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  1. Liam G's new album just dropped on Spotify about 20 minutes ago Much respect. I'm gonna play the shit out of it
  2. I've come back to uni for second year but now my friends wanna hide in their rooms and play video games instead of going out And it makes me sad :c
  3. But like If you're coughing and sneezing It means you got ill anyway
  4. If you want it you're in luck The site still sells it and it's on sale https://www.prettygreen.com/products/mens-smiley-tee-1395/?color=black&size=m
  5. Had a night out with one of my mates and many photos happened. End of the line folks, this is the edgiest I'll ever look in my life
  6. Jingle bells Old hotels Run-down cafes Searching on the internet for a home that looks okay hey
  7. And yours!
  8. Eyyy Yep, lots of us are still alive. Welcome to Phoenix, mate
  9. I'm lying in bed right now and I'm having a thought that I often think See, I really enjoy this downtime alone. I can recharge, think to myself and feel free. Time alone is really nice sometimes. But when people are married in permanent relationships, they have to give this up don't they? The amount of time people have in solitude to chill and refresh really runs short if you do the conventional thing.
  10. Eyyy Congrats on hitting that button because it was the good choice indeed Welcome to Phoenix, mate
  11. Someone take the words from this OP and make a bible out of it Thou shalt respect and consume thy crusties Thincrustedness is a sin
  12. Nooo Bad cat
  13. ctrl+v

  14. Heyy Greetings and welcome to here Bears are pretty cool. Nice avi, by the way
  15. I do love a well done deer fursuit