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  1. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Rev is now banned from the forum for spreading misinformation. Don't mind his lack of a banned title. I'm too lazy to change it.
  2. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    <mod post> I shouldn't have to say this. This should be obvious. But don't screenshot and post nsfw shit in general threads, like this one. If you find it, just report it. The early forums were also a different beast than the current, in which we now have a dedicated nsfw section. </mod post>
  3. Holy-o-fuck

    Twitter does what it's supposed to, which is shortform, fast-consumption social media. Ain't for everyone, but I'm not gonna bitch too much about it. EDIT: And as much as I like forum format, and old art galleries and shit like that, this is not a surprising evolution. There's so much shit demanding your attention now. My fucking browser links bar for stuff I want to access regularly and quickly has like 24 things on it, alone. When you gotta divide your time and attention up like that, it's no surprise people want to do everything as quickly and efficiently as possible. Only got so much patience and so many hours in a day. Not even counting the time you want or need to devote to your life off of the internet.
  4. Holy-o-fuck

    The solution to the community here, as it has always been, is just to create your own activity. You can't force people to talk. The only thing you can do is bring up topics in hope of piquing their interest enough to comment.
  5. WTF

    Conked out of this thread because separating myself from the topic made me realize that it's really fucking stupid that I even have to explain why sexualizing children is bad. Like it's just mind-blowingly fucking stupid. It's like I'm trying to explain to people why drawing porn of their relatives is messed up. It's like I'm trying to explain why you shouldn't post art of jews being gassed and going "THAT'S SO HOT OMFGXpL." I really hope you realize that personal trauma isn't an excuse to fetishize shit like child abuse. And I really hope a child does not have to get hurt, emotionally or physically, before that realization sets in. I'm still gonna laugh at pedophiles getting pushed off of sites in this thread though, because good fucking riddance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7OvPTmhtiY
  6. WTF

    I will repeat myself. I don't know why you insist on going into places and defending this kind of thing to your last breath when it has gotten you in shit before. I don't get the self-destructiveness of it. You know people don't like it, and you're not gonna make them "see the error of their ways" in judging people who have a fetish for children. You need a therapist, dude.
  7. WTF

    There's nothing RIP about them. They can just you know not draw and post cartoon child porn. Nothing stops them from not doing that. Also I don't know why you're insistent on coming in here and other places and flaunting that you have pedophilic interests. Isn't that how you got doxed and chased of KF? You think you'd learn to keep it to yourself a little better. Not that I'm threatening to do that. Just noting an observation in self-destructive behavior.
  8. WTF

    I'm just gonna add this here because it's relevant to the discussion. Twitter banned illustrated child porn too: https://help.twitter.com/en/rules-and-policies Yes, push pedos off of all the major platforms. Good.
  9. WTF

    Feral porn I would say is indicative of zoophilia. Considering they are shaped and look like an actual animal. Albeit one that can talk or whatever. EDIT: And following that train of logic, wouldn't that make cub art both pedophilia and zoophilia at the same time? That doesn't exactly help in the defense of cub. Lmao.
  10. WTF

    @Battlechili So if I, say, draw some animu schoolgirl being decapitated, I am completely justified in posting that without a gore warning? Or on a site that doesn't allow gore? Because it's anime? That's how things work? You can say "it's not photorealistic" until you can't breathe, but that does not negate the fact that these kinds of depictions have some roots in reality. If they didn't, it would be beyond description. I wouldn't even be able to say "sexual depictions of children" and you wouldn't be able to defend it, because if it was so detached from the base concept, we wouldn't be referring to it as such. I don't know why this is a difficult concept for you. If I draw a neon green penis, it's still a penis and I still have to mark it nsfw. If I draw a purple tree, it's still a tree. If I draw a cartoon man, it's still a man. You are essentially saying that categories, descriptions, and ratings systems are useless because stylization completely overrides subject. And that's not... how things work. Sexualizing kids in artwork has some basis in reality, the same as everything else does. And it's still pedophilia. You do realize that "cute" adults exist too, right? Why do they have to look like children? Why is this the subject that's specifically being defended? I've seen plenty of adults that are "cute", but don't look or act like children. 1. Being an adult does not excuse you from your perversions. 2. Pretending you're the child in the situation doesn't make it any less of a pedophilia fetish. You're still getting off on the idea of a child (as yourself) being taken advantage of by their parent or caretaker. You're still exercising sexuality directed at children through fantasy.
  11. WTF

    The base argument is that people being desensitized to the concept of sexualizing children eventually leads to people offending. If sexualizing children wasn't the appealing aspect to these people, they wouldn't be focused on child characters. They would just, you know, sexualize adult characters with adult characteristics. Instead of adamantly defending this shit or risking being labeled a pedophile. You can't really make the "but they're fantasy creatures" excuse, when the entire appeal for these people is sexualizing childlike aspects. Which makes them pedophiles.
  12. WTF

    I thought we were talking on a largely defunct, isolated-ass furry forum, and not in a college setting. Silly me.
  13. WTF

    Wouldn't the source be firsthand experience in this instance?
  14. WTF

    Letting children access it isn't the problem. It's encouraging people to sexualize children. People should not be doing that.
  15. WTF

    Double post, but https://blog.discordapp.com/maintaining-trust-and-safety-at-discord-with-over-200-million-people-f0b39adfc00c?gi=2ac5aec66f90 Ding dong, the witch is dead.
  16. WTF

    The fact that Discord servers have to be investigated is indicative of the problem that happens when you allow pedophiles to feel welcome on your platform to begin with, which they should not be. Rules will not followed by everyone, for obvious reasons, but throwing out the goddamn red carpet for them and letting them indulge their bullshit is asking for stuff like this on the platform. It's why most places ban this kind of shit outright, aside from being grossed out by the content. They don't want to attract child-molesters to their platforms. There's also the information in the Twitter thread I linked earlier where the allthefoxes person, one of Discord's trust and safety staff, is supposedly letting offending child predators back onto the platform. (I say supposedly, because this is all stuff that was said in Twitter screencaps.) So I mean...
  17. WTF

    Except that it isn't. Pedophile shit is pedophile shit. It's not surprising Discord is now being investigated by the FBI for hosting servers where predators are connecting with minors. So uh, good for them and their indiscretion I guess.
  18. WTF

    Here's a Twitter thread about it: https://twitter.com/nickmon1112/status/1092469779137482755 Once again, furries ruin everything they touch.
  19. Idea to revive forum

    That's not a case of reading comprehension. It's a case of exposure. Also I'm not providing information solely and limited to what's necessary for your understanding. This is a conversation, not a fucking definition. Lmao.
  20. Idea to revive forum

    Look harder? People have bitched all over the place, here and otherwise, about the site not being friendly and "furry" enough. I've had friends toss screenshots and junk my way too, because a lot of us like laughing at the same shit. I'm exaggerating in the exact phrasing, obviously, because that's how fuckin hyperbole works, but it's the same idea with the same intent. Why can't we be furry enough? Why can't we be more nice? It's like people forgot this site was originally a haven for the old FAF crowd or something.
  21. Idea to revive forum

    I thought that's kind of what we already did in a lot of threads, and the forums as a whole. Just that a chunk of people didn't like it, because "Y R U HATE FURRY? Y CANT WE BE FURREIENDOS? WHO WANTS TO LICK MY FEET NO KINKSMHAME!" I've always been in support of the site focusing on shit-talking the furry fandom, but that's me.
  22. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    Peach is actually a cosmic void entity. Bowser was trying to save the Mushroom Kingdom world this entire time.
  23. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    About the only thing I've been doing since early December. Have all the characters. Beat all the classic mode routes. Getting close to beating the story mode (I think).
  24. How do we revive dead gay forums

    Porn also isn't allowed outside the Red Lantern. I don't think handing out bans and infracs is conductive to activity, but shit if I know
  25. How do we revive dead gay forums

    We need to start marketing the forums on Twitter the way all the (successful and not hated) PR companies do on that platform, and just incessantly shitpost.