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  1. Absolutely hate that some retail workers, if I ask them if someone turned in a phone, act like they don't give a shit and say they haven't seen anything. Don't bother to check, even if I say I lost it Monday. I don't know if you were working on Monday, maybe you weren't. I know retail's shit, but at least pretend to care asshole. So this is what happened with that. The admin, an army vet that volunteers with other vets, put his foot down and said no more shit fetish pictures. This was the clusterfuck of immaturity that happened: - The guy who was spamming the shit porn started spamming pictures of animal poop instead, asking "does this break the rules" or "is anyone offended by this?" Good job with the immature passive agressiveness there. - Captain neckbeard tried to take the intellectual high ground and claimed that the admin did not specifically ban fecal porn, thus was making up rules. Also called the admin a pussy and snowflake. The admin served in the army, did neckbeard do the same? If not, shut up. It's his group, he can do whatever he fucking wants with it. - Neckbeard above and another alt-right asshole started calling anyone who complained about the fecal poop "snowflakes", "cucks", "whiners", "SJWs", ect. For a bunch of people claiming everyone else is a whiner and weakling, they did a lot of whining themselves. It's pretty sad to see that at least some of the millennials out there pretend to be adults act act like fucking kids. Look at how bright the future looks with people like this. Did you learn how to adult from 4chan or something? I have a black fur friend who was discussing the guy who came back from NK in a coma. His sister said "See, white people are stupid. Who the hell vacations in NK? You don't see any black people being that stupid!" And then when her brother told her to stop with the race shit, and two other people called her out on it, she proceeded to rant and rave about how she's smarter than others and everyone else is stupid, posted articles of white people being captured by NK to try to prove her point, and said "See, no black person has been captured by NK because no black person is stupid like white people going over there and getting caught." Yea. But no, pretend that black people and any other person out there can't be racist. True, before someone brings up the whole "institutional racism" thing, people of color in this country don't have the majority in either numbers or power or rights. That doesn't mean they can't be prejudiced assholes.
  2. Lost my fucking smart phone today. This is after $80 to replace the screen a month or two ago. And this when I'm saving up to go to Anthrocon for the first time in my entire life, because not only is my job offering me the time off for a change, but I have a possible ride and hotel space. Add to that, earlier today I almost got into a spat with an asshole who basically fits the bill of a Trump-supporting, anti-government, rural blue collar right wing asshole type, in his 50s or so. And all because he was breaking the law by trespassing. There's a fur friend who's dog I get paid to walk. It's a friendly Jack Russel, energetic and loves everybody. Today I was at his house to accept the delivery of furniture. When the front door was open, the dog escaped and chased after the neighbor across the street's dogs, who were on my friend's front lawn. Now, my friend has had problems with the neighbor's dogs pooping and peeing on his lawn, which is tresspassing. Neighbor doesn't seem to care. Also, friend's dog is very friendly with most dogs. However, he chased after the dogs in his lawn, sniffing at them and occasionally snapping at him. The neighbor was behind his dogs. I tried to grab my friend's dog, he wiggled out of his collar and went after the other two. I tried picking him up, and he clawed me and even drew blood. Finally I cornered him and tossed him into the house, but not before the neighbor had threatened to hurt my friend's dog. The guy puffed up and got in my face. I told him if he hurt the dog I might hurt him. And he was like "Try it." Then I threatened to call the police. He said "Do it, your dog was attacking my dog." Bitch, your dogs were on my friend's lawn. That's trespassing you fucking idiot. And apparently you don't care either, if you let them poop on his lawn and don't care. I feel like I have to fucking carry a gun now every time I go to this friend's house. Lest redneck gets violent.z Edit: And would the edgy black offensive humor FB group I'm a member of please STOP FUCKING POSTING PICTURES OF SHIT FETISHES. I know your edgelord dicks are so small, but please grow the fuck up, you're not 10.
  3. Pearls before Swine has to be one of the most relatable mainstream comics for me.
  4. This thing's so fricking cute.
  5. cringe

    You wouldn't believe how many times I see a suit and know the maker just because they use the same eyes and basic look for half of them. Like "there's a don't hug cacti or made fur you suit"
  6. Hmm, Trump just pulled us out of the Paris treaty. That and with him giving a fat middle finger to our allies and NATO, I wonder how long it takes him to alienate the entire country. Let's go at it alone, he says, even the war on terror, no matter how much it costs us in deficits and debt. It just make me wonder if the next president, if it's 4 years from now, (zod forbid) 8 years, or less than that, can fix any damage he might do to our country, treaties, and alliances.
  7. Strange dream where I was in a clothing store. Watching some guy with a video game controller and one of those racing drone VR goggles. And both of them controlled a fat black woman who was floating belly down about 4-5 feet off the ground, like she was a drone. Except instead of fans, she propelled herself around with her farts. Press the stick forward and she'd fart her way forward, ect. Directional farts for steering. I'm sure this is someone's fetish.
  8. "I'm going to murder them all. I swear."
  9. ^Sometimes I think humans need to be lit on fire. You didn't state an age in your original post. Maybe they still think you look pretty.
  10. Except for it's not just like call of duty. You know, the boot camp, the marching, sleeping in shitty places, being actually shot at, ect. "IT'S JUST LIKE CALL OF DUTY" *marching 10 miles at 4am* "JUST LIKE IT"
  11. Eh, I think he just tries to find things to make me look bad. But could it have occurred to you that A) the lady flipped her shit at me first, and B) I am fully aware that while she started it I overreacted as well. When I wonder why the world is getting angrier, is it possible I wonder why I'm doing the same thing? Or that I hate it just as much in myself as in others? Maybe the aliens put something in the water. Maybe they stare because they think you're good looking. Just a consideration.
  12. "Study" says that eating too many chicken nuggets will make you gay. I question this science. If it was true, I'd be walking down the streets in my local pride parade wearing a leather thong with a rainbow flag draped over my shoulders like a cape while I sung village people with a lisp. (I hope you enjoy that mental image) Since none of that has happened, I have my doubts.
  13. Don't worry, your looser ass won't be breeding anytime soon either. That's some serious OCD level shit going on there. Probably nothing to worry about.
  14. Got a legendary skin.... it's one of bastian's regular legendaries and not an event skin. Yet, a friend just started playing the game because of the free weekend, and he already has hanzo's event skin and one of mei's legendary skins. I don't know what he's doing to do so well. Speaking of the free weekend it seems to have brought out the new players along with the assholes. There have been times my team have blown through the opposition, either because we're just that good, or because the enemy was just filled with new people. I think it's the second one. Had two irritating situations while playing. First one, we were attacking on rt 66, and someone said we needed a healer, so I switched to mercy. Spent the entire round dying because a pro-genji and a pharah (and occasionally a junkrat) would flank behind the payload and go directly after me and kill me over and over again. No support from team. I can't be mad forever because I sometimes don't defend mercy well. Second one was playing 3x3 elimination. I get on this server where this stupid teenager over voice chat has to nitpick and micromanage us other two players, complaining about everything, calling us noobs and stupid. It got so bad when I walked into a door while dva and heard symmetra's laser sound. So, of course the first thing I do is turn around and check around the door for sentries. I don't see anything and I'm frantically looking around and I finally found symmetra and start shooting her, but then I die. He's calling me a noob, idiot, terrible, I suck, all sorts of shit. Dva's shield doesn't block symmetra's beams anyway. Next round he's still going at it, we're halfway from winning, and I just said fuck it and logged out of the game, leaving him 2 vs 3. Fuck his ass, he can lose now. I honestly wanted to find his mcmansion the little bitch lives at with his non-spanking-participation-trophy-giving helecopter parents and tie them up and kick his ass in front of them, to teach his shit parents how they should have punished his pussy punk ass. Gonna get worse now that competition is over and I have to deal with all those fucking overly competitive gold and diamond and platinum fucks.
  15. Driving out of my mom's neighborhood I get stuck behind this ford SUV that goes 5mph... stops at every speed bump then rolls slowly over. Just literally taking her time. Stops at the main 2-lane road. Sits there for a minute, not moving. I finally honk at her and she turns left and sticks her head out of her lowered window, a fat, red-faced, half her teeth missing redneck. As stereotypical as you would expect. Tells me to go fuck myself. Thus begins a back and forth where I'm telling her to go fucking die, using the words fuck, fat, redneck, white trash, stupid, bitch, fuck off, and other fun things, and she always has to reply. Fun times. Finally drive away. Seems the world just keeps getting angrier and angrier.