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  1. Tim Hortons and Bitcoin Megathread

    lmao just lmao
  2. Yeah this is the reaction I have to everything you say too; only I'm actually laughing and you're just getting paranoid and muttering to yourself about echo chambers and how everyone is talking behind your back. I'm not going to entertain your historical revisionism. You're a fucking nutbar and everyone who interacts with you can see it, posting paragraphs trying to give your behavior over the last year a retrospective makeover isn't going to change that. Only you can by admitting the truth to yourself, that you have this thing wrong with your brain where it makes everything you think and say retarded.
  3. His administration is doing no such thing and you're splitting hairs to avoid conceding that you were in hysterics over the election results. I'm not making fun of you for thinking that the president can overturn supreme court decisions. I'm making fun of you for thinking that a change in administration is going to result in the supreme court overturning the ruling; which you very much argued was plausible. Maybe you should stick to posting memes because you're really bad at this.
  4. Hey dipshit do you think we would have even had the conversation you're referencing if there wasn't a disagreement over whether the outcome of the presidency would threaten the obergefell decision? And in your recollection of events, are you convinced that i was the one who was concerned that a Trump presidency posed a threat to social progress? I knew you were paranoid and delusional, trying to rewrite history is a new one though lmao
  5. so this is how it feels... to be owned
  6. The last season of black mirror sucked much like your posting.
  7. You can twist words all you want, but people don't obsessively oppose themselves like you do to things they don't think are evil. Sane people don't, anyway ;3 Keep lecturing me about reality though, guy who thinks Trump is going to repeal gay marriage.
  8. Net Neutrality Getting Repealed Owns

    Lmao gud 1
  9. Net Neutrality Getting Repealed Owns

    I really like dogs, Pachi. :3
  10. It's a lot more complicated than that; I don't need to believe someone is evil or a bad person to not like them, and I have no problems admitting that I have fond memories of people I don't like now; I have fond memories of people who have done monstrous things to me even, but who they were to me then is irrelevant to my continued association with them. To be honest, a lot of the reasons I don't like a lot of people can be traced right back to the fact that they fundamentally fail to grasp the fact that having views that diverge from theirs doesn't make someone evil. They elevate their values and preferences into moral absolutes, codify them into an identity, and devolve into sectarian zealotry. There are dozens of people I who I used to love bantering and laughing about silly fandom shit with who turned into neurotic, miserable, and frankly boring people who waste their precious time on Earth obsessing over abstractions that will never impact their day to day life. I'm not a very sentimental person but I will admit that I lament this, the internet and the world on the whole is less fun than it used to be. Ultimately that just means I have to narrow my exposure to the people and things in it which still bring me joy, and everyone else can kiss my dick.
  11. Net Neutrality Getting Repealed Owns

    I wasn't making an argument against you with that post numbnuts I was mocking you, what doesn't your retarded ass understand about that? You have yet to present a point salient enough for me to even argue against because you've yet to make an argument defending your criticisms of contemporary democratic systems that's actually coherent, you just called pre-civilization "more equitable" because there wasn't enough shared resources procured by humanity to precipitate wealth inequality after asserting preemptively through some completely unsubstantiated jump in reasoning that the more disparate power structure this created is a fatal flaw of representative government. Your entire "point" is a fucking mess and none of the dozens of paragraphs you've written since have been anything in support of that original claim; just you desperately trying to prove you know what you're talking about when it comes to human genetic history (P.S. you don't) every time I check into this thread to laugh at you. Nothing you just linked has any sort of relevance to human genetic development, just energy sustainability.
  12. Net Neutrality Getting Repealed Owns

    P.s. did you realize it's insulting to assume that I'm stupid and socially incompetent and that i need your advise on how to persuade others?