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  1. Vore pic comission

    I'm looking for an artist that can draw a three character vore pic involving my fursona Sultz who is the predator and one of my OC's Kiara and Leshana who is the prey in a hair salon. I have a $40 budget for the pic, and hopefully I can get a much cheaper colored commission. Please reply to this thread, PM me or note me on my FA page if you are interested in doing this commission, and i'll give you all of the details of the commission when you do. Thank you for reading my thread.
  2. Let me take this opportunity to say thank you for locking the thread, I really appriciate it a whole lot. I am so deeply sorry for what I had posted, if I knew it was going to get alot of bad vibes though out the fandom, then I would have never have posted it.  I will never post anything like this again, and once again thank you for locking it.

  3. Reply deletion on my thread

    Good idea, I would like the thread to be locked or deleted.
  4. Cub restroom pic commission

    I 100% agree with you, I apologize to everybody on this board and to the entire fandom. If this seem to be offending to everybody, I will no longer request for commissions of any more minors using the restroom ever again. I really hope this clears my name to everybody in the fandom, I wish I had never came up with the idea for this pic. And now I think that this thread needs to be deleted.
  5. Cub restroom pic commission

    Look everybody if I offended anybody on this board then i'm sorry, I do offer my heart felt apology. The main purpose of this pic was never about looking at children peeing, it was how two cubs became friends in a restroom. I never intended and I never will attend to offend anybody.
  6. Cub restroom pic commission

    Inkbunny doesn't have a commission board so this is the only board where I can post such a commission request.
  7. Reply deletion on my thread

    I'm getting nothing but slanderous, nonsense replies to the Cub Restroom Pic Commission thread in the black market, will a moderator or administrator please delete all of those baseless replies.
  8. Cub restroom pic commission

    How dare you call me an unacceptable thing you dumbass. I try to make this commission that as kids/cubs as less mature as possible and if you do like what you see then don't post any replies, simple as that, so watch who you are calling an unacceptable you f-bombing piece of filth.
  9. Cub restroom pic commission

    For God's sake everybody the privates will not be shown, both Sultz and Island will be seen using the urinals like this: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5053096/ So please for the love of God stop posting baseless replies to this thread.
  10. Reply deletion on my thread

    Hey, that's all I can earmark for the commission.
  11. Reply deletion on my thread

    Moderators and adminstrators of this board, would you please delete all of the nonsense replies in my Cub restroom pic commission thread that is in The Black Market forum, because that is asking for a commission not to post nonsense. So please have all of the nonsense deleted from my commission thread.
  12. Cub restroom pic commission

    Guys please this thread is about doing a commission not about getting on to me. Will a moderator please delete all of the tasteless replies to this thread.
  13. Cub restroom pic commission

    My friend Island and I are looking for an artist that can draw a pic of the kid versions of our fursonas in a public restroom peeing in the urinals, there will be no mature parts of our fursonas being shown. The budget for this pic is $60 and I will send you all of the detalis of the pic as soon as you accept the commission.
  14. I am looking for an artist to do a multistyle badge exactly like these: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15865603/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15876708/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/15882961/ for MFF. I am willing to pay up to $35 for the commission and if you are going to have a dealers den or artist alley booth at MFF, i'll pick up the badge there, if not i'll provide my mailing address when we work out a deal. Thank you for reading my thread.