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  1. The website host be like
  2. The heat death of the universe is inevitable, but that doesn't mean you can't roast a few marshmallows along the way.
  3. "Effects of Child Pornography Effects on the Children Portrayed The vast majority of children who appear in child pornography have not been abducted or physically forced to participate. In most cases they know the producer—it may even be their father—and are manipulated into taking part by more subtle means. Nevertheless, to be the subject of child pornography can have devastating physical, social, and psychological effects on children. The children portrayed in child pornography are first victimized when their abuse is perpetrated and recorded. They are further victimized each time that record is accessed. In one study, 100 victims of child pornography were interviewed about the effects of their exploitation—at the time it occurred and in later years. Referring to when the abuse was taking place, victims described the physical pain (e.g., around the genitals), accompanying somatic symptoms (such as headaches, loss of appetite, and sleeplessness), and feelings of psychological distress (emotional isolation, anxiety, and fear). However, most also felt a pressure to cooperate with the offender and not to disclose the offense, both out of loyalty to the offender and a sense of shame about their own behavior. Only five cases were ultimately reported to authorities. In later years, the victims reported that initial feelings of shame and anxiety did not fade but intensified to feelings of deep despair, worthlessness, and hopelessness. Their experience had provided them with a distorted model of sexuality, and many had particular difficulties in establishing and maintaining healthy emotional and sexual relationships. Child Pornography on the Internet Effects on Users The effects of pornography on users have been extensively researched but results are contentious. There are at least five possible relationships between pornography use and the sexual abuse of children: • Pornography use is an expression of existing sexual interests. An individual who sexually abuses children seeks out child pornography as part of his/her pattern of sexual gratification. The offender’s sexual interests cause his/her pornography use rather than the other way around. • Pornography is used to prime the individual to offend. An individual deliberately views child pornography immediately prior to offending. Pornography is used in the short term to sexually stimulate the offender in preparation for offending. • Pornography has a corrosive effect. An individual becomes increasingly interested in child pornography, is attracted to images of increasing severity, and becomes desensitized to the harm victims experience. Use of pornography in the long term may also increase the risk that the person will sexually abuse a child. • Pornography has a cathartic effect. Viewing child pornography is the sole outlet for an individual’s sexual attraction to children. Pornography use may substitute for, or even help the individual resist, engaging in hands-on offending. • Pornography is a by-product of pedophilia. Pornography is created in the process of carrying out sexual abuse or is used to groom potential victims and prepare them for abuse.39 Pornography is incidental to the abuse suffered by the victim. In all likelihood, the effects of child pornography vary among users, and all of the above relationships may apply depending upon the individual in question." ~https://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/lbrr/archives/cnmcs-plcng/cn36074-eng.pdf If you want more, by all means, take a look at the research within the reference section of the linked article. Although this references video/photography and not drawings, the basic psychological premises are the same. At "best" the catharsis provided prevents active offending, but at worst the continued cycle of fueling the mind's pathways with dopamine and enforcing these fetishes through repeated use makes it all corruptive. Use primes seeking more and more intense "product" and the viewing of the more intense "product" primes the individual to then act physically on their urges, which plays into the porn/human trafficking industry's massive money-making endeavors. They want to prime people towards more and more depraved content to better groom consumers of their physical, real-world "product" either children or adults. People put through human trafficking, those subjected to working in the sex industry (either by carrot or stick, usually both) are the victims of this underground economy. The concept of sex work as empowering is a myth perpetuated by the industry itself to desensitize us to the harm it does. The seemingly innocuous viewing of porn without considering what it is doing to your neural pathways or keeping yourself in check can lead down a path which fuels an industry which harms countless lives and families. Porn is much like the "jerky chew cans and candy cigarettes" which lead children to eventually start actually smoking or chewing. What we put into our mind eventually filters out into your real-world behavior, and the more we are primed the more likely we are to act. Porn itself isn't bad, but porn sexualizing minors and priming people to accept what they are viewing in said pornography as "normal" is not ok. It might feel like there are no victims here, but there are and the consequences on a large scale are deadly.
  4. As someone who works in mental health, dear gods yes, this type of thing leads to real-world consequences, children getting hurt, adults normalizing sexual feelings towards minors and immense intergenerational suffering... I'm all for freedoms, but the sexualization of minors is never appropriate or acceptable.
  5. Rhíulchabán


    I don't even know what to make of this... I know I'm not on these forums much anymore, but this is the only place I could think to bring this up. https://lulz.com/discord-has-a-furry-pedophile-problem-2280/
  6. I heard a digital defibrillator in the distance.
  7. My town just got a TIm Hortons, you think I can go mine some bitcoins from it if I take a big enough pickaxe to the foundation?
  8. Why I have the tendency to leave all social media every few months and then crawl back like a mentally deranged man looking for water in a desert. A lot of people probably think I hate them due to my sporadic behavior
  9. I'd have to see more info to obviously form a true opinion, but I suspected as much just from my in-person dealings with some of their "official" members. I do already volunteer at a local animal shelter and occasionally donate, I just wish there were ways to help animals in the wider world too and not just domestic ones I guess (I know animal shelters help wild animals too, but not all of them).
  10. Holy crap, seeing it come alive is amazing! You did a wonderful job, I'm jealous of your abilities! Being able to carry it through from beginning to end like that must have been a very satisfying process!
  11. I dunno, it looks cute an the art is neat, so I might look into playing it... I hope the game isn't super offensive somehow, but it doesn't look like it will be *shrug*
  12. I apologize for the lack of furry, but I couldn't resist doing it to this picture.
  13. Welcome back @Butters, long time no see! I hope you are doing well and life is treating you great! Good to see a fellow birb return too, we need more for our Avian Liberation Army, we need more representation around here!
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