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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. Dat is indeedo me Fenriririr
  3. Coyotes becoming lampposts.
  4. Kinharia

    My Hill!

    I sneaky prowl into the Fossa Hill and sneaky remove you and the other Fossa's. My Sneaky Hill!
  5. I have moved into the next stage of art. Bodies. Next full frontal bodies. Then! Backgrounds.
  6. I am smart derp. No find derp when in camo. Camo make derp invisible!
  7. Kinharia

    My Hill!

    I get rid of the fire and sit on the burnt hill. My hgill.
  8. A deforested boxed in flat area where you are exposed to predators 24/7
  9. Banned because you are shaked yourself in a non-shake zone.
  10. Granted, you get lost to the void. I wish for a computer that can play Crisis 3 at max settings at 144hz at 300fps because yes.
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