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  1. Pet and Animal Thread

  2. I Was Willingly Removed! :3

    Hewwo FurAffinity Forum fuwieeeeends x3 So it was me and my boss working together at my jerb. I normally help him out by making sure his candy jar is always empty and that I flood his inbox with CUUUUTE kitty cat memes (like the HANG ON THERE OWO inspirational ones x3). Today my boss did his joke of asking me if I was sure I didn't want to quit today. I told him "Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu x3". He was spouting on about how annoying I was and how I don't do anything but brag about myself, eat all his candy and sleep in his office when he is out too lunch (his chair is so comfy x3). But today, he went up to me and fell on his knees! I was like "IS HE TWYING TO GET A WOOK AT MY BULGE OWO", but then he started crying, AWW! He begged me to pack up my things and leave to which I said "Nuuuuuuuuuuuu x3". He weached into his pocket and pulled out 18 ten dollar giftcards to Hot Topic and wuz liek "I WILL GIVE YOU THIS SHIT IF YOU FUCKING PACK UP AND LEAVE. YOU'RE FUCKING LIKE SAUL GOODMAN IN BETTER CALL SAUL WHEN HE WAS TRYING TO GET FIRED BUT YOU'RE JUST UNINTENTIONALLY BEING YOURSELF: AN IDIOT! I CAN'T FIRE YOU EITHER OTHERWISE I WILL BE VIOLATING A CIVIL RIGHTS ACT PASSED TO NEVER FIRE SOMEONE WHO IS OWO". I wooked at the cards and wuz liek, "OMFG, now I can affowd that CUUUTE eeveelution T-shirt i awlways wanted x3". I took the cards and was like "AWWW WIIIIIGHT :3", to which he got up and started to sing and dance for joy (Silly boss x3). I packed up my things and wuz giggling about my eeveelution hoodie I can now affowd and walked out of the building. I turned around and said "YEW ARE ALL GONNA MISS MEEEEEEEEE X3" but they just swammed the door closed O3O. Me weaving the job must've weally been a hard blowz for them ;w; But I made out on top bargain thanks to these Hop Tawpic gift cards ^w^!!!! Tl;dr- I GOT A COOL NEW EEVEELUTION SHIRT FROM HOT TOPIC ^W^ BUT LEFT MY JOB UWU BUT THATS ALRIGHT CUZ ITZ A CUTE SHIRT! ;U;<333
  3. Things that you hate! v2

  4. Things that you hate! v2

    I can't wait to build that wall and extra strength deport you into mega inner Canada. #MAGA
  5. I got fired!

  6. Things that you hate! v2

    Actually it was about someone on twitter. tl;dr cause irrelevant. Edit: Also I just made the connection. ironic AF and it does apply to you too.
  7. Things that you hate! v2

    I hate when people become so involved in politics, they legit forget what the real world looks like outside of twitter and forums; seeking comfort in a long, drawn-out post they made in between reading the latest Trump tweet which will net them 0 to 1 likes.
  8. You're just mad cuz' I could kick your ass LMAO
  9. But they have the best memes.
  10. Huh.

    So I'm driving home from my shift tonight. I get on my usual freeway back and am enjoying the simple cruise back home when all of a sudden some homeboy tailgates me hard. Kinda odd considering that I'm not only in the slow lane (my exit was approaching soon), but the other lanes were pretty clear. I ignore it, but then homeboy decides to turn on the brights and honk at me. As any good US citizen from California would do, I decide to break check the fucker. BOOM! The result couldn't have been more perfect; Homeboy slams his breaks and nearly spins out. I continue my journey on to my house when all of a sudden, homeboy comes speeding in and pulls up besides me, yelling and screaming. As any good US citizen from California would do, I simply give him the bird and ignore him. As I was concluding my ritual of flipping him off, I turned and noticed that this guy was dressed like a thug and he was reaching for something. Turns out it was a bottle of soda, in which he failed to fling at me, resulting in it bouncing off of the inside of his window and soaking his dashboard. He slows down and I begin laughing my ass off. As I got home, I had a momentary pause to think: What IF homeboy pulled a gun on me instead? Normally, something like this wouldn't really bother me, but alas, I come home to someone everyday. Knowing that there was a possibility that I could've possible not come home tonight due to some bitch ass thug kinda got to me. Just some things to think about. That and that homeboy got outdone by someone driving a CRV. tl;dr- Some battles just aren't worth fighting.
  11. Not sure what's up with this current generation of furries in the past two years, but let me make it simple: Your thoughts, opinions and tweets on current day political trends are wrong, boring, lame, uninfluential, uninspired and uninteresting. The only people that care are the other people who are seated next to you in the echo chamber. tl;dr-
  12. Some people can't afford to be assholes.

    Maybe you should just eat him.