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  1. Have you gone outside yet you sad nerd? Because you should go outside.
  2. Tim Hortons and Bitcoin Megathread

    Nice currency.
  3. Thanks for playing dumbass, lmao. P.S. It's time to go outside.
  4. The first page was full of vehement disagreement you literal moron. You don't know what an echo chamber is. Go outside.
  5. No idiot you just used the word wrong because you don't know English lmao
  6. Feeling left out? ;3 You can sniff my crotch if you'd like. Just don't expect me to look you in the eyes.
  7. I'm an exhibitionist, don't kinkshame me fuckboi
  8. He's not trying to be taken seriously anymore, he's moved on to stage 3 of his master plan to own the nazis.
  9. This isn't an argument it's a warning. You're so salty you're in danger of giving yourself a heart attack. You're also really dumb and your memes suck. Please for the love of god go outside.
  10. Why can't you stupid commies ever deliver a joke without radiating more salt than Poseidon's ass??? lmao Were you one of the people that Null snubbed because he was too busy taking a shit to answer the door? Link me your thread :3
  11. What's fun for you isn't fun for everyone else. I, for instance, don't enjoy reading paragraphs of condescending, poorly thought out insults disguised as"insights" from people who have no life experience outside of cyberspace. I'm under no obligation to read anything you write just because you think it's worth reading and neither is anyone else. That isn't your call to make. If the people want memes and shitposts that's what's getting the views.
  12. I am a powerful wizard.