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  1. > Smashmouth Are you actually living if you're not playing horrible All Star shitpost remixes though? Really? Truly?
  2. I tend to like very high energy with music, regardless of what genre it is. It needs to be powerful. There needs to be highs and lows and variation. Things that are generally way too "flat" for me, but I like anyway: Other than sound alone, I like some Fallout Boy songs, some Three Days Grace, some Nickelback, and some Britney Spears.
  3. No. I didn't. I still don't know what the point of bitching is if they gave you a recoup ticket. Think ahead, and go on a day that's less busy.
  4. "They offered to recoup me, but I'd rather not go and actually try to have fun this time, and instead bitch on the internet about it." K. Also if this is what constitutes as "a horrible experience" for you, remind yourself to never go to any big events for anything. Because they're basically all like this. The fun is just getting out and doing something.
  5. I like just liked roleplaying this character on the internet for a bit, and then found out I liked using him as my general avatar. And then I just kind of never stopped. I used to have a more "original" self-made fursona, back when I felt that was a designated hole that needed filling, but I never used her as my "face" because I just didn't feel like it. So Ludwig it is. Always Ludwig.
  6. Someone called me miss antropic once. I told them not to assume my gender like a shitlord.
  7. I have learned today that smoking too much weed turns you into a dolphin.
  8. Oh I'm not disagreeing that religious arguments are shit. I'm just glad that it's been proven that we can make them exponentially more shit. Exciting new heights of bad.
  9. Speaking of things I hate... Thank you for volunteering this demonstration.
  10. I didn't want to embed it because vids embed too large on here. But hur:
  11. It's almost like these things and our attitude are all connected somehow. Nah, must be my imagination.
  12. Boy are you on the wrong fucking site then.
  13. I mean, at least he can straight-faced and seriously tell people that, deep down inside, he feels like a total ass.
  14. Don't copy that floppy (of nuke commands).
  15. Those feet gotta be bloodier than a corpse.