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  1. It's an unlicensed nuclear particle accelerator!
  2. Guys... I bought this for $800 USD + 210 USD S&H, Import Fees, on an impulse while looking at eBay yesterday, but I want you to understand something; I had a coupon!
  3. ...We're trying to bring up story driven visual novels and to pad his list he responds with a list that is half JRPGs, plus some action RPGs, even an stealth/action shooter.
  4. I assume the driving force there is the low cost to license, low price point that is attractive to consumers, and the promise of quick access to provocative content. A lot of the 'big name' visual novels are more like a large investment in time, 20-50hrs to follow all story routes. Those titles that are a lot more popular in Japan with major console releases and their developers demand higher licensing fees. So things like Clannad and Steins;Gate on Steam cost a fair bit more and don't offer the same 'instant gratification' as some HunnyPop trash. But it's pretty sad when the guy arguing FOR visual novels isn't even all about the deep story ones, he wants to talk about 'teh bewbs'.
  5. Christ. There are actually GOOD Visual Novels that I'd love to enjoy that play out like engaging 'Choose your own adventure' anime. Instead your trying to argue for HUNNYPOP trash that might a well be a power point presentation of anime boob clip art and say 'WITCHER 3 IS JUST AS BAD. SO BOOBIE TRASH IS GOOD!'.
  6. Anime North in Toronto this past weekend. ...And a LOT of standing in line very early to ensure I was 9th in line and would not be turned away before the autograph session ended. The translator was asking if it was 'Official Merchandise' and there was some back and forth as I tried to explain what an animation cel was. At one point she was like 'So you drew this'? Eventually she understood. Iwao-san of course TOTALLY knew what a cel was.
  7. I have officially won at anime. Friday I got a Cardcaptor Sakura cel, from the final episode, and then Saturday I got the portion over Tomoyo's head signed by Junko Iwao.
  8. I gotta be honest, I expected him to refute my comment on some asinine technicality instead of basically say 'Yup'. Maybe Rassah has finally moved on from hoping that the rando furries on this forum in decline will look up to him.
  9. Couldn't resist the urge include that part at the end where you get to express how you look down upon others who don't emulate you, huh?
  10. 1) Makings shots is the fun part. 2) Looking at the screen during a shot I made and going 'I made that and there is is, 40 feet big. :O' There's no satisfaction in getting credit for not doing the actual work. All you get are bragging rights over others but no knowledge that you actually made a meaning full piece of it. I'm sure for those more interested in having others be impressed with them would be fine with credit even if they didn't make the actual thing though.
  11. Honestly I'd outright avoid any move to a management position of any sort. I want to make movies not tell others to make movies.
  12. I mean, if I didn't have my job, then I wouldn't have the job where I literally get to make movies, doing the exact task in movie making I love the most? From my perspective, any change, even if it yielded more income, would be much less fulfilling. I helped make Ragnarok and Black Panther, that's pretty freakin' cool.
  13. I'm pretty sure that this is one of those 'Tip Of The Iceberg' deals. While Lee says they 'just brushed their teeth in the kitchen' it sounds like there's a protracted history of behaviors that are followed with irrational defenses and overreactions. This is, for sure, far from an isolated incident and they're just trying to present it in a way that makes them look a victim. In short, Drama City.
  14. We are the the only non-family in this joint.
  15. Considering that Funyuns were never banned in Canada, only not sold by Frito-Lay in Canada up until 2016 at which point they began selling them in Canada, I can't see what could possibly be wrong with this plan.
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