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  1. Yarra

    Pet names

    We have an awesome Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Brewster.
  2. I agree, it comes from the products Detroit produced during the 80's - 90's and to some degree the early 2000's. The big Detroit automakers abandoned passenger cars because of the legitimate competition from the Japanese . They focused on the high margin trucks and SUVs during that time but that changed.
  3. It's been completely rebuilt so it could be considered new. 1975 Ford Falcon?
  4. I really love the pointing action, pointing at things. The ghost father quintuples the value. After some additional research I found a game that was never meant to be and is/was a lot like Contra. Glorious leader on a flaming unicorn.
  5. This is great! Where'd you get this? I'd love to see them sell more dictators and a large plastic lair
  6. Here's a couple. One is yours truly. .
  7. I have mumtilple furry shirts I've designed that I wear and get compliments on them by complete strangers.
  8. I can't imagine life without a few suits. It's fun being a furry character at times. It's obviously not appropriate for the workplace!
  9. Hot dogs with mustard!
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