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  1. oh boy!

    Boringly enough, water. But like a giant fuckoff mug of ice and water. Like an entire icecube tray or two, and an amount of water that's probably going to make me sick. I have a giant mug that holds almost half of a gallon, and I went to town on that thing one day. What's your favorite style of drinking glass?
  2. A waterproof Timex Expedition for swimming. Taken it into the water a few days already. Works good. ($35) A new, nice lounging raft, because the cheap one I got before kept getting holes in it. Also has quick inflate / deflate valves, which is a fucking GODSEND compared to what I'm used to dealing with. ($14)
  3. Weren't you yelled at specifically in the last thread for gun-jumping and trying to apply control over something that no one, insofar, has agreed with or asked you to do? Stop. Doing. That.
  4. One of the bigger instances we had was a user slandering another off-site in a pretty serious way, with pretty serious accusations. A large portion of staff (myself included) took a very harsh stance against this because it wasn't something we wanted to allow or entertain as acceptable conduct for people here, on or off the site. So while we were debating what to do as staff, or if we should even do anything at all, the user who was slandered lashed out about it. The thread exploded into drama. A lot of people who weren't directly talking to both users in the conflict beforehand, and researching what had actually happened, just saw this as callouts and shit-stirring. Some of them had issue with the drama being on the site in general. Some thought we were taking too long to handle the conflict (And we kind of were, because it was a highly contentious issue, and I was away at a friend's house with limited computer access.). Some thought we were playing favorites. So a large chunk of people left over it. Personally, I feel like we could have handled things in a more timely manner, but I don't disagree with the action and stance we did eventually take. They're entitled to their opinions and lack of activity, but users shouldn't be making libelous statements and blackmailing other users over differences in political affiliation. Bottom fucking line. Other than that, I know a few people who left because the community culture morphed into something they just didn't like. In some cases because of too open and too overt sexual attitudes, and others because it just got too antagonistic for them.
  5. Prime 2 was my favorite of those, just because it has a refreshing sense of difficulty to some of the segments. It was like the Fusion of the Prime line, in that regard. We need more of that kind of thing. Prime 2's dimension-split mechanics, if comparable to anything, are like the light world / dark world stuff in Link to the Past and Link Between Worlds. I liked that it gave you the option in most cases to fuck off and look for new stuff in Dark Aether, but you had to be willing to take the punishment in health drain and the risk in getting caught somewhere that could kill the shit out of you.
  6. > Japan. No shit, Sherlock. Metroid's never been that big in Japan. Doesn't mean those games aren't regarded very highly though. Also I'm not responding these anymore unless you come up with something actually relevant to the things we've actually been shown. Insofar, you haven't, so stop wasting my time.
  7. If someone doesn't understand you, it generally indicates failure in your own communication skills, not the other way around. This thread is for ideas and their discussion, not intellectual masturbation. OT: If we do disregard the pedophile angle entirely (although it's still a huge "icky bad no" point of protest for me), lack of structure on another site doesn't have to affect us at all. People who break the rules will be dealt with, whether they're used to that kind of culture or not.
  8. Yes, because with a legacy of really strong, mass-praised titles like Super Metroid, Fusion, Zero Mission, and all 3 of the Prime games, clearly it carries no love by its creators at all. Because of one flop and one offshoot. Two new games announced at the same major event, along with amiibo of said game. No love there. None at all. Lol k.
  9. Also adding that Metroid fans have wanted Nintendo's head on a pike after Other M and Fed Force. Doubt they want to chance fucking that up even more. Metroid's been ignored for a bit, but it is one their staple franchises.
  10. Repeating myself here: Different dev teams, different series, different play styles. Apples and oranges.
  11. Two new Metroids, AND new Metroid amiibos. This has been a good E3.
  12. Regarding MP4: I wonder if they're finally going to put Kraid in it. Been wanting that since MP1.
  13. Well one of all of the two potential things I gave a shit about for E3 (Metroid and a game with the kooperlings in it) has been confirmed. Good enough for me. I better start saving for a Switch.