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  1. The mods were fine after Mentova and Kalmor exiled themselves in disgrace. Too bad the forum lost like 1/3 of it's membership before that happened LOL
  2. Wonder how he plans on paying the bills b/c something tells me his following of feeder/inflation porn enthusiasts isn't going to give him health insurance either. Dragoneer onlyfans when?
  3. Yea this place was fun before half the forum took an unpaid internship in political canvassing.
  4. Huh it's almost like they use racist as a catch-all smear for anyone who undermines the interests of big Capital. It's a good thing we'd never fall for that obviously disingenuous assertion would we, fellow liberals? :3
  5. Did you guys make another discord yet? It's time for our yearly reminder that we all hate each other for no reason.
  6. Shut up I'm glad he bumped this thread b/c my posting ITT was brilliant and I'm glad I got to reread it.
  7. Update: I'm in Arizona it's basically raccoon city.
  8. People were like that on forums too, make no mistake. FAF itself had site staff who were accountable to no one and used their power to punish people they didn't like, they brought that culture with them here and choked the potential this place had in the cradle Anytime anyone controversial, offensive, or retarded gained some notoriety on FAF the same loud, career victims would cry and moan at every possible opportunity that they needed to be banned. The only difference is that with Twitter these people are weaponizing the entire planet against you and not just a subculture of a subculture.
  9. What do you know about charisma? You think you can entices your users to put themselves under 24/7 surveillance and not only get away with it but still make billions? You think you could testify before congress and get out a single sentence without stuttering and shitting your pants? You think you can hit a 3inch target at 120 kilometres away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope? Don't talk shit about Zuckerberg, meatbag.
  10. Yeah it's this one. Online social hubs predate twitter and 'always online' monoculture by almost a decade and they were EXTREMELY popular in their time. FARK, Something Awful, Ebaumsworld, Reddit, Digg, Slashdot, 4chan... the list goes on. Literally the opposite. "social justice" on a real-life global scale does not work because resources are limited and inequality is an inevitable consequence. It doesn't work as a socio-political aspiration for the same reason: eventually you reach a critical mass of mutually exclusive and contradictory needs/wants that can only be approximated by half-measures that satisfy no one. The only resource online is attention and this longing for a smaller, tight-knit community is directly related to your lack of engagement with the real world around you. Most people get their social needs met by IRL connections and see the internet purely as a vehicle to draw more attention to themselves, not make friends or talk about shit. Your personal website will be dead on arrival because you don't even have a fraction of the charisma required to maintain a cult of personality lmao.
  11. I honestly don't even know how to respond to this post. What do you think people did for thousands of years before social media? Do you think interdisciplinary/interfaith dialogue just didn't exist? Do you believe in some weird caricature of the past where people lived in homogeneous paradise with ONLY people who looked, thought, and did exactly the same thing as each other? People do not even get along in the sort of cultural enclaves you appear to view necessary for a healthy social environment - look what happened to this place. I can break down why the internet sucks ass into two major pain points for you: 1.) People online are just an amalgamation of all of their most vocal opinions and it is impossible to comprehend their humanity in this environment. 2.) The generations that matured/are maturing with the internet as their primary social environment have been utterly fucking ROBBED of their future. They have no value to place in anything except constant analysis and reconstruction of their own identities. There is no path towards actualization, personal growth, or a meaningful role in society, they have no control over anything material and neurotically over-analyze the immaterial in the futile search for purpose in a world that has no use for them.
  12. Is that why forum activity dropped off a fucking cliff after I got tired of listening to a bunch of low IQ nitwits bicker over semantics and stopped posting? LOL
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