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  1. Fixing dubya's "mistakes" was never part of the plan. You are operating on a model of the world that is a total fabrication - you are deluded. Don't feel bad about it. Obama was the first president I voted for; I was naive once too. Stop reading Twitter and study your history.
  2. >he thinks the American Empire was on "autopilot" during the Obama presidency
  3. The fate of this place is to exist eternally as a monument to my prescience.
  4. You guys remember that time Trump called for the deposition of the leader of a nuclear superpower, an act which precedes a nuclear retaliation per that foreign power's military doctrine, amidst a foreign war we have no reason to involve ourselves in much less enacting economy-destroying sanctions during a time of unprecedented wealth inequality and financial hardship in the aftermath of a life-altering pandemic and it's consequent dramatic federal overreach? Me neither. @kazooie missing you lots you inimitable retard, whenever you're ready to apologize for your embarrassing behavior all those years ago I'll consider letting you lick the salt off my balls as my way of burying the hatchet. lmfao. Stay poor you suckers! #winning
  5. You included no reason for the report except calling me a "dangerous, privileged shithead" so don't tell me it wasn't personal you dishonest, cowardly little bitch. I became "mean and aggressive" because little nerds like you start passive-aggressive bullshit and rely on others to abide by your affected civility and not confront you about it, but I have seen the rot in your soul and it disgusts me. I don't need to report anything, none of you are any threat to me. I don't deal in "conflict" on the Internet - I tell people how it's going to be and they beg me to stop, try to get me banned, etc. It's all futile. I am too powerful. FACE YOUR WORST FEAR.
  6. You just want to report the only ppl that contribute to this space in any capacity if they post anything that doesn't make your pp hard. People like you are the reason this shit sank, dumbass.
  7. I'll do whatever the hell I want but thx 4 ur concern.
  8. Will you freaks ever stop crying in my DMs after I make it abundantly clear I don't want anything to do w/ you beyond dunking you in public? Tell me I need to "chill" when you the one acting like this, lmao
  9. Yeah you're so indifferent to it it all that you angrily reported a post I made last year after expending much wasted effort sucking my dick trying to buddy up to me lmfao Not fooling me loser, you care SO much. I predicted this - everyone said I was wrong, like usual I wasn't. SAD.
  10. Under the future, we bury the past.
  11. Zaraphayx


    Summoning @Rassah to this thread to redpill me on Lazy Lions.
  12. I was saying this last April while a bunch of idiots posted hockey-stick graphs and yelling "EXPONENTIAL" like they didn't get a C in high school math. Oh well, I guess the wagies will just have to get used to wearing bee-keeper outfits to work in a fast food kitchen, never getting to own a house, while I enjoy my comfy WFH life working 2hrs a day reading books and being rich. Maybe you guys can try looting Target again in 4 years when another evil republican Hitler becomes ringmaster of the clown circus? LOL
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