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  1. Rant: Steam doesn't need quality control

    Why buy any tiddies? It's the fucking internet. Lol. Just look that shit up for free, son. There's a wealth of porn to find.
  2. Rant: Steam doesn't need quality control

    I mean, not being able to stick to your initial word because of potential backlash and opting for the easy route still counts as laziness to me. :v It's being too lazy to uphold your convictions.
  3. Rant: Steam doesn't need quality control

    Also more proof of my point of obvious intent. All of these are from recent releases.
  4. Rant: Steam doesn't need quality control

    Witcher has a lot more going on for it than just a few sex scenes thrown in. Huniepop is very obviously only there to sell jackoff material to lonely-ass nerds. Like I said, it takes a special kind of blind and stupid to not be able to tell the difference in intent here. Saying that people just play Huniepop for the Bejeweled stuff is like saying people read Playboy for the articles. If you weren't there for jackoff material, you'd just play one of the many, many other puzzle style games out there.
  5. Rant: Steam doesn't need quality control

    Not really. Assuming they were only going to be taking care of obvious porn games, it's not that hard to weed out games that only exist to sell depictions of 14-year-old tiddy. You gotta be a special kind of blind and stupid not to be able to tell that intention from the rest.
  6. Rant: Steam doesn't need quality control

    This just speaks to me of laziness. Instead of clearly defining rules, making sure Steam's staff understand those rules, and enforcing them accordingly, they pretty much straight-up admitted that it was too difficult. So they're going the easiest route possible. Weasyl did the same thing with their "moderate" category. I can't really respect the decision, but I'm not surprised by it either. Never underestimate laziness.
  7. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    I banned everyone. Every single person. Including myself. What you're currently interacting with is only your imagination. Wake up.
  8. Okay, but why not use the bathroom sink? Do you also wash dishes in the bathroom? I just don't see the point in even having a conflict here, and why it meant so much to you to get into an internet slapfight with a friend on social media. Why is being able to brush your teeth in the kitchen sink even important to you?
  9. This is your Trump megathread. Keep all Donald Trump and Trump policy-related debates and discussions to this thread. Any new ones created (and a few prior existing ones) will be closed or merged with this thread. DO NOT: Throw personal insults at other users in this thread, for their political beliefs or otherwise. Air personal drama related to the users in conversation rather than the actual thread topic. Shitpost in this thread. Anyone who does will receive an automatic infrac.
  10. Tim Hortons and Bitcoin Megathread

    Hell, just take this, and add pronouns and a few mentions of having autism / bpd / did / etc to everyone's profiles, and we're most of the way there to being twitter.corvidae.org.
  11. Tim Hortons and Bitcoin Megathread

    So when are you two getting married, anyway.

    Everything with the conduct itself aside, fetish gear shouldn't be allowed in conventions that allow minors, to begin with. Either require it to be kept in the adult spaces, or don't allow minors to your con. Mixing these two things is all kinds of stupid.
  13. toad affinity forums

    Links? What the fuck is "toad affinity forums".
  14. Zaush in some hot water again

    Where in the actual, literal fuck are we getting the idea to point fingers at people in this community to "be more proactive" about reporting shit like child porn, when this is just a discussion topic? What do we have to do with this? We aren't the people who had these conversations, or the people Zaush actually hurt. Why is this being used in a shitty way to excuse pedophilia in art? There's like no fucking evidence present to assume that anyone here wouldn't report actual child abuse if it was encountered. So why is this even an excuse being waved for anything in regards to the discussion here?
  15. Zaush in some hot water again

    I thought it was well-known and well-documented that Japan had both a pedophilia problem, and a sexual-assault problem? Maymays or animes or not, that's not really something you want to emulate with yourself.
  16. Zaush in some hot water again

    Of course it does, because your tastes apparently align with his. Of course you're not gonna want something to be attacked that you, yourself, are apparently interested in. This is common goddamn human defensive practice. Doesn't make it any less gross or pedophilia tho.
  17. Zaush in some hot water again

    I always assume adamant defense of just really gross shit, like very clear pedophile behavior, is in protecting one's own self-interest. And once again, my curiosity and like five minutes of Google has proven me correct. GG team. I'm not entertaining the paragraph shit. I'm too tired.
  18. Zaush in some hot water again

    Jesus christ. I took out the quotes, and that's still way too many words. Also if you are attracted to children, doesn't matter if it's cartoon children or real children, you are a pedophile by definition. Not a child molester. A pedophile. If you are getting off to a child's figure and a child's attributes, which are associated with children, then you are a pedophile. I don't care how much fur is slapped onto it. It's a child. It could be an adult. You could age it up. You're choosing not to. You're choosing to sexualize a body type and attributes that are strictly associated with children. Ergo pedophile. I'm not explaining this shit again. Doesn't matter if it's drawings. Doesn't matter if it's real. Pedophilia, by definition, is a sexual attraction to children.
  19. Zaush in some hot water again

    I have learned that regardless of what gross-ass pedophiles do or say, there will always be someone who hasn't even had a presence or cared to post in for-fucking-ever, to jump out to defend them. God forbid their childlust masters get talked shit on, on some corner of the internet. Having personal standards isn't inclusive or ~welcoming~ enough. Because that's absolutely what the fandom needs amongst all the dog fuckers and child predators.
  20. Zaush in some hot water again

    It may not be illegal for either of them to say those things, but it's absolutely justifiable to shame them for it.
  21. Zaush in some hot water again

    "Who cares that someone said incredibly gross things about the concept of being underage? Their privacy should be respected!" A+ furry logic. Would laugh again.
  22. Zaush in some hot water again

    I had this discussion with a friend regarding both "looks 10, but is actually 400" and feral characters recently. If you're getting off to a child's body, or a feral animal that speaks, that is still what turns you on. Those are still the forms that you are choosing to sexualize, despite having the option to draw a young-proportioned character more adult-framed, or a feral-proportioned character with more human physical characteristics. You are still, by the definition of the terms, a pedophile / zoophile.
  23. Zaush in some hot water again

    At least people are reporting his Patreon, so one of his support sources might actually be cut off, to have some kind of impact.
  24. Zaush in some hot water again

    How is indulging in porn of children, fictional or not, not equivalent with pedophilia? Like how would any normal-thinking human look at something like that, and not have it raise a million and a half red flags? It takes a pretty extreme lack of social awareness and basic understanding of how people work to go "That guy who said that prepubescence was the lower end of the sexual attraction scale. That's not indicative of pedophilia at all. Nope."
  25. Zaush in some hot water again

    He literally said, in factual terms, that 12 was the lowest age for something to be "fuckable." Paint it however you want with censorship arguments or "real life versus art," a pedophile's a fuckin pedophile. And no one who's not a pedophile makes statements like this or thinks this way. He also has a story about sexually grooming a minor in his submissions so, you know, there's that too.