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  1. If you didn't get anything from it, you wouldn't do it. And, fucking seriously, you post Lemur photos to forums and FA. You get into a fight on FaceBook with a Lemur sanctuary. But that Zoo you volenteer at so you can take care of Lemurs, you want us to believe that you 'don't get anything from volunteering'? Just come the fuck on.
  2. My only guess is that since he didn't face any direct consequences himself, that being that the place he volunteers at didn't care about 'FaceBook Randos' contacting them to shit talk him, he can't comprehend the hat potential consequences he COULD have faced. Even if he's volunteering and it's unpaid, he must get something out of volunteering there, so had he gotten booted from volunteering it would have affected him. But since that's not what went down, he doesn't 'get it'.
  3. So, er, how did he die?
  4. Wait, Ricky died? Damn, I didn't know.
  5. Thing that I do: Work in the film industry Thing that I don't do: Talk shit about companies or productions in the film industry on social media and such.
  6. If you don't like people why are you posting on a forum where all the other users are people?
  7. Your talking about therapy as if it's some kind of drastic measure...
  8. I read some time ago that sports video game players actually get, on average, twice as many game time hours out of their purchases than gamers overall. In short, they really like their sports games and play the heck out of them. Likely because it allows them an interactive experience with the sports teams/games that they are already fans of in real life. More over, real sports are seasonal, with new rosters, some teams even move to new cities, and lots of incremental changes every year so it makes sense that annual updates would be appealing to the players of those games. And I say all of this as a nerd who knows nothing of sportsball and has no interest in the games myself. But I can get why it'd be big to the experience of others.
  9. I certainly can't deny that there have been some huge improvements in the internet. I can buy almost anything I want online, even from other countries. I bought a 1/2 scale novelty Japanese capsule vending machine from a Japanese site that offered English and accepted my credit card. Or Amazon, my god, Amazon. Steam lets me access tones of games, cloud saving, and I never need a disc. FaceBook let's me connect with IRL friends, arrange events and keep everyone to date. Access to media is brain dead. The anime fandom was my little niche when I first got into anime and while some 'fun' of that is lost, I'd be insane ignore that Crunchyroll, Funimation, Amazon and NetFlix offer near bottomless and legit access to anime from Japan and you don't have to explain how to 'torrent' or use IRC DCC bots or anything for laymen to access it. And while I say it's not 'fun' to have every detail I want on something in Wikipedia or a Wikia site, I still use those services cause even I'm spoiled by the 'less fun' ease of access to that information. I'm 10 seconds away from knowing which episode of Sailor Moon Crystal has the first appearance of Sailor Uranus. I'm totally going to use the unfun 10 second route to that answer if given the choice.
  10. Canada, in Anime forum.
  11. I dunno, I feel like TV and my access to it is better than ever. Ditto with video games. The best Sonic The Hedgehog game came out just last month afterall!
  12. Back in my day websites asked you if you wanted frames or no frames! D:
  13. I never thought that in 2017 I'd be watching a brand new episode of Cardcaptor Sakura, yet here we are.
  14. Hrm, when it comes to what was once the 'adventure' of discovering information online, the best way to put it is 'The internet is now mapped'. What was once an elaborate cave system that few had explored before now has maps, tour guides, an Android app, and a t-shirt store. There is certainly new information to be found on a mass of topics and it is now exceptionally easy to access that. Wikipedia, fandom specific Wikia, genre blog sites, and you can find 50 different video tutorials for hair dying to changing the oil in your car in one search on YouTube. Not that I think this is BAD. Easy access to information is great and it allows individuals to boost their skill sets with not much more than a Google search. (And I do exactly this all the time. "I wonder how I blank?" *Googles how to blank* "I now know how to blank!") But at the same time, the sense of exploration and the fun of that is gone.
  15. How exactly does this Discord buisness work? Cause from the best I've seen, everything is invite only, so it doesn't seem fesable to 'stumble in and explore' you kinda have to be hooked up to start with. Or am I not understanding that?