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  1. Bump. Let us know how it went with adulting afterwards.
  2. Rassah


    Wow, 4 years... So much has happened and changed since then, and so much I wish I could've shared with her over these last few years, but it's like she's frozen in time, never to move forward from that night... Always young and beautiful I guess. Thank you for sharing. It's been a while since I visited. I still keep her in my memories though. Especially with the events of the last month, which would have never happened if it wasn't for her.
  3. Here with husband and best friend
  4. I look down on jobs, and things where you're just told what to do without you having any input (the whole anti-authority thing). I like having input, "driving the ship" so to speak, and feeling like my decisions actually contributed to something. Has nothing to do with others, just jobs in general.
  5. You could help make those movies where someone else tells you what to do and you just do it, where they were the ones who got the relationships and the contracts and you're just an employee nobody whom nobody will remember... Or you could help make those movies where you're running your own thing and have the reputation such that they come to you to ask you for help and work with you on your terms, with you working together with them and making decisions for them, instead of just doing what you're told. It's not about the money. Never is, and never was. It's about having control over your own life and being able to choose your own path without having to rely on others. This sounds like "I want to be the one who manufactures film, develops it, and tapes together the final cut (physically makes them), not direct them." Different people like different things. I like to direct, make decisions, and feel like the thing I made is mine, not that I'm just a human robot making someone else's stuff.
  6. Hey, my bootstraps are the best bootstraps. I wanted to see if I could bootstrap myself again, so tried real estate. Ended up buying like 6 houses just this year alone using bank loans, and will make like $50k on the flips and $1k/m on the rentals already. In 5 months, from scratch. But Poor's just really love having jobs I guess. Btw, heading up to Canada this weekend for almost two weeks. Niagara, Toronto, Montreal, and Tim Hortons.
  7. I'll watch Super Troopers to see how to practice. Will also smuggle in some funyons into Canadia, since they're supposedly banned there, and trade them for kinder eggs, since those are banned in us.
  8. ^ Bitcoin... Btw, I'll be taking a tour of Canada with my furry friends end of May. Niagara, Toronto, and Montreal over a span of 1.5 weeks. Will be sure to eat at Timmy ho's
  9. You can't feed the world with the style of farming, or even the crops, we had just 50 years ago either. Instead of starving because we ran out of resources, we came up with better farming methods, and GMOs that produce bigger yields. Alternatives to resources like, for example, high yield GMOs as alternatives to low yield old crops. Or petroleum as alternative to whale oil. Or what's becoming cheaper and more efficient solar to natural gas power. You're the moron for not getting that simple concept. I didn't forget. You just think it's impossible because the current technology doesn't allow it, and I think it's possible because other people actually use their brains to think and come up with new ideas, instead of apparently thinking that what we have now is all we'll ever have. Oh, no, I got the analogy. People were warning about overpopulation and how we're all going to die since late 1800'sm stupid people with no imagination who were all wrong then too. I just twisted it to the modern example of a forced closed economic system such as a highly socialist country that keeps breeding more socialism until it dies because it used up all the resources in the system. What, you can't learn to hunt and gather using local resources when camping in your country? Do you not know how to make and use tools from stuff in your local forests? I don't get it.
  10. There are always exceptions to the rule. You don't see the majority running to live like those tribes do though. They are finite, but alternatives to resources are not. Maybe if the sun dies and we don't get to find another source of energy in time, then yes. But that's beyond our lifetimes. I have no issues with that. Just with them using government to increase their profits. It isn't. Private enterprise isn't getting more power, government is. All that "more power" that private enterprise is throwing around us actually being enforced by government, not the companies themselves. Agreed. See: USSR, Venezuela, Greece, soon to be Europe and us. I just propose an alternative to it to put in place to switch to when it happens. Or for individuals to put themselves outside of the system so they aren't affected, like I did Go practice camping. I'm sure they won't appreciate a freeloader who can't even hunt and feed himself 😁
  11. The world is finite. Innovation is not. We ran out of wale oil, we found alternatives. We were running out of lumber for paper, we found alternatives. Things get more scarce > price goes up > demand goes down > alternatives become cheaper by comparison. I doubt people lived happier with less material goods. There's are still plenty of places in the world where people live they they have been for all those millennia. I don't see anyone dropping their material goods and moving there. Mostly people are trying to get the hell out of those places. But if you feel you would be happier there, I'll gladly help you move to such a place in exchange for your material goods. The pie isn't growing because of population growth, it's growing because of innovation. Liberals love to parade the graph showing massive productivity growth compared to stagnant wages. What that graph really shows is growth of the pie - we have lots more material things for the same level of human input. *Everyone* benefits from scale. How do you think $6000 flat screen TVs and $2000 basic brick cell phones became affordable enough to where you can get a TV for $300 and a way more advanced cell phone for $25? You may have heard about the guy who made his own sandwich entirely from scratch? Economies of scale is why he spent $1,000 on it, while a better one can be had for under $6 at any restaurant. I'm not advocating more of the same. More of the same would be giving more power to government and contributing to increase regulations. The popular belief is that we're giving more and more power to private enterprise while deregulating, and that's why we're having more problems, but that's actually opposite from the truth. Regulations have been going up, even lobbied for by those corporations and banks that you vilify, because regulations help them maintain control and keep out competition. Your solution is more regulations. Even if purely capitalist system never existed, degrees of it do, and I want us to move more towards capitalism than keep moving more towards government and fascism as we have been for a century. Yeah, I'm not trying to reach anyone on this form. My outreach efforts are elsewhere obviously.
  12. I mean, how far down should I go until the concept is understood? Bad man take stuff, say no go boom boom? I tried going higher level, but it just confused people. Maybe I should just go "Use bitcoin, buy stuff you want even if it's illegal, avoid taxes so governments go bankrupt, and if you have a problem, you can go fuck yourself?" That's a pretty basic concept, right?
  13. Right. That's when we used to live as tribal communities, the size of the pie was fixed, and someone taking more literally meant others would end up with less. This is how our reptilian brain is programmed to make us think, so we fight for more of the pie, or to divide it equally, and how we lived, in general misery, for hundreds of thousands of years. Then we invented capitalism, and figured out how we could grow the pie, where someone taking more leads someone else to produce more to fill that need, and everyone else benefits from scale. I'm a student of history. My beliefs are based on observations of the last 100+ years, and based on the current reality. The one that a lot of people seem to not even be aware of, as they advocate for more of the same that has been destroying their lives. Should I cheer on people's fights for free stuff and wage price controls, which I know will lead to even worse situations?
  14. Force is necessary, sure, but to defend yourself and your property, not to force your property onto others. Imagine if you were forced to be locked into Walmart, forced to pay for their bananas and flip-flops, forced to pay for it, and if you couldn't find work at that Walmart because all the cashier, stocker, and cleaning jobs were taken, and you couldn't afford to actually buy bananas or even stay at that Walmart, you were still forced to stay in it, while being told you can't sleep there without paying for it (pretty much what some homeless in some counties deal with). Also I'm going to come over and take your stuff, because no such thing as private ownership, and one of my tenants needs your stuff more, cause she might go homeless or hubgry if she doesn't sell your stuff for money.
  15. I don't know of any companies that force you to buy and use their products, and throw you in jail if you refuse to. Sounds like something those who like government would say would happen if we didn't have government.
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