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  1. *One password reset later* Hey there! I'm finally back on! Yeah RL kind of hit me hard and sort of knocked me away from this place! Funny how those kind of things tend to happen, don't they? But anyways, I've found my way back and I'll try to come back more often. No guarantees that I'll be as active as I once was since I've found myself a part of a youtube gaming group as well as a Brony youtube group. yeah not sure how exactly i got roped into that lot, but hey I get along with them pretty well and have been doing more in that group lately. Kinda been picking up on video editing lately since I've been getting into game lets plays. ^^"
  2. I own a White 95 Chevy Blazer 4wd with a 4.3 V6 and I bought it with only 145,000 miles on it about seven months ago. The previous owner lived on a rough mountain road so I had to replace shocks, sway bar bushings, it's idler arm as well as getting rid of a bad catalytic converter. I'm still sorting small things out on it but after putting 3,000 miles on it it's still going pretty strong. It really needed a full tuneup since it still had it's factory spark plugs and wires. Currently it has a tendency to act up in the heat (85F +) and doesn't want to stay running after a long drive on a hot day, but I have a good idea on whats causing it.
  3. Today, I bring to you one of the ugliest Lamborghini's brought to market. (but to be honest I don't think they where going for looks here)
  4. Is Nintendo really trying to take on one of the most prominent rules on the internet? *laughs madly* yeah I'm pretty sure that any porn or lwed drawing of their characters is what you would call "fanart" and is protected under fair use, especially if the artist isn't selling it. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I'm pretty sure that almost 100% of porn fanart out there is done with no intentions of making money. At least thats according to US copyright law and my understanding of it.
  5. Hello again! It's been a while since I've found myself here, but I've been known to appear on people quite suddenly. I'm quite good on lurking and hiding in plain sight
  6. I'm so glad I could help bring that warm fuzzy feeling out Val! Even if it was just a small part. Your a pretty cool person and I'm really glad to know ya... even if it's only by a little bit. Life's been starting to level out for me a little more lately and I've been gaining more control over my anxiety so hopefully we can chat some more in the future. ^^
  7. One of the few browser games that I have fun playing. It's fun playing solo, but it's way more fun playing with friends over a skype call. I'll be up for playing with a group here! last time I played I had a blast! Every time I used the name Bruce Wayne I got the Vigilante role, every time. No joke!
  8. Gentleman, behold! A prime example of a what you shouldn't see in a mechanic. He's also in the running for worst customer service rep of the year. Right now I'm just thinking about the many migraines this hack has caused other mechanics. these type of guys can only make things worse instead of fixing them and can't really fix much. My advice is to warn as many people as you can about this guy.
  9. For crashing Skype by posting too many cute selfies
  10. I really love all of the futuristic cyberpunk and mecha genes that are out there. Especially in anime and games. Some of the worlds that have been created in those genre's are very vast and to me are very interesting to look at and read about. I also played a lot of fighting games back in the day so physical fighting tends to be the style I lean towards. Also I've noticed that I've always gone with marksman type classes whenever I play a first person shooter. Another thing that I tend to give to characters that I create. The first sona that I came up with was heavily influenced by the terminator movies. But I was also listening to a lot of Daft Punk at the time as well so the two sort of melded together and created a cybernetic android that was based on one of my favorite animals, the Siberian Tiger. Now he is fully capable of fighting off a whole swat force on his own and far surpasses superhuman ( or super tiger) strength, and he might have a laser or two as well as titanium claws and a pretty good targeting system. But his creators didn't really factor in the influences of gaming, music and pop culture and how it would effect an AI. After six months he pretty much forgot what he was supposed to do and became a cybernetic gaming hacker nerd who loves going to raves and cons. He's sort of lost interest in destroying all of mankind or anthro beings, except for video games and those who want to fight him. He tends to get provoked very easily and isn't afraid of a fight. I'm a pretty avid action/fighting gamer myself and I've grown up in and around computers so I guess it was natural for me to give a fursona of mine some of those same qualities. Including the ones that cause rage induced trash talk tendencies and noob pwning.
  11. To be honest, ether looks good, but I have an eye that can pick certain details out thanks to my photography experience XP Need help finding your jet Coffee? Anyways, I found myself someplace thats mostly cloudy and rainy. Good thing I have a good jacket!
  12. I just realized something... I might have the same hair and beard as Obi-wan.
  13. Yeah you can usually go to local uniform shops and online suppliers to get basic uniform stuff here in the US no problem. But for some things, like badges, then yes you do need to have a permit or some form of ID showing that you are law enforcement. And also, you'll be surprised at what you can find on some online surplus stores as well. But yeah, most productions tend to go with basic off the shelf uniforms because it's generally the easier route to go. But anyways, I'm really glad you've found a way to make some money from your costume collection Ashley. A lot of small productions would rather rent over buying a specific costume. Especially if it's just going to be used for one scene in a movie or a short video. The same can go for props as well. Most have small budgets to work with and getting someone who makes great quality costumes and props can become expensive, depending on how the person makes them and what they use. I've literally seen movies that have used nerf blasters that have been heavily painted and weathered as the evil and highly advanced army's weapons. They looked really good and well done, But it was cheaper than making thirty or forty custom blasters from scratch and probably took less time as well.
  14. You know, I have to agree with this. I do see the similarities. But I have trimmed my beard up a little so I may have to post another mugshot here soon.
  15. I think it's been a while since I've posted my mug here so I think it's about time I did.... oh. Maybe I haven't posted a mugshot since the old forms... Anyways that should do, right? :v
  16. Yeah..... I already sort of... uh... figured it out after I made the post and fixed it. We learn from our mistakes, right?
  17. This is my reaction to that panchinko machine stand in for Silent Hills. I was actually really excited about Silent Hills. Both the trailer and P.T. had that feeling that has been missing from horror games for so long.... then they canceled it in favor of panchinko. Konami is seriously doing a good job at burning bridges with gamers, aren't they? I'm sure they would have made a killing if they would have stayed with Silent Hills. But I guess gambling machines are more fun and profitable than a AAA horror game that we've been waiting on for years??? I mean why even keep these franchise titles around when you clearly want out of making video games.
  18. Oh man I feel your pain! I remember back when my family had HughesNET and that wasn't the best choice. you could only do so much with 400mb, our daily download allowance. Also it would go out a lot in the winter. Dish proved to be more reliable by a long shot! I really hate satellite internet with a passion. Fortunately there's one more wireless option in my area thats pretty good compared to satellite. They use a radio tower system and it's pretty reliable most of the time, not to mention the speeds pretty alright for being in the mountains.
  19. *Confused but shakes hoof* I guess it's good to meet ya mate. Heh, didn't really expect to see you here....
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