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  1. waking up sick for the third time in 2 months: -having to call in, also for the third time in 2 months -having to cancel important things i had planned -being afraid to take my damn medicine while sick -fevers -feeling like i'm drowning because there's so much nasty shit in my throat -only having an ancient box of cherry sucrets because i used up all the good cough drops on my previous cold i just got over -getting less than 5 hours of sleep -getting nauseous if i get warm or move around too much -not knowing how long it will last this time and praying it goes away enough that i can get back to work in 3 days because i can't afford to keep calling in
  2. except for the part where political "right" and "left" continue to get more extreme, and the idea that forcing business owners to support things they morally disagree with doesn't add fuel to the fire just makes no sense. meanwhile we're having actual steps taken to remove legal protections--and not just at the "personal business" level--which is being fed by the "us vs them" mentality that continues to grow the more people feel/see that their thoughts and opinions are being policed. but where does it end? i think forcing private business owners to support things they morally disagree with, when their opinions/actions weren't harming anyone, is shitty. i don't think the way to get what you want is to tell people not to think or act a certain way. if someone is actually being hurt, i'd understand, but it's a cake. they should be allowed to say "sorry, we don't make XYZ type of designs" regardless of what those are. why should i feel entitled to somebody's business? i don't need to have the legal right to get a type of cake from a certain bakery that the owners didn't want to make just because i wanted it. i don't require that to feel like i'm being treated fairly by the law. if i were running my own business and i said i didn't want to make religious themed cakes, am i now the bigot? do i need to be legally forced to do so? it just seems like a needlessly asshole thing to do. i'm more concerned about stuff like military bans and the removal of protections on a federal level than whether or not joe and sally down the street have to make me a cake.
  3. a privately owned business should be able to refuse service to anyone for whatever reason they see fit. if they wanna say "no cakes for gays/blacks/people who wear white after labor day", they should be allowed to do so. it's their business, and they're not harming anyone by refusing service. you can take your money somewhere else; there are plenty of businesses who have no problem making wedding cakes for same-sex couples or whoever else might want them. they have the right to do business how they want, just as you have the right to do business where you want. if they lose money because people don't want to do business with a company that espouses those kinds of beliefs, then that's on them. honestly, i think it's ridiculous (and hypocritical) how some people want to force everyone to be "tolerant". all it does is breed resentment and create a bigger rift between sides; that's how we end up with extreme right/left views. yes, i think any government-owned/operated institution should be unbiased and thus have non-discriminatory policies in place by default. things like actual harassment, threats, or attempts to incite violence should remain illegal and be treated the same regardless of whether the motivation is based on race/gender/orientation or not. but things that don't fall under those categories, such as an individual's speech/opinions, or who they choose to serve in their business, should be left alone. allowing people to have shitty opinions doesn't equal agreeing with their shitty opinions.
  4. i think it might be between the hognose, the skink, and a toad and that might come down to which one is easier/takes up less space
  5. ;v; stop tempting me satan
  6. finally i did consider these, though i'm sure grandma would have something to say about mice in the freezer. i'd probably have to get a mini fridge... though at least she's not (quite) as wacky as my mom. my mom thinks snakes and black animals are literally satan.
  7. skink and gecko are my favs so far but which one is right? toads are also not out of the running tbh because they are precious to me
  8. where else would i get my good looks
  9. dat shit look like a muppet y'all what do bearded dragons eat are they vegetarian edit: man them things need s p a c e tho and apparently they are omnivores..
  10. i aint no damn dwarf i am a reptile and i need a fellow reptile to keep me company y'all suck at this rats is not reptiles
  11. came down with a cold a week ago, still coughing shit up
  12. why df would i keep a rodent in my house well it's illegal to keep african land snails here but not tigers so i guess i'm getting a fucking tiger
  13. [french noises] snails r boring tho
  14. can u eat it when you get tired of it no robotic overlords ever in my house snails r ok
  15. but i live with my grandma (trying to find an affordable place to move rn) and she hates animals so it'd have to be something very small, quiet, and confined to a tank/cage. aka: a fish, reptile, or amphibian. i don't really want fish because transporting them when i move is gonna be a pain in the ass. i guess bugs are also an option; i do really like praying mantises. but idk how easy they are to keep and i love reptiles/amphibians so... what is a good scaly (or not-so-scaly) pal for someone with minimal space and budget? initial setup cost isn't a huge concern, but ongoing cost of care is something i gotta take into consideration 'cause i wanna make sure i don't get something i can't provide for. a pet is a long-term investment, so i must choose wisely. recommendations needed. i mean, it's just a consideration for now; no immediate plans, but yeah. it's lonely around here
  16. smoked salmon + plain greek yogurt + another layer of smoked salmon = world's best breakfast "sandwich"
  17. what is a "nonbinary boy" like how can you be both?
  18. supposed to take medicine once a week, run out of current supply just in time for a doctor visit, doctor says he'll order a refill once he changes the dose 1 week later, still no call from pharmacy??? thx guys i love missing entire doses of medicine and fucking up my body and my routine
  19. when someone lay on they horn because i had to slow down to make a tight turn into a parking lot because god forbid you should have to wait a few seconds so that the person in front of you doesn't t-bone another car or hit a pedestrian!
  20. when i have to get up and go somewhere, so i end up dreaming about waking up/not sleeping well/running late.
  21. having a cheeseburger, followed by a chocolate malt, followed by a nap.
  22. boy have i been doing it wrong...
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