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  1. Ey mate I think all of this stuff should probs be in the 18+ section. Don't sweat it, but hey. You get access over there when you've made 69 posts and said hi to a mod about it
  2. I spilled some wter on my keybord nd some of the keys ren't working I bet you cn't guess which one is nnoying me the most ;]
  3. I'd compare it to Discord/Skype more than anything else, but pretty much. There's nothing furry about it, but for some mysterious reason the only users I know are furries I'd guess it's because it has custom stickers and the FA-going types enjoy commissioning sticker images of their OCs and stuff
  4. “Everything’s fuckin’ shit. Even the cars. Look out there now. See these cars? They look like they took fuckin’ 20 minutes to make, like they came straight out of a Kinder Egg. Even the buildings. Everything! Even the seats on fuckin’ trains, man. They’re like ironing boards.” -Liam Gallagher in an interview, ranting about how everything is shit
  5. Well Nothing's gonna kill you So, progress (:
  6. Greetings, traveller Also hi and welcome to here
  7. Eyoo Welcome to here!
  8. The Emoji Movie is now the second worst rated film on all of IMDB That makes me kinda happy
  9. Sometimes it helps the flow of conversation Sometimes it raises your post count Sometimes it registers your interest in the topic and helps you get a more humanlike answer Depends on context, but stuff's got reasons
  10. A cousin of mine short-sightedly started a Facebook 'business' selling beauty crap from one of those pyramid schemes She called it Katy's Kosmetic Kollection, or 'KKK' for short Jesus Christ
  11. Truth I had to get up at 4am today to do a morning shift in my Summer job I went back and slept through lunch And now I'm just tired. Coffee is not a functional crutch
  12. I start my first day of work tomorrow morning It's only a Summer retail job, but hey. Your boi is moving up in the world
  13. Eyoo and welcome And hey, if you end up liking the place, maybe you can promote yourself from lurker to poster (;
  14. Remember how cool Spyro was before Skylanders turned him into a Neanderthal? Good times.