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  1. Hussie also has a habit of drawing things out to extremes, so I hope that isn't the case here. Otherwise you're looking at something that's going to take until act 58 until it gets anywhere meaningful in the story. And then rush to finish with no resolution to large story elements because "it's too long and cluttered now." I just hope it's handled better than the comic was.
  2. Samus Returns, itself, was fantastic. Full props to the developer, because even the mechanics I was iffy about turned out to be really well done and fun in gameplay. I hope this game gets some good scores, because I really want the classic Metroid line to develop upwards from these new elements. And I want more classic-style Metroid games just in general. I thought things like Fusion mode, the art galleries, and the sound test would be unlockable either EARLY by the amiibo, OR by beating the game. Nope. You need both. You need to beat the game, and then use the amiibo. God, get fucked Nintendo. Who charges $12 for a sound test? Those have been free in games ever since the NES days. Hell, there was also free unlockable art in Prime 2. It gave you incentive to complete more of the game, because then you unlocked more art. You know, unlockables? Those incentives for replay value? Fusion mode would not bother me as much if the amiibo were actually obtainable and not shoved into a $20 retail price set pack. And also did not have their own unique game endings. So if you want all 9 of the game's endings, you need to pay $20 (minimum) now. GG. The Zero Suit amiibo should have unlocked a suitless game mode instead of a fucking sound test of all things. It sucks, because these shitty practices are attached to such a stellar game. Between this and the fact that the US market got basically nothing, not even a special packaged amiibo set as a higher-priced preorder option, the marketing side of this game has basically been a giant shitfest that doesn't know what it's doing. It just offputs me from buying any of the newer Switch or major title 3DS coming out, period, because it just convinces me that these kinds of practices will continue the longer they're supported.
  3. "Excited for it." I mean it's already out. It's been out for like a week. I might play it. The art looks nice. I heard it's super short at about 1 - 2 hours of gameplay though.
  4. Aside from Red Brinstar making a comeback, I haven't been too impressed with this game's music. HOLD THE FUCK UP THOUGH. (Didn't think this needed a spoiler, because it's not even the name of the location in the game proper.)
  5. They're invite-only, but some have infinite invite systems and allow anyone basically. You'd have to look up a list of public Discord servers or something. It just depends on how the owner decides to run it.
  6. Oh yeah, I totally miss being kicked off my internet connection every time someone in the house needed to make a call, and waiting 10 minutes for a page to load up just because it had images on it. Except I don't. That time period was terribly inconvenient and annoying. If you don't know how to socialize outside of anime chatrooms, that's not the internet's fault. That's you. We have more applications to keep in contact with other people than ever. Hell, I can run Discord at all times (and often do) on my phone, and talk to people whenever the fuck I want on there. If you can't move on from that initial circle of friends you had, that's also on you. It doesn't mean that socialization is "dead" on the internet. This is a personal problem.
  7. Oh the dodging's a lot more involved than it is for the alphas and gammas. The dodging in this game is a lot more involved in I think any Metroid I've played up until this point. Just gotta get used to the patterns and shit. I will give this game a lot of credit. Having you fight the same things over and over again, and going from having your shit handed to you, to wiping the floor with them, gives you a huge feeling of progression. You're getting good at the game, and it's showing you that you're doing it.
  8. Zetas are pretty easy if you just grapple beam them off the ceiling and then spam super missiles. Omegas are a fucking war of attrition.
  9. Post the last significant thing you purchased with an amount of real-world currency. (Keep it legal and any images SFW, please.) No, this isn't the same thing as the Recent Buys thread in Three Frags, which is about videogames. ___________________________________________________________________________ I got small bottles of both of these for around $1.50 a pop, and they're basically sex for the nose. I wanna get a larger bottle of the nag champa, but I need to wait until I have more money.
  10. "People thought our last two series games were shit. So here, have fun dying over and over again."
  11. Hi there. Your avatar is adorable.
  12. <mod post> Guys, this thread is a shitshow, but don't try to actively derail it. This isn't the Blackhole. </mod post> I would also attribute it to watching shit like Bambi, Fox and the Hound, and Rescuers Down Under over and over again, and latching onto misinformed, black and white opinions about hunting that OP claims are the cause of his misanthropy. Not being able to distinguish between fantasy and reality, or form one's own opinions through actual research and observation, seems to be a pretty common pattern with the auts.
  13. AM2R was a remake, albeit in a Zero Mission style. Samus Returns, while being a remake, just feels new, period. I would just call them different experiences entirely. Good in their own ways for different reasons.
  14. Or are just horribly autistic. Which I'm pretty sure is the case here.
  15. Can confirm what Pachi said. Dude has strong history with this kind of shit. He doesn't want a discussion. He just wants to yell into public spaces, to entertain the delusion that someone else with an animal avatar will eventually chime in, agreeing "Yes, that is totally a reasonable point of view, to hate the entire human species and to want everything to revolve around the glorious furry Master Race! You poor misunderstood individual!" And when he doesn't get that, he'll pick a few fights, probably take it too far, probably get infracted or suspended, and then move on to the next furry site. Rinse. Repeat.
  16. I'm too tired to address the rest of this, nor do I care, because you post this same shit verbatim to literally every community you join. But this right here? Fuck right off.
  17. When you're cleaning a screen or something and dirt gets right in the rim along the edge, under the plastic. Don't wanna scratch the screen with something pokey, but goddamn that's annoying.
  18. I mean it would make more sense just to ban the game's page in Malaysia. But damn. A game where you can beat the shit out of people as Jesus sounds amazing. Lol.
  19. I mean, there's English text in the picture. Steam is blocked in Malaysia.
  20. It would be kind of hilarious to see them do this to a well-passing, outspoken trans person though. "As a cis, you need to be aware of your privilege!" "Lol, what fucking privilege and what fucking cis?" I was having a conversation with a friend about this on Twitter, but it's the same thing as the "If you're not outraged, you're part of the problem" mentality. I hate this mentality. Are there shitty practices in society? Yes. But there is not enough caffeine or time in the world for me to devote my full emotion and attention to them.
  21. I wasn't taking a stance on the morality or intelligence of doing those things to begin with, and personally I wouldn't touch a lot of them. The question, in the "Things You Don't Understand" thread, was why people glorify them. And that's what I answered. Because some people enjoy the experiences that come from their use. If you wanted to just rant about this, it would have made more sense in the "things you hate" thread.
  22. Because you can like the fun side of a thing while also hating the negative effects? That's kind of obvious. These things don't exist in black and white, and you're not forced to pick just one. If I get drunk and end up feeling like shit because of a hangover, it doesn't mean that I'm going to hate the existence of alcohol in itself. If someone dies in a skydiving or a carnival ride accident, it doesn't mean that people as a whole are going to condemn those forms of entertainment as being horrible and evil. If someone gets horribly fucked up in a motorcycle crash, it doesn't mean that their motorcyclist friends are going to suddenly hate using theirs. Etc. The irony in your username is pretty appropriate, because people get fucked up by valium. Doesn't stop people from using it.
  23. "vulpinetaco is bad and doesn't really reflect me anymore." Yes. Nice of you to come to terms with the fact that you are neither fox, nor taco. A+ detective work.
  24. If mentioning it to the superintendent does nothing, bring it up with the local news. Media exposure baring down on shitty school practices tends to force them to actually look at the problem instead of ignoring it, because then they just look like assholes on TV.
  25. "That's a dangerous and terrifying thing to say, yet I get what you mean." This is the most "little bitch" comment I've seen in a good while.