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  1. The left (everyone, really) needs to be less tolerant of this shit. No, I don't mean turning into anarchist loons starting riots, but we need to confront our family and friends who hold racist beliefs. And yes, it is pedantic to argue about semantics. These are neonazis, white supremacists, and, yes, even terrorists. They're cut from the same cloth as McVeigh, and if this were a third world country, they'd be an ISIS. This is a chunk of Trump's base. They've been in this country for a long time, they hid during Reconstruction and came out with Jim Crow. Saying crap like "both sides are the same" because some harmless dipshit SJW complains about women in video games makes you part of the problem. It's that attitude that helped elect Trump, too. Yes, political correctness has gone too far. But it's not fucking killing people. You aren't seeing postmodern radfems run over men with cars. Between "gas the jews" and "All men are created equal", there is no middle ground. If you know anyone who is a closeted racist, confront them on it. If they hold steady, break your ties with them. Name and Shame. It's better for your sanity that way. I am scared about what these people may do if Trump is removed from office. Will they bomb a federal building? Start lynchings, shoot random people at "liberal indoctrinating" colleges?
  2. Update on costumes: I've been working a Snivy mascot suit like the official mascot since April. I still have some tweaking to do with the foamwork, but I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out so far! I hope to have him completed by Halloween time. There's shoulder straps inside to pull up the body, while much of my upper torso is in Snivy's neck and head. Basically built like one of those Japanese prefecture mascots!
  3. So more furry cringe: guy on twitter unleashes on another guy who spoke badly of Growly the pedo growlithe. The guy says "he's volunteered for countless events, what have YOU done for the fandom? Nothing!" The fact that Growly is allowed to volunteer sickens me. He's never shown signs of changing. He of course is more cautious due to him serving time, but damn...he was still soliciting minors on FA AFTER he served time, and of course Neer the irrelevant digimon took his sweet time banning the guy. But it actually came to Neer banning someone over criminal behavior, so you know it was bad. So a NEET creeper defends one of his diddle buddies, and because his life is so lame, he measures your significance by how much you contribute to a talking dog head man fandom. Oh, and the Confederate fursuit was at AC.
  4. I've ran into so many furs on twitter that get upset when peoole call out other furs for being cringy in public. Like if I say "grinding on street lamps and annoying normies is weird, as is being a creeper at a playground, stop it", X furry will get all defensive and say "don't call us weird, I like suiting in public, I am an adult". Or "I'm sorry you feel that way". One furry a while back said "you're a Republican if you tell me I shouldn't have public fursuit sex". These people are getting upset like I insulted their mother or something. Does their sense of self-worth tie that deeply into their involvement with the fandom? Sad, man. Weeb story here: My anime club is filled with creepy virgin loli fans. Every time there's a vote for what we want to watch, the otaku pandering crap always wins. And then everyone else is disappointed when it's over because the show sucked. At least the club admins gst to choose the third and final show of the day which usually ends up being pretty cool. We split anime into "old" (>4 years old) and "new" (<4 years), and have entertaining timeline labels for these categories (like Golem-2012 and 2012-UC 0079 for a mecha week). Anyway, for horror/supernatural week, I put "Yotsuya Kaidan" for the first "date". No one knew what it was, or who Oiwa was, despite it being arguably the most famous Japanese ghost story ever written. Admittedly that might be a bit unknown to Westerners, but it's bound to be something refernced somewhere in lots of anime. There have been issues with particularly perverted and piggish shows being screened where woman are forcibly undressed/in pain from fanservice (no full nudity obviously). Female members complain, and then some guy says "well that's anime, if you don't like it you're in the wrong hobby". Said guy didn't know who Akira Kurosawa was, despite being an uber weeb. They also said "well you girls got us to watch Free so it's even". Not gonna say sexism...but sexism. Lastly, I was doing homework during a screening, which a guy asked about. I told him it was a quantized laser simulation (small-scale laser with quantized photon output and charge carrier density). He said that was boring and then said his music CD sorting algorithm homework was much more interesting. He then talked to his friends about going to a Love Live "concert" to see the cute girls on the big screen. I hate weebs.
  5. cringe

    Big name suitmakers often reuse head patterns for their costumes. So it all looks boring and generic. It also doesn't help that furries as a whole are dreadfully uncreative for fandom geeks, so the design doesn't lift the suit up either.
  6. Trump is much like his supporters: moronic manchildren who want 1950s jobs to return. They blame illegals, China, and brown people for them losing their jobs to automation, and they vote for the people who expedite automation because the GOP dangles the JESUS! keys in front of them. The main reason people support Trump now is racism and """"Christian"""" morals. Anyway, somebody spike Trump's food with a bunch of sugar to put him in diabetic shock.
  7. Working on Snivy at the moment. I'm using CAD to help me pattern. Yes, I'm trying replicate the official mascot suit. Snivy will be a body pid. Now here's something you have to watch out for when making pods: when patterning the foam, make sure it's the outer surface that matches the pattern, not thr inner surrace, or else everything will end up all bulky. The trick is how to do this, and I'm thinking of ideas.
  8. Update on the suitmaker: turns out she's a nutter who on several occassions ends commissions out of the blue and only partially refunds her clients. First time a burglar broke into her house and stole a fursut head she was working on. Naturally, she blamed the client. Of course said client could have also not been a complete tool when responding to her. Well, of course she's a nutter. She once said she would have easily been accepted into MIT if she didn't have a bad childhood. And then she gets offended by me asking about kitsune and kitsune suits because her BF is an otherkin and she knows about kitsune lore more than anyone else. Riiiiight. Anyway, later on, suitmaker suddenly cancels another commission she had dragged her feet on for years after new client finally lost patience. Client asks for money back, only gets partial refund and the suit parts (which are of the person's fursona and business mascot) are offered to the suitmaker's patrons on patreon. Now, the client couldn't do anything about this because, of course, the suitmaker blocked her on every form of social media possible following the suit cancellation. It was only after much kicking and screaming that the suitmaker refunded a $500 indiegogo pledge for a suitmaking book project that isn't going anywhere. Yeah, so much for "respect fursuit characters, Calemeyr, you're intolerant!" Nope, this is more of "I own your character so don't even try going to another maker or I'll freak, and if you mistreat characters around me I'll ban you from my patreon". Best suitmaker ever who doesn't need to follow other artists? More like Jax the Purple Run-Away-With-Your-Money Bat. And this person wants to eventually make SFX suits for Hollywood. And this is why furry lifestylers piss me off. /rant
  9. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with punching nazis, especially if they have punchable faces. Too bad we have assault laws.
  10. Foxler is "Fox Hitler". That's where the name comes from. The guy's an alt right goblin. Ans possibly a pedophile based on that party inviting underage people.
  11. Thanks! That was the intent, and the people who made it make suits in a mascot style. They made those mega Charizard suits from a few years back.
  12. I read up somewhere that it was "intentional" because the furry stories and creatures are all fantasy, so a digitigrade bear would fit. Riiiight. $20 says this explanation came after someone noticed the bear's leg deformity, and this was an attempt to explain it away, much like Wiseau calling The Room a black comedy.
  13. Do they still use that digitigrade bear as their symbol?
  14. So then...honest question: why does this fandom exist in the first place? Is it because there's enough humans on Earth that the most niche possible of interests will find a group to pursue and them and possibly form some sort of personal attachment to it? Or is it the porn? Eh, probably both. I have to admit, I also find average furry art quite dull as well, and I don't see anything special about it. And sometimes people take their fursonas/OCs way, way too far. But when it's done well, it can be amazing. Same with suits.
  15. Representative democracy fails when the voters are too dumb to realize they're supporting people who don't actually represent them in the slightest, ans have no intention of doing so either. But as long as the people in power dangle single-issue keys like abortion, gay/interracial marriage, guns, brown people existing in some tangible form, and Christian oppression, these (typically rural) voters will eat it up and continue to support these charlatans. And then they lose their jobs to automation, not illegal immigrants. They want coal jobs back and don't want to spend the effort to train themselves for new jobs. It's entitlement. The white man is supposed to be middle class and above, not poor like those lazy brown people. And that's why Trump won. People were worried the American way was dying, and that was part of the big picture as to why life was tougher for them. All that "globalism" and those "illegals" taking their jobs and liberal, atheist, arugula-eating elites with their facts and science just don't understand real, God-fearing Americans. Some may have been moderates who were desperate, but the 36% or so of people who still support Trump are morons. And in some cases, possibly the same type of people who, in a less civilized, more lawless society, would be fighting for a group like ISIS right now. And they all voted for dozens of Russian puppets. The GOP is filled with them now. And Democrats were too spineless to stop it, worrying about purity tests instead of real change. It sucks, but that's where we stand right now. Hopefully Comey drops a bombshell, but this Congress might be so traitorous that it might not impeach Trump even if he was found sending classified military intel to the Kremlin. If he was caught perjuring, they'd ignore it. So in short, as George Carlin once said: Just think about how stupid the average American is, and realize half of them are even dumber than that!