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  1. Meanwhile, my grand mother actually WAS raped by Nazis. Anyway... I think what baffles me here is that America has a long, long, long history of glorifying it's defeat of the Nazis. The History Channel might as well be called 'The America Punched All The Nazis Channel'. Is it June 6th? Time for the annual Band of Brother's marathon! Entire documentary franchises cover specific events of the war or the accomplishments of manufacturing or the home front or even just one particular aircraft. Countless films with various depictions of America at war. Chrysler has never shied away from semi-frequently basing their advertising on how the Jeep helped defeat the Nazi's and now you can own with power steering and giant cup holders! To put it lightly, the American victory in WWII is one of the shining pinnacles of 'American Exceptionalism' up there with the moon landing. Nazi Germany has been the 'Easy Enemy' for opposing everything that the United States stand for, making them a guilt free inclusion in many video games or pieces of fiction. ...So how in the hell did American streets filled with men holding torches, some wearing swastika arm bands and chanting Nazi slogans find ANY acceptance as a flavor of patriotism in America?
  2. Are you suggesting that a policy of appeasement that didn't didn't work then, won't work now?
  3. Preacher Season 2 on AMC.
  4. 2D TV shows with priests, vampires and Adolph Hitler. (This isn't even a JOKE. )
  5. I don't even make 3D movies anymore and made a big bragging thread about that which apparently NO ONE READ SO I'M DEEPLY OFFENDED.
  6. I always found it weird when you American's criticize Germany for it's anti-Nazi laws. We're talking about a country that can never be a 'Zero Holocaust' country but can at best try to not become a 'Two Holocaust' country. When the Germans ask themselves 'What's the worst that could happen?' they know that the answer is '1939-1945 could happen again'. The 'Slippery Slope' happened in Germany and at the bottom of that slope was the industrial might of a nation applied to murder on a scale that has yet be replicated and hopefully never will be. We should be more afraid of allowing history to repeat itself than we should be of 'what could go wrong' if we DON'T stop history from repeating itself. But hey, I'm in Canada, we were killing Nazi's since 1939 unlike the cowardly Americans who waited for Germany to declare war on them on December 11, 1941, so what would I know? And my country has somewhat more limited freedom of speech laws which so far have successfully prevented our streets from being filled by men with torches, chanting Nazi slogans.
  7. Also when are furries going to 'donate' to their favorite pics? Will they do that between begging artists for free art or what?
  8. I'm not sure what's worse, that you only think that I work in IMAX films or that you think that IMAX films are something to look down upon. I don't mean to tell you how to do your job, but wouldn't 'AAA Summer Blockbusters That Flop' be a better angle?
  9. It seems that at one point, Rassah was intent on revolutionizing the furry fandom through BitCoin payments. He goes on to list advantages it would offer to the fandom. Know what bitcoin critically lacks? Consumer protection features. I mean, I think we've all seen enough stories where people flake and rip off consumers for a range of reasons. You'd have to be nuts to spend money in this fandom on commissioned goods with any system that doesn't allow you claw the money back out of the artist after they realize that 300 commissions per week might not have been as achievable as they thought and that your commission is backlogged to 2028. Sorry Furry Artists, I don't so much trust you to 'be honest' as much as I trust you 'to fear having PayPal rip your student loan payment out of your bank account to pay me back'.
  10. ITT: Rassah looking every few hours, frustrated that he still can't make the furries idolize him.
  11. It's a thing that he's historically gone into in great depth. I believe he was at one point sharing some kinda Get-Rich-Quick audiobooks he was recording with some users back when this place was FAF. There's a literal 'Bitcoin/Timbit' thread sorta mocking his tendency to go into BitCoin as a topic.
  12. ...Here we go again... D:
  13. Actually... ...I worked on Thiller 3D.
  14. No. In fact, I'm pretty sure that buy re-buying all the things from my childhood and displaying them on shelves, I achieve immortality. D:
  15. I'm trying to think of a 'SINK' pun but I can't come up with one.