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  1. im getting busy and exhausted again and this is all i needed
  2. this article made me happy to see on a site like huffpo. (note: the title is fake) http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5829f25fe4b02b1f5257a6b7
  3. at least you have the terms down
  4. "just checking in to confirm, are we still rehearsing tonight at 7?" *two implicitly "no shit" answers, even though there was no initial confirmation that this rehearsal existed* "kay cool" 4th person : "hey actually im really sick and cant rehearse" oh look hello there mr. exact reason why i fucking check for confirmation im so sick of people being inconsistent with schedules and logistics and then talking to me like im stupid when im asking questions i need answers to. i dont have time to waste on miscommunications.
  5. finished a musical for the second day in a row after a dress rehearsal this mroning, and yesterdays musical was an hour after driving back from indiana where i performed at a clinic and studied some contemporary percussion. im taking on my hell week best i can, now to knock out five performances and two exams and i will be on the other side in no time
  6. For Christ's sake if someone is slowing down that does not mean also slow down they are trying to change Lanes. If you also slow down then that person misses their exit don't do that. I'm f****** furious right now and my stupid phone sensors when I curse so I can't even say f*** to to let my anger out
  7. evan

    Rant: Concerts

    80% of all concerts ive gone to are classical so i have no advice...
  8. i see this is the "steal evans format" thread you are instantly dead to me
  9. two observations driving through indiana; 1 the speed limits are WAY too low 2 the whole state smells like one long fart
  11. hi forum thinggg i am currently in 4:30 am at the computer lab, about to jump into learning MIDI and making some computer noises too, and at 730 i will go back to the music building and practice for my lesson at 11. thing is, sometimes when im working i have no ability to just say "yes many short sittings will do it". i mean fuck i look *forward* to nights like these, i genuinely love spending the evening doing lots of what i love to do without interruption. sometimes i just need a night to put everything aside and work till im done and satisfied. that said i like balance. i used to be in a schedule that had me doing this every day. it sucked and i hated it. with this thing where i give myself days to work casually, then set an "overtime" day, i get WAY more done and dont feel permanently like shit. so my story aside, the question for you fine losers is this - what do you find is the best way for you to work? in short periodic sessions? in giant motivation kicks? not at all? asking the magical video game what it thinks and therefore discarding the notion of work altogether? how do you get shit done? im genuinely curious.
  12. i don't know whether i'm excited or terrified that i'm way over my head in work but it's all relatively fulfilling ...until i decide my current emotion is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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