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  1. Under the future, we bury the past.
  2. Zaraphayx


    Summoning @Rassah to this thread to redpill me on Lazy Lions.
  3. I was saying this last April while a bunch of idiots posted hockey-stick graphs and yelling "EXPONENTIAL" like they didn't get a C in high school math. Oh well, I guess the wagies will just have to get used to wearing bee-keeper outfits to work in a fast food kitchen, never getting to own a house, while I enjoy my comfy WFH life working 2hrs a day reading books and being rich. Maybe you guys can try looting Target again in 4 years when another evil republican Hitler becomes ringmaster of the clown circus? LOL
  4. But only if u post ur dick ballz(LOL) in ur court peenix. xoxo zara
  5. Yes I stopped being attracted to women because they're all mentally teenagers and I grew up.
  6. The thing you ppl who rail against mainstream social media will have to contend with one day is that you don't get to have a normie-friendly, popular website full of vibrant new faces and a diverse community without all of the garbage that comes with it. I'm old enough to remember when the Internet was just for weird nerds and 'extremists' and it was better that way. When normal people and all of their backwards npc priorities (popularity, fame, excesses of wealth and luxury) seeped their way into online spaces on the back of digital commodification and e-commerce the entire ecosystem suffered. The memetics of brainless social shaming, identitarian politics, corporate shilling, and the feeling of irrelevance, atomization, and depersonalization that everyone clumsily whines about impotently are the result of an unchecked assimilation of the waking world into the digital one. Here's the short of it: your choices are a heavily fragmented userbase full of nutjobs and weirdos, or the matrioshka brain singularity of twitter where no one cares about you and a 19 year old boy in Kansas gets 300k interactions for tweeting "cum". There is no Kingdom of Heaven on the Internet, no paradise where we all will ascend and cast off the tethers of crony capitalist brainwashing. Only a dirty commune in the desert where sometimes you have to share a watering hole with a fat guy with schizophrenia in his mom's basement who thinks he is Pol Pot reincarnated.
  7. Yes I'm well acquainted with your preference for civility over justice. I remain unconvinced of the virtue of this position.
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