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  1. An ancient image hoarding site, once free for all, decides to try and milk $400/yr to store photos that Tumblr, Instagram, Imgr, and X many other sites do for free? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAA!
  2. Why of course you already knew that a group of rats is called a mischief, silly. Let's make some mischief by making your character into a rat! Prices start at $25 for a flat with a simple background, and increase with detail! Please note that complex characters will be subject to a complexity fee depending upon what price they wish to choose. Included in this post are my rattie art, as well as examples of more details pieces! I can be reached here or on fa or weasyl as menageriecat!
  3. Type of project: Couple chibi, humanoid (kemonomimi) Digital or traditional Budget/ Spending Limit: $40, but will go higher, particularly for physical media shipping out, such as an original or prints. Time Frame: Alright with waiting a month, but sooner the better is always welcomed Brief Description: I'm just looking for a cutesy couple image with, SHOCK AND AWE AT NOT COMPLETELY FURRY, kemonomimi characters as opposed to fully anthro. One will be a sergal, and the other will be a fancy rat. You **must** be comfortable working with human references. Permitted ways to contact the Buyer: Weasyl, please message on Weasyl for the fastest mode of communication. Email will be provided via pm. I'll be peeking in here, because I want to put my money in your thong, but I always check Weasyl first and most often.
  4. Oh you know those republicans and no homo preachers all have a w i d e stance.
  5. Woooow what a read. Anywho, I have a Furry Network account, and I did try to use it when it was still in closed beta. My friend and I removed our work from there when we realized Neer 2.0 was running the site. The biggest bone I have to pick with that site is the design. Good fucking lord, while the interface has had some changes to it since I pulled my work, it's still a navigational nightmare. The actual upload option is easier to find now (previously I'd spend several minutes trying to figure out where in the hell the upload option was), but I'd more appreciate an upload button that isn't hidden under a drop down menu. I understand that the site is trying to be some amalgamation of Facebook and FA, but if you'll be catering to artists, the most important thing is the damn UPLOAD/SUBMIT button. Another thing that irks me about the site is the lack of a community homepage. When you click the FN logo, it takes you to YOUR homepage. FA, WZL, SF, DA, and IB take you to a community homepage that shows off uploads and announcements, and to address the FB inspired portion, when you click the FB logo it takes you to your timeline, which is a similar 'community homepage' comprised of those you follow**. That's a feature I want to see from an art site: the community right on the homepage. You want a readily available, easy to locate community hub. I don't want to go thru some convoluted hoops to find the 'community uploads/happenings' page. It should be RIGHT THERE when you click the logo that would serve as the homepage. As it currently stands, you can click icons that will take you to the media form it represents, but it's divided and doesn't establish a community homepage in the same spirit of the above mentioned websites. Lastly, what keeps me leery about the site is the administration. As the site is new, given who the head honcho is, I prefer to see the course administration will take that will establish how it functions. We all know the happenings of FA, which is why I no longer upload to the site. Rarely I'll comment on a page, but ultimately it's to obtain an outside means of communication such as telegram or another website just so I don't have to contribute to traffic stats on that site. In regards to the cub porn, I personally don't have a stance with it being uploaded onto the site. Personally, I find it disgusting, creepy, uncomfortable, and disturbing, but I also understand that it's fantasy, it's causing no harm to any animal or child, and likely does serve as a means of venting urges for some people. I'd prefer to have pedophiles going after fantasy artwork than actual animals or children, as you cannot mentally scar a piece of paper for the duration of its life. I'm pleased that WZL doesn't allow it, that's their right as a private website, and in that I can remain happy. That's my space and I choose to stay there. I have accounts SF and IB, and I simply blacklist related tags, though admittedly I do NOT frequent IB due to the sheer volume of cub porn uploads there. It feels absolutely overwhelming. Excluding the cub porn, the site functions wonderfully. It's just a shame that it's primarily known for cub porn. No wonder the RTA rating is on the site. **FN has a similar timeline feature, but lacks announcements and related media from what I've seen so far
  6. When I'm on the bus so long, I try and cat nap. I get motion sickness if I even so much as look down for a couple seconds too long, so I just listen to some sick tunes for that entire commute. There's 2 other routes that get near where I work, and one is sigificantly shorter, but that also means I have to cross the highway... I've been nearly hit about 7/10 times crossing that highway on the ped crossing light saying YEAH YOU CAN CROSS NOW, HUMBLE PEDESTRIAN (my favorite was when a moving van completely just ran the fucking light and kept on going, and then immiediately after some cunt in a little shit car was about a foot away from slamming into me), and I won't do it anymore. I worry about going to bed later though... worry I won't get enough sleep to endure sitting on the phone for 8hrs -____________- I can't seem to win!
  7. I do have to agree, the ability to buy all the stuff I couldn't even get close to even considering is very nice. I've got my eyes on a huge Critter Nation cage for about $215 for my ratties, and I am SO FUCKIN READY TO GET IT :U They'll be very happy to have so much room to run around in <3 I did consider that route, but with what I like to do, which is fine and digital art, it's so damn competitive. I've had my hat tossed in the ring for years, but it's never gotten me much. I think the biggest bite I ever had was last December for $65. Doesn't help that I refuse to do mature and XXX rated work, but as I've heavily associated with G to PG-13...moreso in G for children's illustrations and cartooning IRL..a lot of my work hasn't/doesn't make the digital transition, so my galleries aren't a proper reflection of my full range, but I also struggle with those uploads because I don't feel they're welcome on any 'furry' site outside of Weasyl, and I fucking HATE deviantART, and don't feel like I'm good enough to rejoin Artstation. Other than that, I'm apparently just damn good at fixing intangible issues, but I won't be shackling myself to student loan debt for the next 60yrs to get my fancy psychiatry papers that state "You may practice art therapy in X state in the USA" not that I feel I need a degree for that anymore given my own entire life of dealing with mental health shit and coming out alive from each meltdown every single time. I feel we might die trying (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)
  8. Whoa nelly, this thread was a ride to read up to this point right here. I can't be bothered to go find what I'm about to quote, because it's 1am and I'm a lazy fuck, but on the first page (I think), a post had mentioned the slew of identifiers that are around now (xi/xir/hir/toaster/vorewhore/fae/faeself/shitpostlet/etc/etc^2), and I can't help but think to a big stink on dA (and this has risen again alongside this identifier storm on Tumblr) a few years ago when labeling yourself with a psychiatric disorder was the fun, new, hip patch to slap on your profile to make you look unique, special, exceptional, or someone worthy of special recognition, asspats, donation money/art/points, pity parties. Want attention? Say you have schizophrenia. Want some gullible twit to buy you that game on steam? Holy shit, I just developed bipolar I disorder! LOOK AT HOW SPECIAL AND UNIQUE I AM WITH MY PSYCHIATRIC DISORDER, EVERYONE! NOTICE ME! NOTICE ME! NOTICE ME! I'M SO SPECIAL EVERYONE! I can't help but see a similar thing happening with these personal identifiers right now. I feel that all these extraneous labels make actual people with actual fucking gender dysphoria look like fake as those who make up shitty fashion statement identifiers, and that's not alright. It's not alright for people to give themselves a psych disorder for pity/attention points, and that applies to these oddball identifiers as well. They take away legitimacy from the people that actually suffer from whatever psych disorder, or actually have gender dysphoria, or are actually transitioning or already have.
  9. If only I was as cool as Prince. So just recently, after a stupid long hiring process (1.5mo about), I started my job; I spent two weeks training because parent company couldn't be bothered to dole out our credentials sooner (coworker still hasn't received his even though we were 'proofed' (identities validated) at the same time. This week was my first full week of taking calls (call center; revolves around simple IT/tech support and cyber security), and it went better than expected, hooray! This is the first paying job I've held since November 2015. I haven't worked since then (I'm still actively volunteer staff for online sites, but I don't count these entities in with work, as I don't leave the house and deal with other people or get paid to do these things). I spent that time trying to deal with medical issues, then spent 2wks in the hospital (partial..got to leave at the end of the work day), and then spent the months after that recovering and adjusting to all the fun new medicines and dosages, and am now stable and fit to work; hooray for modern medicine! The past 3 weeks have been hard adjusting to, as working 40hrs/wk is brand new to me; even when I was working before last fall, I never held a full time job as it was never an option for me. I like working the hours, because that means I'm earning a sweet paycheck on pay day, but I also feel like I'm constantly tired and have no damn energy for anything, and that I have no time for anything or anyone. Does anyone else feel like, or felt like that for awhile? How do you adjust to that? Will there ever be a time when I feel like I can actually do something at the end of my shift? I have a later shift..ending at 8pm..I prefer to sleep around 9-10pm so I can wake up on time to go fetch my breakfast AND lunch and then catch the bus. I have a long commute however, and although the commute home is relatively fast thanks to my partner, the commute to work is about 1.5hrs long (metro bus). I spend about 12hrs/day commuting and working, and I just don't have an ounce of fuckin' energy at the end of the day.. I don't understand how to adjust to all this long spans of working/commuting time. How do you do it?! People tell me "oh you gotta make time" I CANNOT CREATE TIME WHICH DOES NOT EXIST IN ANY FORM WITHIN OUR UNIVERSE. RANT: No time for happy fun stuff >:U RAVE: Sweet paycheck twice a month, full medical/dental/vision + life/death/hospital indemnity for a cool $70/mo 8) Seriously, full medical insurance for the first time in my life, not on welfare/medicaid? Interesting time in my life now I'M FUCKIN' PUMPED, MAN
  10. Furries are the dominant population, yes, but I like the fact that it differentiated itself as accepting non-furry media. Contrary to the current majority of the uploads in my gallery, I'm honestly not a furry artist. I dislike FA for multiple reasons, IB outright doesn't allow non-furry media if I understand them correctly, and I could be wrong on that as I don't frequent the site and I might be confusing that with the odd photography rule they have, I'm unclear with SF's stance, and I dislike DA for similar reasons to that of my dislike for FA. When I joined Weasyl, it made me very happy to see that both furry and non-furry media were welcomed with open arms. As I said, my gallery doesn't currently reflect the fact that I'm not a furry artist, but the everything is welcomed fact is something that was important to me then and remains as such now. I honestly don't know of other sites that aren't furry that even come near competing with DA. The only ones I'm aware of, excluding relic Sheezyart, are Toyhou.se, Pixiv, and Art Station (I found that one in particular to have a rather snooty air about them).
  11. Not currently, no. Right now it's restricted to personal accounts, but I can certainly ask about it since you know... I kinda have an account :'D
  12. I just about live on Weasyl. 1. They're not inactive, they're just slow. 2. FA is unfortunately still considered the 'furry hub', so by comparison upload and commenting rate is slower (just like SF and IB are). Quality content is easier to find, however. Quality control is excellent, and I don't have the same issue I had on FA of running into low quality uploads (screenies, character generated images from place like dolldivine, blurry, hazy, can't tell what I'm looking at photos, game screenies, etc) 3. Visual, photography, multi, audio, literary, and it doesn't have to be furry at all. 4. Standard rules I do believe, but you should be a responsible adult and have a look at them anyway. What you particularly need to pay attention to is the Rating system, as this trips up a lot of FA users that cross post and/or use the site exclusively. There's more meat to it, but basics are: General: all audiences, no sexual content or themes or suggestion, no sexualized anatomy (must remain Barbie doll like), cartoon violence (like tom and jerry), implied booze, cigarettes chill Moderate: 13+, mild sexual suggestion, content, themes, can have mildly defined sexual anatomy (like groin bulge but absolutely no nudity or prominent definition), can have a compositional focus on sexual anatomy, mild use of booze, cigarettes, weed/bongs, can have violence that's not gory or pervasive, can have mildly disturbing content Mature: 18+ this is for nudity, well defined sexual anatomy, focus on said anatomy, as long as it's not sexual it's aiiight, same sexual content guidelines as Moderate, drugs are chill, extreme violence and disturbing content is allowed Explicit: 18+ this is reserved for any and all content which contains sexually explicit material, such as: sexual arousal/erections, toys and devices, sexual fluids, intercourse/acts, etc. Cub porn is NOT allowed on the site, you may NOT upload photos which showcase any sex acts, toys, gore (unless it's theatrical makeup effects), photos of things you happen to own and want to show off to billy and betty furrfriend, etc (all that is covered in the community guidelines), tag your work properly (minimum of 2 appropriate tags required per submission) ANYTHING ELSE I CAN THINK OF......NOPE MY BRAIN CHECKED OUT have a nice day <3
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