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  1. https://medium.com/@Scarlet_Snow/and-the-real-reason-china-is-banning-btc-exchanges-is-9beee181acc8
  2. Nobody important.
  3. I know you guys talk about me or make inferences about me behind my back. There's a search button on this forum.
  4. @WileyWarWeasel At this point I'm not even going to bother answering or correcting that. There's plenty of information out on the web already, so all I can do is facepalm and shake my head. @AshleyAshes I forgot about that post. Pretty cool I predicted the Patreon business model of supporting artists by paying for pictures, though it would have been much more customized to implement it using my system (why pay instead of hit like? Like is easy, putting money where your mouth is is more truthful). Not sure why people think I'm unhappy or "content." My husband and I are just as in love, if not moreso, than when we met 18 years ago, and now we'll be able to spend all the time together we want, traveling the world together. My best friend is doing really well, is also available to hang out and travel with me, and we're working on building businesses together. I'm having even more doors being open to me, and learning a ton of new things and experiences. This weekend I hung out with George Ross for instance, getting to listen to his life stories and crack jokes. Dude has sharper wit than Kage. And I don't really care enough about here to bother checking more than every week or two apparently. As the other guy I hung out with this week said, "Don't worry about those talking behind your back. There's a reason they are behind you"
  5. Hey, in case anyone cares what's been going on with me lately: Plane was taken in for an annual inspection last April, iron and aluminum found in the oil filter. That means the engine needs to be taken apart and rebuilt, so about $20,000 to get the plane fixed. Even 50/50 with my co-owner that's still an ouch. It won't be out of the shop until September. Bitcoin is over $4,000 now. That investment continues to pay off. Sorry if you kept ignoring me when I've been telling you to buy it over the many years. I quit and stepped away from my software developer management job. The company was doing things that I just didn't find ethical, so I stepped away, since I don't want that to rub off on me. I still hold a reputation of being completely trustworthy in my field, though I guess I'm not involved in it in any way anymore. Despite that, my various investments and ventures are doing well. I think I increased my net worth by another million this past year. It doesn't feel real, honestly. They say your first is the hardest, and the rest come easy, which I found to be true, but I'm still living like I used to, being frugal as hell, eating fast food, etc, so it just feels like unreal numbers to me. On the other hand, thanks to that extra money, I'll finally be able to get my husband to retire in about a month. It sucked where I wasn't tied down by a job and thus could go anywhere I wanted to, but him having only three weeks of vacation meant having to leave him behind all the time. My best friend was really depressed, like to the point of being suicidal, and nearly went over the edge after playing Night in the Woods, where the main character has a monologue about feeling like a loser all her life. My friend admitted feeling that too. I decided to save him, him being my best friend and the love of my life and all, and asked him if he would like me to teach him to be successful like me. He said yes, so I'm having him read some books and am teaching him about money and business. We decided to do real estate investing together, which I'm using as a teaching tool. And just from the first few things I taught him, he changed his world view so much he actually just up and quit his job (with a 6 week notice) deciding to go into real estate and business with me full time. He's a lot less depressed and more motivated now, especially after realizing that his job was the reason he was so stressed and depressed. Even stopped taking his antidepressants because he says he doesn't need them. It's a huge responsibility, which I'll gladly cary, but am worried about. But this is also what I had hoped to do for Red, teaching her to be successful and financially independent, who also approached me after hitting bottom and wanting to climb back up, so I'm happy. I also want to see if I can repeat what I did before to get to where I'm at now, following the same things I did again from the beginning. So I'm trying to build wealth from nothing, just doing the real estate thing, not touching my money and just using credit cards and "working the system" in business. Basically to prove to myself that someone, if they work at it and do what needs to be done, can do it starting from scratch. I'm nearly maxing out my cards, taking on enormous risks, and busting my butt a lot, but it seems to be working. We have a house we put a bid on already, hoping to get it for $160k, which after putting about $60k into for repairs, we should be able to sell for $250. After all expenses we should be able to make about $20k to $40k on that flip within about 4 months. Deals like this are hard to find though, so it takes a lot of looking. All in all I'm happy. My husband is about to be free to stay home and travel with me, and my best friend of 20 years (who used to be my crush for the first 12 of them) is now my business partner who gets to work and travel with me too. And the work we do mainly involves helping other people out of crap situations, so this works with my ideal of being completely transparent and ethical in everything I do. Can't really ask for much more.
  6. Had a three day class in Dallas (trying to get into real estate investing). Figured it would be a good chance to visit Red's family. They're all doing ok. Life is still hard for them, so if you can send gifts, please do. Red's youngest brother is one year from graduating high school. Seems to be doing well. Didn't get a chance to bring my scanner with me on this trip, so didn't get a chance to scan her typewritten stories. Her gravestone still looks nice. Someone stopped by to visit and put a bottle of Red Apple Cider on it. Don't know who it was, but I guess thanks. It was gone by the time I went to look at it. I found someone else to take under my wing and teach what I was going to teach her, so I'm happy. She inspired me to do this and so much more though. Still sucks she's gone.
  7. Hi guys. Sorry I don't have time to play with you. Just started instrument flight rating pilot classes, a new beehive, working on building two new robots, and just started learning real estate investment classes, which by the sound of it will be like a full time job of learning for the next two years, so I'm understandably busy. But, bitcoin at $1,400.
  8. *DETERMINATION increases*
  9. Who the hell is Rtailah?
  10. immigration game

    My Trezor and my smartphone
  11. Bitcoin back up to over $1,000 again. $1,030 now. Nice 170% return over the last year, compared to 12% of the stock market.
  12. Looks like it settled at $900 or so. $1k was nice while it lasted, but I'm sure it'll get there again. Anyone up for hanging out in Toronto in March?
  13. You plan on watching the debate between Adam Kokesh and Christopher Cantwell tomorrow? 

    1. Rassah


      Obviously not since I missed this message and didn't even know about that :( I was busy at a Bitcoin conference that day too.

  14. Yep. Rise a whole lot, get to bubble stage, then drop to a point much higher than where it started, which it seems to do every time there's a large price rise. Still up 16% over the last 30 days (started at $750, leveled at $900). And still 120% up in the year, which is ridiculous for any investment.
  15. I need to get all my FCC licenses in order before I can come for a Tim Hortons visit. I don't know why the meets stopped though. Someone got banned? @Saxon I wonder why they think I'm spinning a yarn? Do they know about future value of annuity formula, or dollar cost averaging? (The things I described) Or long term rate of return on stocks? I wonder if they're active stock traders instead of long term investors? For the record, I don't own the S&P500 or Vanguard