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  1. Twatter and Dicksword. The domestic Vae is lazy and does not move around much unless it's required.
  2. Part of it was a number of people leaving because we took administrative action against one user trying to falsely implicate another user in aiding a crime, because they didn't like the second user's political opinions. But the user we took action against was nicer to people than the second one. So you know how people are. Nice = correct. Even though that's not at all how actual shit works. So those people left, thinking the staff was corrupt. And then other people left because "Toxic Nazi MAGA site", because people made fun of them for being creepy and horny out in the open too much. I know a number of those people went back to FAF because it encourages and welcomes that behavior. Discord probably didn't help anything, either. I honestly don't know what people were expecting, considering that the original FAF (which this community branched out from) was going to be turbo-nuked by Neer for being too hostile. But expecting furries to make sense is like expecting the drunken hobo down the street to make sense. Ain't gonna happen.
  3. Just going by the comments of that wiki link, are you guys the fuck okay?
  4. Lung AIDS is in my city, so it's only a matter of time.
  5. I still exist as some vague negligent presence that peeks in occasionally. You could not fuckin pay me to participate on FAF. Lmao. Not that anyone would want me there, because "vae ur mean cyberbully neo nazi plz nerf." But every time I've glanced at it, it's either been boring as fuck, or as bad as... what you'd expect from a site full of furries without people telling them to rein their furry shit in. Also go watch season 3 of Castlevania, since it's coming out tomorrow.
  6. Isn't that where people post about how they want to molest dogs and shit?
  7. Rev is now banned from the forum for spreading misinformation. Don't mind his lack of a banned title. I'm too lazy to change it.
  8. <mod post> I shouldn't have to say this. This should be obvious. But don't screenshot and post nsfw shit in general threads, like this one. If you find it, just report it. The early forums were also a different beast than the current, in which we now have a dedicated nsfw section. </mod post>
  9. Vae


    Twitter does what it's supposed to, which is shortform, fast-consumption social media. Ain't for everyone, but I'm not gonna bitch too much about it. EDIT: And as much as I like forum format, and old art galleries and shit like that, this is not a surprising evolution. There's so much shit demanding your attention now. My fucking browser links bar for stuff I want to access regularly and quickly has like 24 things on it, alone. When you gotta divide your time and attention up like that, it's no surprise people want to do everything as quickly and efficiently as possible. Only got so much patience and so many hours in a day. Not even counting the time you want or need to devote to your life off of the internet.
  10. Vae


    The solution to the community here, as it has always been, is just to create your own activity. You can't force people to talk. The only thing you can do is bring up topics in hope of piquing their interest enough to comment.
  11. Vae


    Conked out of this thread because separating myself from the topic made me realize that it's really fucking stupid that I even have to explain why sexualizing children is bad. Like it's just mind-blowingly fucking stupid. It's like I'm trying to explain to people why drawing porn of their relatives is messed up. It's like I'm trying to explain why you shouldn't post art of jews being gassed and going "THAT'S SO HOT OMFGXpL." I really hope you realize that personal trauma isn't an excuse to fetishize shit like child abuse. And I really hope a child does not have to get hurt, emotionally or physically, before that realization sets in. I'm still gonna laugh at pedophiles getting pushed off of sites in this thread though, because good fucking riddance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7OvPTmhtiY
  12. Vae


    I will repeat myself. I don't know why you insist on going into places and defending this kind of thing to your last breath when it has gotten you in shit before. I don't get the self-destructiveness of it. You know people don't like it, and you're not gonna make them "see the error of their ways" in judging people who have a fetish for children. You need a therapist, dude.
  13. Vae


    There's nothing RIP about them. They can just you know not draw and post cartoon child porn. Nothing stops them from not doing that. Also I don't know why you're insistent on coming in here and other places and flaunting that you have pedophilic interests. Isn't that how you got doxed and chased of KF? You think you'd learn to keep it to yourself a little better. Not that I'm threatening to do that. Just noting an observation in self-destructive behavior.
  14. Vae


    I'm just gonna add this here because it's relevant to the discussion. Twitter banned illustrated child porn too: https://help.twitter.com/en/rules-and-policies Yes, push pedos off of all the major platforms. Good.
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