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  1. everyone involved is fucking retarded and should feel bad lmao it's hard to take anyone who talks about "punching nazis" seriously imo
  2. Uh, excuse me, but I was wondering if I could ask you something? PM me, please.

  3. Is there a full version of your avatar? Its cute

    1. PastryOfApathy
    2. Spot


      You look like a kid fur. Put a diaper on that you could pass as a babyfur.

  4. I just realized what your avatar was.


    1. FlynnCoyote


      It was a gift for a friend responding to a gift I did him. Full sized versions is in my FA scraps I think?

      *FROM. Not for. XP


  5. Oh, we can post on people's walls? Well um, hi! This is where we can share our super duper secrets with each other and no one will find them!

    top secret.jpg

    1. Kosha


      wtf is this shit

    2. Eggdodger


      hey this is our secret go away

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