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  1. It wasn't working for me either for a while, but now it's back. I'm using the default theme.
  2. Banned for having a black and white avatar.
  3. Thanks for reminding me of all the sweets I have downstairs, so much for being healthy today.
  4. Which is understandable considering the stereotypes that are out there as well as the general public's tainted knowledge of furries.
  5. Banned for somehow responding within milliseconds.
  6. Something like that happens to me as well. Just try coming back to it another day, or even after two days. Trying something again with a fresh mindset always helps.
  7. Banned for making me have to scroll 10 times more than I need to on mobile.
  8. Yeah, I've noticed that too. It does look a bit strange, I'm sure it's an easy fix though.
  9. Nolorio

    Own species

    How does one luposite? This is also a serious concern of mine, we should have this addressed.
  10. Definitely that along with an option to not automatically load embedded images.
  11. I think the mobile version should by default have a lower posts-per-page count in threads since profile pictures and embedded pictures/videos/gifs can eat up mobile data usage fairly quickly. I think it would be nice for those with limited data plans like me.
  12. I guess technically I'm out to anyone that mentions it. I don't say anything about it unless someone directly asks me, so only a few people know. I don't really care if anyone knows, it's nothing I see I need to hide from anyone I know since generally they're accepting, which is really great.
  13. I was being sarcastic, of course I wasn't productive.
  14. Of course not, that would require effort and getting off the computer.
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