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  1. Hello gentlemen. I'm doing some spring cleaning and nuking obsolete accounts, this being one of those. Does anyone here know how to delete their account? I can't seem to find an option to do so
  2. I had a dream last night, in which I was a woman for some reason and I had been visiting my husband who was in jail (For voluntarily taking the blame on something he didn't do, probs to save me or something) for five years and he was getting out today.To get to the prison, I had to jump over electrified railway tracks and narrowly dodge a train in doing so. I got in the complex and had to spectate my husbando compete and complete a tough as nails gauntlet of fire and traps to win freedom. Well we got reunited and out of the fucking blue he presents me with a 4yo daughter of mine I didn't even know I had (How that works I have no idea. It's just #dreamlogic) and holy fuck the emotional flood of having your kid back from wherever was huge. Shit, everything was great and hugging my kiddo felt good and so right. Let me say that again. It felt really good. For a person who has battled with depression/bipolarism that feeling right there, that thing? That's something incredibly rare and precious. We then left the facility and somehow got lost in a castle in which we were ambushed by either a tour guide or a teacher.. Then I woke up and forgot the whole thing, until I happened to see a family photo on fb. I felt really bad afterwards, and I wish I could go back to that strange as hell genderbent family adventure.
  3. Entitled snobs who think they are better when they're not. I was training with some new guy to HEMA and we were practicing going at openings in various guards. Not only were his swings powerless and sloppy (I mean flat of the sword ain't gonna do shit) he also came at the guards from the wrong direction. When I told him that this is not a good place to come from, he threw a fucking tantrum. In fact, every time ANYTHING changed from the default position, he threw a fit and a streak of complaints, even if it was a part of the training to vary things a tiny bit to learn to react. I also told him his grip on the sword was pretty bad, and that he was gonna get wrist pains sooner or later if he didn't fix it. Well, he rejected my advice on that...and literally within five minutes he was swinging his wrists in the air trying to soothe the ache in them lmao. And every time he fucked up he blamed me. Sure, I ain't perfect and I'm learning too, but I have learned things incredibly fast and he even asked me how long I've been at this. At least I fucking listen when people try to teach me and correct my stances and grips. I don't expect to be an expert out of the box. I'm rather quite annoyed at him for ruining my generally fun practicing.
  4. Dive in here and just look how far we've come in sawing technology. It's mesmerising and beautiful https://woodproducts.onlineexpos.com/cgi-bin/content/18/usnr_dli_canter_quad_bandmill.html
  5. Today at HEMA practice I would've had my cock cut off by a knife had it been real. Really makes a man think about getting appropriate gear to prevent this.
  6. I don't hang around here much, that might be why :V
  7. That's a load of bollocks, that starts with common sense. Of course you want to treat people like people and not discard the population into one giant bracket term. I beg you, tell me how if for example I were to dress up as a viking out of admiration to such culture, am I mocking them and oppressing these modern day people? What the hell happened to the classic saying "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", cause nowadays it's the complete opposite. This quote doesn't even have an inkling to do with dressing up. It's about meeting and respecting someone as a person after you've been a racist or an ignorant fool. It basically talks of how a former nazi can redeem themselves in the eyes of jews for example. It does not address mimicry. I'm not denying that being deft about certain cultural aspects is important and sure enough they have been used for good, but telling some kid not to blackface and eat watermelons and act intentionally retarded is completely different from what is essentially cosplay of a real-world thing because they find it interesting. Bunching those two in together is, dare I say, generalising to the maximum. You do not own a culture. It lives and dies. It transforms and changes places. Nobody is knowingly belittling another by wearing their clothes, and in fact by doing so WAAAYYY more often than not, shows admiration towards it instead. Hell, we should focus on spreading our cultures, spread accurate knowledge of it instead of attack anyone attempting to express their interest. I bet that within our lifetime, LANGUAGES themselves will face this similar case, where people think you're stealing culture by stealing lingo.... It is an attitude thing. You can misunderstand people and see misogyny/racism/sexism/whateverism through your hateshades, or you can just wear your common specs and look closer into the motives and such behind peoples actions and see you had it all wrong.
  8. "Cultural appropriation" as a "nope" thing. Someone was interested enough to try something from your culture, and you jump on them with a proverbial knife and equate them on the same level as rapists? Good fucking going, that's really gonna make the world a better place. How about you just accept that over time, as countries become more intertwined, cultures mix, and the fact someone did something related to yours doesn't mean they're a bad person. Hell, it should be on the contrary, because they bothered to do something, which can not be said of the bitching people. Sure, some people are flawed in their interpretation of your culture, but that doesn't mean they were wrong on purpose and their aim is to mock you like holy shit is this a wrong way to think about it. People wear halloween outfits for fun and do not don them to "reduce our struggles into some mundane outfit"...What sort of mental gymnastics must you practice to even approach this thinking style? If someone for example wore the finn's outfit from SATW and flailed a knife at people, or wore a Sami outfit, I'd be impressed and I'd fucking love that. It would be my last thought to think this was to mock me and my culture. Most people I've seen get offended have been by...wearing a spot-on geisha costume? A badass native american outfit? I honestly don't see an issue. It's an attitude thing, and these people need to check theirs. All SJW people really mean is they want exclusive rights to remain a snowflake and bitch about others stealing their culture while they themselves don't do shit. I've had my fill of this shit about now.
  9. I haven't posted anything in ages so here goes. Got myself some new study/workwear today so I'll use that excuse to post these here. Starting to look like I belong in the sticks. Have a crappy mugshot too.
  10. I'm honestly at the 4h mark and I don't seem to be getting bored of this track
  11. @silicon supertask Yes, it is a 'hog. Good stick all around
  12. I've got a trainer to fly with in DCS, who's been teaching me tactical turns and ATC protocol. It's great, and I've learned a whole lot and I love the added depth that this knowledge brings to the sim. Below is a top-down post-flight debrief of how the flight's beginning went. As you can see, the combat spread held alright and the geometry was good in these turns and shackles (zigzag to switch sides) was no issue. Just a couple more flights like this and It'll be like second nature.
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