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  1. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Forums and chats serve different purposes. They both have their uses. I don't mind the Discord chats and the application, because you can be very specific about the organization within them. Also with who is allowed in them, to begin with, as long as they're not public invite.
  2. Rant: Steam doesn't need quality control

    I kind of had a feeling this thread was going to devolve into whiny bitch rants about violence versus sex in games, like the second it was put up. And lo and behold, it only took an hour. Good job, team. We did it.
  3. Tim Hortons and Bitcoin Megathread

    Your Sunrider video was full of naked anime girls. Yes.
  4. Tim Hortons and Bitcoin Megathread

    <mod post> This is your reminder to keep all content outside of the Red Lantern PG-13. This is also your reminder to just report rule-breaking posts instead of quoting them. </mod post>
  5. Out comes a massive hangover. In goes three crack pipes, a case of Mountain Dew, and a membership to a vegan nutrition system.
  6. Artist gripes

    Idk if it would help in your case at all, but I just have a rules page up before people are able to ask me questions. I force the mobile theme to override to my default theme, so people still get the rules ask page when they want to ask a question. I just don't accept requests, period, unless they involve my characters and only my characters. Anyone who takes issue with that can either offer me an equal-effort art trade, or learn how to draw the thing, themself.
  7. Artist gripes

    So just tell them to either pay you or go fuck themselves. I ward off this problem by just being upfront that I'm not gonna take anyone's shit.
  8. Okay. But that's not what the thread is about. It's about a squabble between entirely different people. I was about to just tell you to take this shit to your journal, because that's the impression the title gives off.
  9. Why is the title some emo 14-year-old girl shit, when the thread itself is about chat drama though?
  10. New Themes

    I mean, I could look into the code, but as far as the theme works on my end, it uses all of the screen real estate. That's the entire width of my screen. It also adapts based on how wide I keep the browser, so I know it's not a fixed, absolute width.
  11. New Themes

    It should be built the same way as the other desktop themes. On my end, and even in the example screenshot I posted, it has the right sidebar. If it's single-column, it's probably your browser.
  12. New Themes

    Welcome to 2018, Phoenixed. We have two new themes for you to kick off the new year. Phoenixed Ash: A light, neutral white and black theme. No more theme colors clashing with media posts. Pitch Black: A dark, neutral black and gray theme. Something that's been highly requested. Good for avoiding burning out your retinas at 2 in the morning. Additional changes: All themes: Avatars and images in posts have no borders now, and respect transparency. No more ugly perimeters around transparent art. Midnight Blue: Previously named "Phoenixed Midnight." Colors have been fixed, so the theme is no longer completely unusable. A lot of my customizations required manual fixing with CSS. IVPB's basic editor is extremely limited. Because of this, there's a very big chance that I missed a spot or two. If you see anything that needs my attention (like visibility problems for text), please screenshot it, take note of exactly where it is and what it applies to, and either PM me about it or mention me in this thread with the problem. Themes, as always, can be accessed from the menu at the bottom of the page: Ideas and suggestions for existing or new themes are welcome in the thread.
  13. Horrifically Bad Fursuits

    <mod post> Please don't post multiple, separate posts in rapid succession. It's considered spammy, and the edit function exists for a reason. Merged. </mod post>
  14. You're taking my use of "inferior" as too literal. My point was that it's using personal biases to exclude people based on traits that are harmless to them or anyone else. If they were passing judgment on no one other than themselves, there would be no conflict of interest here, and there would be no exclusions. Whether or not they're doing this because of religious beliefs is irrelevant. It's still passing judgment on a group of people on those grounds, and acting exclusionary towards them because of it. That is fact. That is what they are doing. Which is, as I have said, an extremely shitty thing to do. If I said I wasn't going to serve Christians in my place of business, is that legal in factual terms? Arguably. Would I deserve to be chewed out for doing that by the public? Absolutely. I don't care what someone believes in as it applies solely towards themself, but religion isn't an excuse to act shitty towards groups of people that aren't harming anything.