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  1. Maug

    What's This?

    I can't seem to find the old FAF comics thread:(
  2. Wow. Such Doge So meme very fun. It's a cute meme and Doge is super cute but I don't quite understand it's appeal beyond that.
  3. I'm on the fence if I should congratulate you or give you sympathy. so I will do both Congratulations you poor soul (:
  4. Why is she enjoying it? I'm pretty sure it would be excruciatingly painful. I know in horror movies if a character is transforming into a werewolf or something, they would be freaking out and screaming 'oh god! why me?!' Goes to show that furries can make porn out of practically anything.
  5. Maug


    We could use this instead: <コ:彡 Honestly this is the only place I've seen people use the :V symbol
  6. American Idol: Furfag edition. At least there is reptiles and bird characters, unlike Zootopia.
  7. Still working on my game: And out of randomness, I sketched this Any feedback is appreciated.
  8. No. a HB (or No.2) pencil is fine, many artists use them. If you're just sketching some ideas, you don't want to waste your art pencils on little sketches that you will possibly toss anyway.
  9. Guten Nacht :V (That means good night in German.. or that's what my granddad said it meant)
  10. It doesn't work, it's been tried before by the man you idolize. I still can't quite figure out why you hang around here, This is a furry site, Do you actually like the fandom or are you here just to here to chat about your Social Darwinist views? No offense, I'm just curious.
  11. Sounds too much like a concentration camp to me.
  12. I draw solely with markers and ink pen. At first it was torture but now it's liberating. It helps you focus on the entire picture instead of making every single line perfect. If I make a mistake, it's OK, I move on.
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