of course looking forward to it
  5. I did another speedpaint. Im sorry that the track is off. I really dont know why D:
  6. Okay I might or might not so often post art, music, moddings or other shit here. Have fun reading it. Probably nobody will read this but Im bored for fucks sake so I'll do it. Shia..
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