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  1. You might wanf to have that checked out. I'm pretty sure that could be an early sign of diabetes. even if I'm wrong its still worth checking out cause who knows what it could be so if i was you id be better safe than sorry
  2. That show was something........ Some of it makes me wonder how it was allowed on CN
  3. I've ran out of razors and i cant be assed to go to the shop to buy some... now I've got a filthy neckbeard ;-;
  4. actually no, whiskey is not Irish inherently. There's no differences between the two words whisky and whiskey, whiskey is just an general name for the product like beer. In terms of geographical location Irish whisky is just known as that. Irish whisky. Also Irish whisky is distilled 3 times compared to American, Japanese and Scottish whisky which is only distilled twice
  5. Hate to burst your bubble but there isn't really a difference between scotch and whisky. Generally scotch means Scottish whisky while whisky can be generally made anywhere in the world except for the USA which i believe uses different ingredients and calls it bourbon.
  6. Dust One thing that not many people know is that I'm allergic to dust (yes its a real thing, a lot of people apparently Dont know that you can be allergic to dust http://acaai.org/allergies/types/dust-allergy). So i generally have to make sure my bedroom in particularly stays dust clean, especially since my dog sleeps in my room as well (did i mention I recently became allergic to cats and dogs?). The biggest problem i have is that dust builds up so damn quickly and it gets everywhere!!! My TV yep!! My PC and its keyboard, i really hate that one. shelves are physically the worst because i easily forget to clean them so usually when i do it's thicker than the snow England gets if it snowed. But my absolute worst place to find it is in my instruments... IT IS SO HARD TO GET DUST OUT OF FUCKIG GUITAR STRINGS ESPECIALLY NEAR THE TOP OF THE STRINGS!!!! The worst part is that the dust is making me go insane literally!! Einstein's definition of insanity is to do the same again and again expecting a different result!!!!!
  7. i think the biggest rage that all of man kind has to deal with is waiting for a important parcel coming, waiting all day and then never arrives and you get an email saying its coming tomorrow. So not only have i wasted my entire day on this crap but i have to do it again tomorrow. That is probably the worst feeling any person can get.
  8. Well forget about me joining the RAF, just realised how stupid that is for someone like me. I'd probably die during training anyway I really don't know what i was thinking today
  9. right thanks for the feedback. I expected that flying would require a lot but i didn't think my blood would of been an issue. Thinking about it i might not get let in since I'm short sighted, but if they allow contacts i guess it would be ok...i hope.I also have an extremely mild case of aspergers syndrome which i heard the RAF may not accept, i'll need to show them that I'm more than capable of handling these situations properly like anyone else would. I had a look at dcs and its pretty interesting though i Dont think i have the equipment and space to play that game properly. While I'm on my music course I'm going to start training for the year to see if i can go through the processing, if not i'll just return to do music and continue my career as s composer.
  10. Can I get an opinion? Im thinking about maybe joining the RAF to become a pilot. I really don't know about this thought but if I go through with it I'll be in service for a minimum of 12 years, I have all the qualifications except for me fitness test which I am excercising so I can get around to that hopefully quickly. what do you guys think? I'm very on the fence about it
  11. yeah i know VGC 2016 sucks, hopefully things pick up with vgc 2017 once sun and moon comes out
  12. also how could we forget these little fuckers? gogo's crazy bones were the shit! I used to hold the monopoly on these guys. I used to trade them and get a fuck tonne of gogo's i was literally the biggest black market trader and it came to the point that we started fighting over them and were forced to no longer bring them into school....sigh.....good times
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