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  1. Forget a civil war over political ideology. There's about to be a civil war up in here over pineapple on pizza. And I know who's side I'll be on. *hoists flag with pineapple in the middle of it*
  2. I remember when some people got all butthurt because a Korean cosplayer did Sombra, went full out including shaving the patterns into her hair, and decided to get a tan to closer match Sombra's skin color. SJWs shit themselves, claiming blackface, and the poor cosplayer seemed like she would never cosplay as the character again. Or, when the person who cosplayed as Garnet from Steven Universe, and gave herself brown skin. My only issue with that is technically Garnet has dark reddish skin, not black, even if she is invoking 70's blacksploitation and funk. Blackface was deliberately designed to make blacks look like chimps and inferior people. A cosplayer changing skin tone is not that. People are damn idiots.
  3. Hey now, I'm a shit eating maggot, I will have you know.
  4. I am a fucking idiot. So, I've been through 4 different screens for my phone and I've been dealing with this for over a month. And it was my fault they never worked. So a screen arrived at the beginning of the week. I plugged it in, and it worked fine. Then I turned it off and began screwing and reassembling the phone. The screen didn't work anymore. So I pry the phone back apart, and I decide to give it one more shot, pulling the screen connector off and then putting it back again. It worked again. I had a whim to keep the phone on and assemble it. Motherboard screws went in.... it works. Longer screw for headphone jack went in.... it stops working. Backs screw back out. It works. Tightens screw, it stops working. Removes screw, it works. It turns out that was the wrong screw and was a body screw that had gotten separated from the others. It was going through the phone body and hitting the back of the screen and maybe shorting it out or something. The last screen worked but the glass was peeling from the frame, perhaps the screw pushed it out. One screen didn't work at all, and that was the asshole who refused to give me a full refund. To think all those returns were probably because of my stupidity. But at least the damn thing works again. I have that happen, I think it's because my elbows are perpetually dry and that makes them as abrasive as sandpaper.
  5. So, Ford came out with a new GT $450k, 600+hp.... and the body's carbon fiber so with the 600hp when you hit the gas you enter light speed. Anyone have a cool half million just lying around, not being used? Honestly though, I'd love to get the original GT40. I hear there are kits out there...
  6. The cutest and most hood thing you will see all day.
  7. Finally a kindred spirit. I am also fond of Chicken BBQ pizza.
  8. The fact that no matter what I do, I end up failing over and over again. I was tasked to fix up a paving stone walkway that was uneven and had grass growing in between the cracks. So I dug down about 4 inches. 1 inch for the gravel base, 1 inch for the leveling sand, and the blocks are 2" thick. Ended up having to drive BACK to Menards to get a third bag of gravel, and 2 more bags of sand because apparently the two bags I had weren't enough. Perhaps I dug too deep? Then, while moving one of the old stones, it cracked in two. Went back to Menards. Returned with a new tile only to find out they were slightly bigger (by about an inch) and slightly thicker (1/4th of an inch) than the old tiles. Drove back out to the place where I think they originally bought the tiles only to find out they had sold out and wouldn't have more until June. Drove to Lowes while screeching like a raptor to find out they had the right sized stone... and it was the LAST ONE. Also, it was double the price of the Menard's one that didn't fit, but fuck it I needed it, I'll pay $4 for a fucking 1.5ft-sq paving stone, plus the $12 or so for the additional 3 bags... The thing is done, as good as it will get... some stones are slightly uneven, fuck it. I hate failing at everything.
  9. While at a con I went to an IT panel, and while I learned quite a few things, they kept bringing up Agile and Scrum and stuff, and I'm like "I've done 2 years of computer stuff already in college and I have no idea what the fuck they're talking about."
  10. Shit, it wasn't until the end of the video that I realized the host of the restaurant is Dog Doug Walker/Nostalgia Critic. Edit: I really did type "Dog walker" before I edited it..
  11. This place is deader than the "Things you Hate" thread so let's brighten it up a bit. I had started looking for these at local flower places, only to be pleasantly surprised that I had planted some last year and forgotten about them. These are one of my favorite perennials, called "Bleeding heart" for obvious reasons. They're very early bloomers, nothing else has bloomed yet although you can see a columbine behind the second picture. I planted mostly perennials in my mother's planters because my mother's too lazy to garden worth shit, and these require only a little maintenance besides some weeding.
  12. I hate when people use images with text to argue a point instead of, you know, actually arguing. They'll just slap an image with a point on it in the conversation and then walk away like they fucking won the argument, without actually having to even rub two brain cells together. This tends to happen on FB which I believe is collectively becoming stupider and stupider every day, as if Cuckerburg figured out a way to dumb down the masses. The reason for this bitch has to be the hate toward Bill Nye lately from conservatives. Probably because he believes in climate change, and also just recently said that Gender is a spectrum. This lead to a lot of cuckservatives posting images saying that Nye had a degree in engineering, while someone like Dolph Lundgren has a degree in chemistry. As if that wins the argument fair and square. I POSTED AN IMAGE AM I ARGUING ONLINE PROPERLY? If I were to argue it, and if they'd actually stop and let me, I'd point out that A) both degrees are in STEM, B) Both degrees have nothing to do with what said person does for a living... Dolph does diddly squat in Chemistry and has been an actor his whole life, and while Nye has done some engineering, he's been a science teacher most of his career. Also C) Some science is actually required in engineering, mostly physics (and a fucking ton of physics I can tell you, I know, I looked into engineering once). Also D) A degree is not the only way to become an expert at something. Many people are experts at stuff without actually having any school in that field. But it's FB people are stupid there. I have no idea what that is. Guys with a beer belly? Some people like guys with Hemsworth ripped abs, some people like a smooth abdomen, a little gut, a fat gut. It's preference.
  13. Looks like an insect trying to hump a frog.
  14. I have to say that I'm disappointed that you can't go back and purchase skins from previous events, like last Summer event or the Halloween event. They sit on your character skin screen, mocking you because you can't purchase them with in game gold. I really think Blizzard needs to rework their loot boxes, among other things. Tired of getting a billion sprays and player icons and things I've already gotten. Some of my characters still have their original skins, and over half still have their original emotes, highlight pose, and victory pose. I decided to write down every thing I'd want for each character and do the math... if I tried to get at least one emote, one of each pose, and one non-default-recoloring skin, I'd have to spend 11,800 gold. 18000 if I got everything I wanted. Ain't no one playing that game blizzard assholes. Maybe we need micro-transactions like TF2 and all their hats and different weapons. About the only good thing is for my mains I have almost everything I want. I'm satisfied with, even though I just have her Carbon Fiber skin which is one of my favorites anyway. Orisa I still have the default skin, even though I'm playing her a lot more. Some of the characters I barely play though, like Zeniyatta, Zaria, McCree, and Widowmaker, I now have 1000g skins for them even though I rarely use them. Ana, Genji, Junk, Lucio, Mercy, Mei, Orisa, Rein, Symmetra I have recolor default skins... Roadhog I still have THE default skin. I also found out I actually like the user custom-made games MORE than I like the built in games. Last night I decided to take a look at them for the first time. I started out with "Mercy paintball" which seems a common mode, it's a map with only mercy. In this case it was elimination, one-shot-kill, and full ult charge if you kill someone. So just going around shooting people and trying to rez your teammates. Occasionally the host would make it melee only so then it was a bunch of Mercies running around trying to pistol whip each other. Another map was pure insanity. Random Character and Skirmish. Some characters were nerfed to fuck (probably ones the host hated). Zeni and Symmetra was normal but could move 1/4th speed. Winston couldn't move, just jump. No attacks or ult. Sombra couldn't move either, she had to move via teleporter. No cloak. Widomaker had no weapons, just grappling hook and poison. Mercy was literally worthless, she could only boost people. was a crapshoot, no weapons or shield, but infinite boosters, so you could fly and ram people. Other characters were broken and god-moded: Reinhart had no cooldown for anything, and moved 2x speed. Infinite shield, fireballs, ramming. Lucio was 3x speed and no cooldowns either. Pharah no cooldown, infinite flying, but rockets had no splash damage. Tracer couldn't move, but infinite jumps and reverses. Infinite ammo. McCree had infinite ammo. Literally. No reloads. If you hit second trigger it just spammed bullets forever. The worst was Roadhog which I got once. 2000 health, infinite hook. 1/2 speed. Gun only had one shot per reload. It was enough. I had 30 kills before I died. It's too bad those custom games don't give you exp or loot boxes because I'd spend all the time there.
  15. If there were times when Rassah bragged hardcore about his wealth, besides the airplane thing, I must have missed them all. I don't even know about the whole tropical island event. Going on a vacation on a nice island doesn't necessarily make you rich, either. The Ferarri is a stretch but he did only rent it, not buy it.