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  1. Yeah but that's what we all know and love about you, it's not what I came to know from the whole site qq
  2. None of what you just said makes the behavior okay lmao Is Phoenixed really just a shitty flame-forum now? I remember it being an actual community, not just a place for people to go to jerk off their rage boners. Maybe I'm just old.
  3. "We're a small forum so if people want to be obnoxious and rude we should just let them" ok vae
  4. I just think why even express you disagree if you're not going to put in the effort to say why, or be an active part of the conversation? To me it's just piping in to say "YOU'RE WRONG" without an explanation or anything, which is just... obnoxious.
  5. okay ;-; See tho Zara gets the idea :3
  6. In my experience dislike buttons do nothing but start shit. If you want to start some shit, then you better make a post and put some effort into it. Dislike buttons are just a lazy way of being an ass.
  7. unpopular opinions

    Typically shit video game series like Marvel vs. Capcom and Call of Duty have been getting much better recently. Maybe this means Kingdom Hearts 3 will be a big improvement too? Ahahaha no way, the unpopular opinion is the KH is a fucking unsalvageable series lmao
  9. In all reality unless if someone claims to be of any ideology or political view or w/e that is in direct harm to me, (trans don't deserve rights etc.) then I dimmadon't give a fuck about politics most of the time. It is hilarious how many conservatives react to "you're just mad cuz' I could kick your ass lmao" tho that shit is gold
  10. Been over a year, since Ricky died

    I miss the times I got to visit him. He was out there, but not always in a bad way. He spent so much of his own money just to book one of the nicest hotels in Santa Cruz so he could hang out with me. Like, who does that?
  11. Rant: Carrying

    Getting demoted now not because I suck but because Walmart doesn't want night shift anymore so I'm being moved to days where there are too many managers. Don't even get a set shift, I'm coming in at random shifts varying from 4 AM to 3 PM because I'm "too useful." lmao fuck my adorable shark ass.
  12. Things That You Don't Understand!

    Why the fuck is Roman Reigns still showing up on my TV set