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  1. Oh yeah, psst If anyone wants to find me online, hit me up at Twitter @CaptainGravel or Discord MrDoctorMan#3505 Also fuck I just turned 20
  2. Sometimes taking a long time isn't a bad thing
  3. Peenix is like Robocop We can rebuild it (;
  4. ** OLD FAF SQUAD ** Left to right: Me @Kalmor @Kinharia @Kellie Gator Peace out
  5. Welcome to relative freedom, comrade
  6. DrDingo


    Hey heyy Welcome to the forums!
  7. DrDingo


    Hello there! Welcome to here And hey, even if you aren't that active, there's still people to meet and talk to Have a safe trip
  8. New avatar, brothers (art by https://twitter.com/AtlasInu )
  9. DrDingo


    Greetings, traveller
  10. Source: https://twitter.com/SUMBiCHDOUGIE
  11. I'm surprised that, for the longest Star Wars film to date, the least stuff actually happened. It was slow. It felt slow in the theatre. Throne room scene was cool though
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