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  1. Dijon

    Job advice?

    that's how you get all the really big tips
  2. Dijon

    Souls Games

    >the feeling when you're never going to buy a ps4 and may never play bloodborne ;v;
  3. Dijon

    Job advice?

    My advice: Get ready to suck a lot of dick!
  4. More like Spanksgiving amirite ;> I'm not doing anything special Actually I'm standing in line to get into best buy for black Friday deals because I was bored lol
  5. -shrugging bird emote-
  6. Sounds like my schedule but I don't get paid for overtime ;v;
  7. I got promoted off the last advancement exam holy wow gimme dat E-5 pay aw yeah
  8. Dijon


    that fox just has the most punch-able face
  9. One million quests and all of them give you worthless loot you have to just carry around until you can sell it but you can't buy anything worthwhile with money so what's the point but you'll keep going. just because you think you can. and because you "can"... ... you "have to".
  10. we need Takumi back on this forum he does nothing butt play DOTA 2
  11. Last time I played Oblivion I was like "wow, I wanna play Morrowind again."
  12. Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 3 are both bad games tho
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