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  1. What's the fuck up with my neighbors and friends

    ...How do you keep letting yourself get into interpersonal conflict and holding grudges over the STUPID SHIT EVER? Any other normal human being would have just said 'Yeah, I guess it's a bit weird to brush my teeth in the kitchen sink, sorry, I'll stop' but you have to get into these messes. ...What do you hope to gain in any of this?
  2. Tim Hortons and Bitcoin Megathread

    I never said rail, I said passenger rail. Private freight remains profitable despite tax funded interstate systems for trucking. Also Japan also tax payer funded roads... Finally I call bullshit, Rassah couldn't tell an F59PH from an F59PHI unless he googled it first.

    "We'll start our OWN convention!"
  4. I got fired!

    My old employer is cleaning house and selling the office furniture. So I'm literally going to pick the bones of that company and buy my old desk chair back, it retails $469 USD and Imma get it for $100 CAD. Also my CURRENT employer is pleased that I used my contacts so they can pick the bones themselves and furnish our expansion for cheap. Bwa ha ha ha. :V
  5. toad affinity forums

    ...This is pretty disappointing compared to last years...
  6. Tim Hortons and Bitcoin Megathread

    OF course, what Rassah won't tell you is that in the United States, when passenger rail was privately run it became so unprofitable that all the railways sought to drop passenger service entirely which lead to a Crisis and ultimately the formation of the Government corporation 'Amtrak'. So let let Rassah cherry picking facts about JapanRail to show you that privatization of passenger rail in the uNited States will bring upon some kind of golden age. No private railway wants to TOUCH passenger service in the United States. Further more, and this is interesting from a railfan trivia nerd (That means you won't find it interesting at all) the Japan Railways group isn't even considdered a 'private' railway system by the Japanese. It is a privatized series of government monopolies which maintained the monopolies and some of those railways maintain unique special rights that are codified in Japanese law. Like, literally, the railway maps in Japan call all of the OTHER railways in Japan 'private' but not JR. But this is what you get when you try to cite a very collectivist nation as an example of a 'libertarian ideal'. Basically the government built the largest near monopolistic series of railways in the country. The government then privatized this government monopoly. The government establish monopoly has been maintained and grown in private hands. Hurry, look how the private sector built that without ANY government help at all! ...Oh wait... ...I like trains. Sorry.
  7. Tim Hortons and Bitcoin Megathread

    No kidding.
  8. The Animu Thread

    Patlabor is the greatest ever.
  9. I got fired!

    Lame AND worried that I may have over contributed to my TFSA. :3
  10. Tim Hortons and Bitcoin Megathread

    He said it, I just highlighted it.
  11. I got fired!

    I concede that, the biggest advantage to those who jump first is the simple fact that a bunch of others jumped second, third, fourth, and some around 15th are looking at the building on fire and going 'Should... Should I do something now or will this just solve itself?' Similarly that goes for the "maybe they've all started studying gender equality" sort. There ARE jobs in those fields are there are any field, but in some there are really not a LOT of jobs, so if you only thought that field was 'pretty cool, I guess I'll do that job' you will NEVER win out against the insane, super dedicated go-getter who racked up volunteer hours at places you never even heard of, made connections, and impressed the right people. And that's also kinda what I did, I'm not in the most competitive field, but even in college some thought I was 'crazy' buying police uniforms and dumping my savings into production value to do a police shoot out and other nonsense that looked GREAT on a college graduates demoreel. But this is why I've literally worked on Marvel movies where as some former classmates work the register at Michael's. We for sure don't live in the world where the equation is as simple as 'Diploma = Job'. There's competition and we as a society ill prepare people FOR that competition. You never had your guidance councillor say 'You can be anything you want to be when you grow up. ...But some of that shit will be cut throat, so you better be ready to stab a few people in the back to get there. Are you ready to do that? If not, I have this nice pamphlet from Starbucks for you to read instead.'.
  12. I got fired!

    Well, no, you're a bit confused in the timeline. After much unsuccessful shitdisturbing for management, I sought work elsewhere and secured an offer before getting fired. But my firing was one of event at the end of OC. The mass firings came at the end of this winter, in three waves over the last month. I was already WELL ahead of the curve.
  13. Fuck this stupid fucking Statistics fucking class

    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Drop-Shipping-Graphics-Calculator-Portable-School-Students-Scientific-Graphing-Calculator-For-Graphics-Teaching/32847949706.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.14.4c022be9pO5XGD&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_1_10152_10151_10065_10344_10130_10068_10342_10547_10343_10340_10548_10341_10696_10084_10083_10618_10139_10307_5711211_10313_10059_10534_100031_10103_10624_10623_443_10622_10621_10620,searchweb201603_6,ppcSwitch_7&algo_expid=6e57a741-999d-4593-bc1b-f1061ed68a82-2&algo_pvid=6e57a741-999d-4593-bc1b-f1061ed68a82&priceBeautifyAB=0 Chinese clones? Though You'd DEF wanna do your research there. Say what you will about the TI calculators, they are STUPID well documented, so you better hope that your no name Chinese one works and doesn't have any odd bugs in it's firmware.
  14. I got fired!

    Now EVERYONE got fired! Amazing right? You think it was maybe that India thing? That may not even be sustainable now. The owners basically ran the place into the ground. I'll spare you the details and sum itup in one sentence; "Never, ever, ever, EVER disappoint The Walt Disney Company or any of it's subsidaries." And here's the thing, NO ONE is ready for this. What the fuck? The firings have been from the bottom up so it was the most highly skilled individuals, who didn't already jump ship, who were let go this week. I've targeted a few of them to poach to my employeer, we moved to a new office and these people have years of experience worth grabbing up. ...None of the even have demoreels ready. They have literally spent two months watching the company disintegrate around them and no where in that time did they prepair the necessary materials to begin the search for other gainful employment in the industry. Like, what the fuck? This isn't new either. I've seen this thread all over this. While a minority jumped ship, the majority were content to never look farther ahead than the next day ahead of them. Nothing prepaired for likely long term scenarios. It's only convinced me of one thing; Millenials are screwed. Seriously, most are not ready for life in the 21st and they're going to let it kick them around and abuse them at every turn. No matter how much they cry about how unfair anything is, the majority will never take any meaingful action to better things.
  15. The Animu Thread

    The title of my light novel series will be "Is it wrong to spend $1245 CAD on anime BluRays since September???"