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  1. Yeaaaah I remember this super traditional private middle school I went to where a significant amount of dudes called me gay seemingly just on the grounds that I gave a sincere "I don't have nor am looking for a girlfriend right now".....ok there are insults and misunderstandings among kids sure.....but for years ? Like....take a chill pill.....please....god forbid a guy shouldn't be hell bent for a girl I've seen and heard other peeps like me just fake having someone they like just to shut up such interactions
  2. Not only is this a great solution......its a hilariously entertaining one to
  3. When I choose a dish but after not liking it most of the time I'm stuck having to finish that dish.......like darn man
  4. It seems pretty much any animal likes a good scratchy
  5. The Tazo tea packet has both in the same thing
  6. This dude and all his metal versions of the best songs
  7. When there isn't any mint tea left
  8. Breath takingly good This is from Ghost in the Shell 2017 The movie is cinematically gorgeous....with music the match as well
  9. Rebel the Noise The beast inside can quell its own voice by taking a small time to listen To watch and see the lake's water clear glisten Find peace in absorbing something quite simple yet few will do Because we say we have not the ability nor really time to See what lies right in front of us….without minds race Void of reprimanding...malice torn asunder in this place Walk out beyond the water's line And sense beyond the rules of time Find your center and be made free Beyond these laws and across the sea
  10. *gentle augmented nose boop :3 *
  11. Reminds me of music from Witcher 3......exceeellent 8/10 as for this one......I bear no shame
  12. Super late......but imma post anyway cuz freedom !
  13. Kinda sounds like preaching to the quire buuuut.....the creative process can be quite therapeutic and relaxing for the soul Photo editing in particular in my case :3
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