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  1. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    lol what you talking about?
  2. Rocky Mountain Fur Con Goes Full Heisenberg Device

    everyone involved is fucking retarded and should feel bad lmao it's hard to take anyone who talks about "punching nazis" seriously imo
  3. Memorible Phoenixed Quotes 2016

    Even if I don't really post here as much, this quote shall forever live in my heart. "If I lashed out, this forum would simply cease to exist!" ~ 6tails 2016
  4. Rogue One

    Krennic did nothing wrong.
  5. hi im new

    no literally worse than hitler
  6. Things that you love! v2

    So fucking good fam.
  7. hi im new

    pls no bully (;﹏;)
  8. Trans daughter sued by fundie mother....

    I am a warrior of God! I stand here to combat the unholy abominations that are gay marriage, abortion and brown people. Just as Jesus commands of us in the bible.
  9. Trans daughter sued by fundie mother....

    It's good to see a proud, TRUE and HONEST Christian standing up to the pedophile transvestite movement's attempts to lure our children away from God!
  10. Rogue One

    No, it simply means you are a man of distinguished taste.
  11. Rant: Another day in the life of a heathen

    Holy shit Wolfy (that's what I'm calling you now FYI), that's fucked. Like, sometimes I forget how blessed I am to have a family that at the very least respects my gender-fuckery for the most part. Stay strong dude. We're here for ya, even if we can't really do much. <3
  12. furriendship furriday nice thread (◕‿◕✿)

    I would awkwardly cuddle on a gross motel bed with most of you. <333333
  13. Election Megathread 2016

    Tbh I'm sad Trump won simply because now we won't get Trump TV ;_;
  14. Election Megathread 2016

    My wall is so erect right now.