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  1. People online I consider friends concern me. When it comes to Charlottesville, I do not know who actually started it. I know there were alt-right people, mostly white supremacists, KKK, and similar, and also protesters against them, including supposedly some antifa mixed in with the anti-nazi protesters. Not sure who threw the first punch, or who attacked who. Maybe the neo-nazis beat up some black people, maybe the antifa threw the first punch. But, a lot of my liberal friends seem to be okay with violence only if it's antifa or anti-neo-nazi protesters. It seems like the popular opinion is, either you want to beat the shit out of any nazi or confederate-flag-wearing person you see, or you're a nazi sympathizer. There is no middle ground. I dislike antifa less than the white supremacists, because antifa only exists because of the alt-right, and otherwise wouldn't exist if they weren't around. Antifa doesn't believe in hating people because of skin color or religion. However, out of the ones I've seen online, there seems to be a tendency for the antifa I've talked to to be okay with violence as a protest tool. Plus, they seem to have the attitude that either you support them 100%, or you're the enemy too. There is no middle ground. Punch nazis or be punched yourselves. I cannot back such an extreme attitude. According to some of my liberal friends, you have to fight nazis wherever you see them? How? Do you get the government to censor them like they do in Germany? Good luck with that, they're gonna sue on First Amendment grounds, and they will win. In fact, I think in Charlottesville the city tried to stop them and even the ACLU backed them having a right to peacefully assemble. Do you punch anyone who has a nazi or confederate tattoo? Then you're engaging in vigilante violence, and if you get arrested, have fun in jail. I'd like to share a story from my past that got a lot of media attention last year. Back when I was a teen I lived in Ann Arbor. And in 1996, the KKK decided to do a rally at Ann Arbor's city hall. The city didn't want them there, but allowed them on free speech grounds. I was personally not there but the event was all over the media. The KKK set up in front of city hall, and there was a temp fence set up around them, with a few supporters inside the fence and a mass off hundreds, maybe thousands of protesters outside of the fence, screaming and frothing at the mouth. At one point they almost tore down the fence. Then they saw some biker-looking guy with a confederate flag on his body, and the angry mob chased after him and started beating him on the ground. Suddenly a black woman threw herself on him and protected him. As much as I hate the KKK, they at least acted civil. The protesters acted like a pack of dogs, violent and angry and riled up. Sad that the side for good was so savage and uncivilized. Back then and now I was happy with the woman's actions, and agree with what she did. Mob violence solves nothing. My opinion does not mean I support white supremacists, they can go eat dicks. I saw video of a bunch of white people, supposedly from Charlottesville and neo-nazis, surrounding a couple black guys and beating them up. That is beyond wrong. But, if it was antifa doing the beating of someone who might be a neo-nazi or just someone who's right wing, and I'd disagree with it as well. I just don't support taking the law into your own hands. Also, I read about those people who tore down that confederate statue. Some of them were arrested. Yea, that's what happens when you destroy property. I hope they enjoy the consequences of their decisions. But, having that opinion probably means some people would say I'm pro-confederate, which I'm not. I'm just not pro-destruction of property. TL;DR - Don't agree with mob violence, vigilante violence. Not a fan of Antifa due to seeing supporters online who had a "all-or-nothing", "with-us-or-against-us" mentality. Some liberal friends acting like I should blindly support the left or want to punch every nazi or I'm a sympathizer, and I'm sick of hearing it. Edit: also because this is Peenix, even though I'm trying to be intelligent with this post this thread might end up a shitstorm. At least I tried to be civil.
  2. I must have lucked out. My root canal lasted about an hour and was easy peasy. Then again the tooth was beyond dead and into tooth-zombie land at that point, so maybe that's why. No nerves left, no pain.
  3. I'd be laughing about this a lot more if Trump wasn't one of the most powerful people on the planet, pretty much the figurehead of the country I happen to live in, controls the military, the department of justice, the nuclear codes, and other executive branches. Was he just a clown with little power except over himselves it would be more entertaining to watch him. Then again, watching his presidency go into a nose-dive is kinda entertaining. I am no fan of Obama's military exploits during his tenure. The secret kill list sounds like a paranoid conspiracy theory though. Also "Obama unveiled plans to build more nuclear power plants"? And that's necessarily a bad thing? I actually wouldn't mind seeing more nuclear power plants, if at least some of the newer designs I've seen being tested, like salt-based ones, or micro-reactors.
  4. Also, unless the post was edited and whatever I typed was deleted, what exactly did I post that was racial stereotyping? If it's something still in the post above, and if it's what I think it is, I think you guys are reaching.
  5. Doing a little quick research on this topic, during the Korean War the South Korean capitol was moved to Busan at the southern tip of the country, and Seoul was heavily damaged. Might have been a good idea to keep the capitol there instead of moving back to Seoul and rebuilding it. If shit hits the fan, a lot of innocent Koreans could get screwed over badly.
  6. It's like discord, but with stickers and pictures of people's dicks. You think I'm exaggerating, too. Over half the furry chats I've been in on Telegram has just been a bunch of horny guys posting gay porn and comparing dick size. I ended up purging the worst offenders pretty quickly. With fire and nuclear bombardment.
  7. In their defense they are new and the thread doesn't exactly explain all of 6tail's history with the board. Edit: and now I see there may have been more to the story than I realized. Well then, carry on.
  8. So, wait, is 6tails slowly becoming like the next.... well... you know... the person-who-shall-not-be-named-less-he-appear-again?
  9. So, basically the UK version of Vermin Supreme. I'd vote for him. I don't care if you like Trump, hate him, idolize him with a statue of him in your living room, the man needs his twitter taken away, duct tape on his mouth, and a PR firm to filter every immature and reactive thing that comes out of his mouth. Like this whole "Fire and fury" crap. I hope you guys enjoy the next massive war, because we might be getting into a huge one soon if he decides to just up and attack NK for the hell of it.
  10. Things I don't understand. I have something I don't understand that's related to current events. Why would a country decide to build its biggest city, its capitol and center of its economy and trade, and have most of its population, within missile and shelling range of a country that's run by a fat, short 10 year old with a shitty haircut and a love of huge nuclear missiles to compensate for his tiny penis? If you haven't figured it out I mean South Korea. Why didn't they put Seoul on the southern tip of the peninsula or something? Terrain, maybe? I'm gonna feel real bad for the people there when the shit hits the fan because some idiot decided that was the best place for a major city. Mod edit: Leave racial stereotyping off the site. -Vae
  11. I wish I could like this multiple times.
  12. Well, last weekend I went to an anime con locals are comparing to Dash-con. It is a con that's been going on for nearly a decade, but had a change of management some time ago and perhaps they don't know what they're doing. The first indication something was up was that the con felt empty, not only on Friday but even Saturday. Normally the con had 250-500 people. I heard an estimate of about 100 people showed up. The second indication that something was wrong was the angry crowd of people at registration. After hovering around them I found out they were vendors that wanted refunds, because they were charged $300 to get in and promised 500-1000 people would show up, and less than 100 were there and they were not able to break even, or even turn a proft. I don't know if they got refunds but it sounded like they were able to get something back. Also, rumor has it that most of the staff quit on Friday, leaving a few staff members and volunteers, and some of the maids in the maid cafe (who were a different group) were doing panels. So, why did this con fail so hard? First off, it had moved from its old small hotel to a larger hotel, which happened to be the same hotel that booted out a popular convention earlier this year. The guy at registration told me he wanted to move to a bigger hotel to encourage more people to show up but might have jumped the gun or chosen too big of a hotel, not to mention local resentment of said hotel which probably caused a lot of people to boycott that hotel. The con organizers should not have told the vendors that 1000 people would show up when previous cons were 500 at most, and not charged $300 a booth. Second thing that happened was there was another anime event in the area which siphoned a lot of people away. Both events have been blaming each other on social media for being the same weekend, but I think neither knew of the other's existence and the con's always been the first week of Aug. I know for a fact the con staff went to the other event to lure people to the con with half-off or bogo badges, which is a big no-no. In any case, I enjoyed myself and there were quite a few panels that went off without a hitch. Bought some stuff in the dealer's stuff to help out the dealers. Rave was enjoyable. Both voice actor GOHs showed up and tried their best. Plus, people complaining about the con being $40 for a weekend, which I've been at sci-fi cons that had 100-200 people and paid $50+ for the weekend when there were ONLY 3 day badges. I hope the con can go back to being fun again like it's been in the past but I think it took too great of a hit with its reputation locally. I am sad about this. I know there are moderate muslims out there and I wonder why more radical forms are taking control. I don't entirely think it's religion but rather populism and authoritarianism which have both become popular lately. "We're gonna strengthen our government stranglehold and crouch it in religious terms." If you look at even non-Muslim countries like Poland, Philippines, and the like, strong-fisted government seems to be popular nowadays, and fuck freedom.
  13. I don't agree with the sentiment of "Evil racist baby killers." but the first thing you posted is the government sending the military to fight in other countries, while the second one is who can actually participate in the military. Somewhat different things, there. You can participate in the military and still not have the military not being in other countries in a battle capacity. Also, I'm one of those people who think the military can be whittled down quite a bit and still be the most powerful military in the world, would prefer the military not be used as much as it is in foreign policy, and still believe that anyone who is fit and able to serve should be allowed to. There can be contradicting statements from both sides of politics. There are plenty of people on the right who are like "I want there to be lower taxes so I can get re-elected" and "I don't want to lower spending as well and don't seem to care about the debt going up." Or "The government is way too big and bloated" and "Let's make the military WAY bigger." Or "I believe in individual freedoms and the right to bear arms (nothing wrong with this)" BUT "I believe in forcing my religious beliefs on you with religiously-based laws."
  14. Telegram is a chat app for desktop and mobile, similar to discord. It seems to be popular in the furry fandom, maybe because it's easy to send lewd stickers and photos.
  15. Sorry. I was pretty moody last night, I realized later that even though I was talking about one possible future it may come out wrong to people. I don't own guns and don't plan on doing something stupid like that. As for a therapist I'm trying to work on my insurance with that, but the problem is the insurance considers both having a brief appointment for psychiatric medication and actual therapy the same thing, and it only covers a limited amount of appointments. I'd love to see one on a more regular basis though. I've had issues about this site before, the back end software is absolute shit. It's badly designed. See my rant in the "Things I hate" thread. .... I assume this is a joke about communications methods.