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  1. Then they might have actual worth.
  2. Some 'wig and some Ash.
  3. Still really like all the little tiny-ass details you put into your mechanical work.
  4. Adding to Willow's statement: If it does get moved, you will also lose access to it. The adult section is only accessible through meeting the right requirements (69 posts and adult age), and specifically requesting permission from an admin.
  5. Been playing this since I bought it yesterday. Good fuckin game. Mixes just enough old and new elements together to both be pure fanservice, but also not boring by repeating the same shit. Completed a Knuckles and a Tails run so far. Sonic is next.
  6. Merged the threads, because the sample is basically just context to the question in the commission thread.
  7. Rev is Double Hitler. Plz disprove.
  8. You know the thread exists. You've posted in it. Keep it there.
  9. "Who cares about the shit that's actually happening. Muh ego." At least your motivations are nice and up front here, so no one has to take them seriously. Not that anyone does, anyway.
  10. I thought laughing at stupid shit wasn't exactly a new practice for us? This really isn't any different.
  11. I've seen the conversations. I know who you were talking to, and what about. But okay. I restate myself: Keep Twitter conflict with active users of this site off the site. This thread isn't about you and your conflicts, either way. This thread is about the shit 6tails is doing.
  12. Uh, I've seen the context behind this because of the social circles I run in, and to be fair, you directly asked for the party in question to DM you. Either way, keep Twitter conflict with active members of this site off this site. Thanks.
  13. Out comes Forrest Gump. In goes a Wonder Ball. But inside the Wonder Ball, there are live spiders.
  14. What's happening: A dude known for screaming at people and companies for attention on social media is now screaming at ours. Nothing new for 6tails. Not worth overthinking.