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  1. big news

    I do!
  2. Behold, the future of racing

    Just get something bad ass.
  3. Pet names

    We have an awesome Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Brewster.
  4. I am a new car buying

    I agree, it comes from the products Detroit produced during the 80's - 90's and to some degree the early 2000's. The big Detroit automakers abandoned passenger cars because of the legitimate competition from the Japanese . They focused on the high margin trucks and SUVs during that time but that changed.
  5. I am a new car buying

    It's been completely rebuilt so it could be considered new. 1975 Ford Falcon?
  6. Unique and Unusual Toys

    I really love the pointing action, pointing at things. The ghost father quintuples the value. After some additional research I found a game that was never meant to be and is/was a lot like Contra. Glorious leader on a flaming unicorn.
  7. Unique and Unusual Toys

    This is great! Where'd you get this? I'd love to see them sell more dictators and a large plastic lair
  8. Taking"being a furry" too serious

    Here's a couple. One is yours truly. .
  9. Taking"being a furry" too serious

    I have mumtilple furry shirts I've designed that I wear and get compliments on them by complete strangers.
  10. Do many people want fursuits?

    I can't imagine life without a few suits. It's fun being a furry character at times. It's obviously not appropriate for the workplace!
  11. Things That You Don't Understand!

    What on earth does this mean?
  12. Hello Everybody!

    Hot dogs with mustard!
  13. No, I don't want to be your friend

    Curry, is that you? OMG!!