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  1. This country, I swear... Not my screenshot btw.
  2. Playing depressing sappy music to anything dying. That's not going to help them get better or make anyone feel better.
  3. Please don't report me Eh, never run into any hives. A good thing I suppose.
  4. "Communists are bleeding in the streets to protect you from fascists" Sounds like the Malayan Communist Party before they start killing civilians. That was right after WW2 ended, useless trivia but whatever.
  5. Are they just roleplaying as bad people or... Where did you guys get these anyway?
  6. Oh fuck the government banned books promoting moderate forms of Islam last week and today a minister say that atheists should be hunted down.
  7. I'll keep the bloodstains on until I can get those I guess. Thanks.
  8. How do you clean blood stains from clothes? I don't want to type that in search engines.
  9. TIL that only straight porn is blocked in Malaysia.
  10. Borneo is not rabies free anymore, thanks to all the selfish people that smuggle non-quarantined critters.
  11. Only two remaining Sumatran Rhino in Malaysia now as Puntung was euthanized this morning. Rest in peace, Puntung.
  12. If would be nice if these power outages stop instead of becoming more frequent.
  13. Whatever it is happening in the South Philippines, I hope it's not too serious.
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