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  1. ...wait, is this forum seriously something that's that important to some people? Well, then. I visit here once every few weeks and type words in response to other words. If someone dislikes the words I have typed, they occasionally let me know. I generally don't type any more words to them though, because they're usually right and occasionally wrong-beyond-any-hope-of-convincing. And then I leave for a little while. So far, it's worked marvelously. I don't have much of a reputation either way, but it doesn't really matter. I guess what I'm trying to say here is: I don't want any attention or anything... at least not on here. If you want attention, that's okay, I guess. If you need attention, then you will be disappointed and frustrated. This is not only the case on this forum, but it is also the case literally everywhere else in your life. Plan accordingly. -Bagel
  2. Forget about Batman and Superman. I just want to mention that Strongbob's link: has the following sentence in it: "Thus far, the movie has a global cum of $587.8 million." I hate to ask, but how much does cum cost? I mean, it probably varies significantly depending on whether or not someone is a sperm donor, how fresh the stuff is, etc. I'm just trying to visualize $590 million worth of cum. How many Olympic-sized swimming pools it would fit into, etc. This is a very pressing question. -Bagel
  3. A brief tl;dr on my thoughts: humans are the worst species on the planet in some ways. We're also the best species on the planet in others. In general, it seems like we have the right intentions, but because of our relative power and intelligence, we also have the ability to fuck up gloriously. And we do. It's not deliberate, though, and people smarter than I am think that acts performed with good intentions are good.
  4. Well, this happened the other day. Looking back on this: damn, my penmanship is pretty good whilst I'm drunk, apparently. I don't know whether I should feel good about myself. -bagel
  5. Ah, the great debate continues... Toony suits: They generally take less effort to build and are a little more comfortable/easier to wear. They also cost less, which is always nice. Finally, some people think they look just as good, if not better, than their realistic counterparts. This makes them the most common type of fursuit. There are a few problems there, though. Toony suits often look vacantly happy in an unsettling way. Because of how common they are, they've begun to seem a little 'bland' to me: regardless of variations in color and facial types, they all look similar. And of course, because novice builders often try toony suits first, there are some bad ones out there. Realistic suits: Even though they're harder to build and harder to wear, no one can deny that realistic suits look awesome. They've got a flair that their toony counterparts simply lack. They're generally more expensive, but if you have the cash, they're often better built (and may even last longer as a result). And if you really want to 'become' your animal of choice, they can't be beat. A main problem, of course, is that looking awesome is not the same as feeling awesome. Realistic suits are less... er... suitable for partial fursuits; they almost always require more padding, and the ventilation and field of view are generally lower than that of toony suits. Their extra cost is also a hurdle, especially if you don't want this fandom to consume your life and steal your money. Finally, it bears mentioning that some people think realistic fursuits are more frightening than their toony counterparts. I personally disagree: I think realistic suits look like actual animals, whereas toony suits look like guys in animal costumes. I suppose this is just a matter of personal opinion though. Semi-Realistic Suits: Semi-realistic suits strike a happy medium between toony and realistic, or at least they're supposed to. While often expensive (at least from what I've seen), they look fully as cool as realistic suits when they're well-done (in my personal opinion of course). They can be a little easier to wear than realistic suits, offering a better field of view and sometimes requiring less padding, for example. If I could pick out any one problem with semi-realistic suits, I would simply say that it's a broad spectrum. Some definitely trend towards toony, while others are much more realistic. As a result, it's difficult to judge the suits as a group. For example, some people consider Angel Dragons to be strictly toony, while others think they're semi-realistic. That's not a problem with the suits themselves, though... only with trying to create comparisons like these. With all this in mind, I prefer semi-realistic suits to the other two types. All three, however, can be done well. It's more a matter of personal preference than anything... -bagel
  6. If the most important problem in your life is not being able to purchase a console... my friend, you are living a good life. Enjoy this time while it lasts, mmkay? -bagel
  7. Okay, even if I can't disagree with some of your points (in part because I have little idea of what you're getting at), you're clearly pulling a "I'm better at English than you are; therefore, I know more than you about logic(?), I'm more intelligent(??), and you're excessively sexually charged(?!) But you're clearly using big words that you likely got out of a thesaurus (prurient?!) and making statements that take more than a little decoding to deduce. You might think this makes you look smart, but all it does is make you look like you're trying to outclass people in every way you possibly can. Were you taught in your English class that you're supposed to write in a way that most people understand? Because that's not happening here. Just my two cents. You may now resume doing whatever you wanted to be doing on this thread. -bagel
  8. Disclaimer: I'm a vegetarian. You know what really pisses me the fuck off? When people are like, EAT HAMBURGERS AND BACON. IS DELICIOUS. DO NOW. These people generally point out that 1) people who eat meat are pretty healthy, 2) humans were meant to digest meat, and 3) meat is tasty. To which I reply: this is the most senseless criticism I've ever received in my life. There are many, many different things that some people dislike eating: guacamole, beef, horseradish, grapefruit, and froyo, for example. If I was to say, "I won't eat guacamole, horseradish, grapefruit, and/or froyo," people would be okay with that, for the most part. But when I say, "I won't eat beef," people go, "Oh shit! A vegetarian! Run while you still have a chance!" And regardless of the reason I'm a vegetarian, that's a little weird. I know that there are some vegetarians that try to shove their personal preferences (go vegetarian) in everyone's faces. That's a terrible thing to do, but it doesn't mean that vegetarianism itself is bad. And there's definitely a group of people who are countering by shoving their personal preferences (eat meat) in vegetarians' faces. So, my advice is: let people eat whatever the hell they wanna eat. Don't try to convince vegetarians to eat meat, and don't try to convince meat-eaters to go vegetarian. All it does is lead to threads that are as stupid and childish as this one. Thank you. -bagel
  9. Any other purls of wisdom from people who actually know how to improve our forum's ranking?
  10. There's a great Peanuts cartoon about becoming aware of your tongue: making those inconsequential stimuli consequential by thinking about them. On at least two occasions, I've been lying in bed and "become aware of my tongue." It makes for a long night. Anyone else experience this?
  11. Wait, why exactly are you in this fandom then? On-topic: I, too, have very little tolerance for anyone treating me badly. As you said, the worst part is that they say it's "your loss" if you leave them. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from leaving. They, however, are losing a person who will actually listen to them bitching/moaning/preening themselves. They're not saying "it's your loss" out of sympathy or anything, they're saying it selfishly and as a last resort. Don't let them get to you. Just ignore them, and go and make new friends. It's literally that simple.
  12. Couldn't resist. (Previous request still stands, but Zerig's drawing is great... in its own crap-quality MS-paint way. Of course.)
  13. I'd be happy to participate. Unfortunately, I currently have loads of other stuff to do in my life, but I have a reasonable amount of experience writing articles. As for costs (which seems to be something you're concerned about), I would be willing to work for literally anything except alcoholic beverages, food that's past its sell-by date, goats' blood, Rubix cubes, X-rated plushies of any type, or dry erase markers. Please PM me if you're interested!
  14. No. You denied me the avatar drawing I wanted, and now you'll have to be stuck with this shit. edit: previous request still stands
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