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  1. I hate the excuse that people make of "They're just drawings!" You're still sexualizing the concept of children, and it's still pedophilic, you fuck.
  2. Rabbids are like the Minions of video games.
  3. I keep getting persistent migraines.
  4. I'd like to see where this pervasive intro thread problem is regarding me specifically, because as I said, I don't even look at them much. My only other recent memory of commenting in an intro thread is complimenting someone's interests. Also nothing that I said in that thread broke the rules, mind you. Toning down my general personality was not part of the agreement when I was asked if I wanted to be part of staff. I'm held to the same site rules as everyone else. And I think that's fair.
  5. It's my stance because it's my actual opinion. It's negative, but I've always been negative and cynical. Being a mod doesn't and isn't going to change that. I also don't feel I was being overly hostile by criticizing what someone was doing. New users aren't and shouldn't be free from any criticism at all (Because of things they were already saying, mind you. I didn't actually start that argument.), but people also shouldn't be breaking the rules. But I haven't seen them breaking the rules or being overly hostile in recent threads, either, so... ? It is their problem. It's entirely their own problem if they saw a thread they didn't like, and tried to make a big fuss over it instead of... as I said, dipping out gracefully. These are long-standing threads. It's not someone making a parody thread of that user in particular or something similar. And if new users see that and want to dip out just because they don't like that we have things like cringe threads, then personally, I think it would have happened regardless. Get an impression from the thread, get an impression from the forum. It's going to lead to the same end result anyway.
  6. I can vaguely remember one case where I had to go into a thread and tell everyone, as a mod, to calm their tits. But that was quite a long time ago.
  7. While we should be conscientious over what goes on in new user threads (And I'm stressing it again: REPORT THINGS IF YOU SEE PEOPLE BEING OVERLY HOSTILE!!), that particular user's case was a unique one. He took issue with a long-standing thread, ranted about it, and dipped out. It's not like people ganged up on him or anything. So I don't know where all this sudden "EVERYONE'S AN ASSHOLE TO NEW USERS AND THE SKY IS FALLING" stuff comes from, other than kneejerk reaction to a singular thread blowing up. I just went looking through a bunch of new user threads, as I was writing this, and aside from some people being cringy tryhards, I see nothing particularly offensive.
  8. Waking up and realizing something I doodled while severely sleep deprived actually looks pretty good.
  9. <mod post> When I tell you specifically not to do something, as someone who has to deal with the effects of that particular can of worms, don't do it. Take it to the appropriate spaces. If you want to discuss that issue, even as it relates to staff action, you can. Just not here. </mod post>
  10. He's stated numerous times that his issue, specifically, is wanting to force people to talk to him and give him company. That's not the same thing as wanting an apology. Also this discussion isn't meant for this space.
  11. I think it's a reasonable suspicion, given his history with this place. If they aren't, they probably aren't gonna know anything about the connotations of that name, so it doesn't matter much.
  12. Vonwig with some color experimentation, Lemmy, and Wendy.
  13. Work more towards my art goals. Iron out more of my artistic flaws / weaknesses. Get more stuff printed. Shirts, books, cards, stuff like that. Work out my comic ideas. Start the humans comic proper. Make it look decent. Get a decent house in a not-shit neighborhood. Get a Jeep. Get back on my exercise routine. Travel. Camping, road trips, visiting people. I just want to take the fuck off and see things.
  14. I get ingrown toenails sometimes, but I usually just dig them out with either needles or the sharp end of a pair of scissors. Granted, mine aren't that bad.
  15. Facebook is generally for talking to people you know, not random nobodies who want a springboard for connecting strangers with their opinions. It's like walking up to a group of strangers who are already involved in a conversation on the street, and throwing your 2 cents in. It's awkward as fuck and no one asked you. I know I'd be pretty miffed if some rando came up and started commenting on my FB statuses too. It's also not theirs or anyone else's responsibility to make you or your opinions feel validated.