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  1. Things that you love! v2

    5 years later and I finally get to go back to a Trans Siberian Orchestra concert. And, like every time, it was great. Main floor seating, $75 ticket for $55 secondhand. Biggest bitch was that where I was sitting I was crammed in between two large men and was squished like a sardine, so I had to literally sit on the edge of my seat to get shoulder room. Plus, I had to stare AROUND the heads of the people in front of me to be able to see the stage. Will probably get the actual arena "bleacher" seats on either side of the stage so I can see better. Also, $20 parking, which was the cheapest I could find, elsewhere was $25, 30, and $40 at the arena itself. This is the full show, not filmed by me, and not where I saw it, but the same show and setup. It's the best quality I can find. There are better quality but they are 2016 or earlier.
  2. What are you listening to right now?

    The Bad Lip Reading guys do some really awesome music (besides the famous Seagulls song), which I discovered recently. Give them a listen:
  3. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Is pokemon owned by Disney yet? I know it belongs to Nentendo, but I wouldn't be surprised to find out Disney bought Nentendo as well.
  4. Star Wars the Last Jedi (Spoilers maybe)

    Well for a more thorough explanation of my point was that, while I somewhat liked Last Jedi, I found Force Awakens more... fun. Yes, stripped to its bare bones it's just a copy of A New Hope, with a giant planet killer the scrappy band of good guys have to destroy, a hero/jedi from a desert planet, a father figure that dies (Han), a cantina scene, a macguffin carried by a droid, although the characters and details were changed around. But it was still a stupidly lighthearted movie most of the time compared to the darker slog of Last Jedi. It did seem like they were trying to subvert this to some extent with Kylo seeming to be conflicted about going to the dark side. And trying to present even the good guys as bad sometimes, with Luke trying to kill Kylo (which I felt was outside of his character), and the conflict between Poe and Holden. They just didn't do a very good job of it, and it does feel like it's the same "Giant evil tyrannical empire, scrappy band of rebels." There was also that whole part with Del Toro's character and the casino planet. I had no problem with the codebreaker's turncoat moment because it was expected, really. But the whole casino planet part felt like forced "left wing" politics. Look at these bad rich people making money off weapons and shit. Had it just stuck to the kids in the racecourse and commented on child labor I would have been fine, or "Look at these people enjoying themselves while other planets are being decimated by the First Order." But even though I get the idea of weapons sellers profiting from war, who's to say everyone on that planet was an arms seller. There aren't rich ship builders, building builders, energy suppliers, food suppliers, utilities providers, hovercraft builders, ect? True, but I have had some people say the prequels are better than the current set of movies. This is probably because many of them were young enough to have seen the prequels first and maybe that impressed the movies on their young minds, where I was old enough to see the flaws in the prequels. The current movies may not be that great but the prequels just are really poor. Rogue One I feel was the exception out of all of these. It had a story that was at least original enough but still connected to the original trilogy (the story of the death star plans). And was quite entertaining with interesting characters and a pretty good battle sequence at the end.
  5. I actually think my opinion on this case is starting to change a bit. I'm starting to think that the government shouldn't force cake makers, or photographers, or the like, to serve gay weddings. Bear with me on this. It's not that I don't think gay weddings shouldn't have these services. It's that, for these Christians in these businesses, their view that being gay is a sin against God and their religion is a very deeply held belief, whether it's right or wrong. When you think that your God believes being gay is a sin, and getting gay married is a sin, your belief is not going to be changed solely due to some supreme court decision. If say SCOTUS rules against the Colorado baker in this case, and he has to do gay cakes or else, it's not like he's going to say "Oh, I was wrong about the gays all along, I now love the gays and will bake all the cakes for them" and maybe he'll turn gay himself. He will still have his view that gays are evil. And he will feel as if the government is forcing him to do things against his belief, and he will close down his shop. And most importantly. Him, and every Christian fundamental and evangelical out there will see this as another example of the (liberal) government trying to persecute and destroy Christianity. This will add to an already huge persecution complex. That's what we need more of, fundie Christians believing the're being persecuted by the government even more. Which will cause even more backlash against the LGBT community. So, good luck with that.
  6. My thoughts on the Last Jedi: The Force Awakens was better. Fite me.
  7. Things that you hate! v2

    Had a bunch of snow dumped on us last week. Was traveling down a dirt road that was basically ruts and snow. Barely enough room for two cars to pass each other. So what does this SUV, looked like an escalade, or some newer luxury brand, do? Tails me while I'm doing 30mph, then passes me with inches between my car and theirs. Flys down the unplowed road. Well I'm glad to know that some self-important shit decided they were in a big ass hurry to go to their generic middle-management white collar job and that necessitated driving 60 on snow covered roads. But, but, they protested, "This car ad of the vehicle I bought shows it driving on top of the snow like it was fucking snow Jesus. That's why I got a luxury SUV." Unfortunately dumbasses buy into the idea that some expensive car with traction control can just drive through a foot of snow like it's not there and will hopefully impale themselves on a tree at some point in the future.
  8. Tim Hortons and Bitcoin Megathread

    .... Seems legit.
  9. Things that you hate! v2

    Well the guy in question was pretty apologetic about what happened. Said he was sorry he hurt anyone. But some people posted that people were just easily offended and he should just be able to post whatever he wants, and if it gets people upset tough shit, and he seemed to reply more to those people than others. So who knows if he'll actually learn anything. In other news I hate Walmart and I hope their evil corporate empire burns to the ground. Why? I had bought tires from them a while back that had pro-rated tread warranty. The tires were now almost worn, down to the wear bars, and it's snowing, so I went back to get new tires, but with the warranty so the new tires would be at a discount. For 50k mile tires I think I only did about 20-25k of miles. Walmart installed the new tires and then told me I had to pay the full amount, and the warranty didn't apply because the tires were "bald". They were not fully bald, they were just down to the wear bars. Plus, the warranty applies BECAUSE they're almost bald before the 50k mile mark had been reached. But since the tires had been installed, there was little I could do. So Tomorrow, when the manager is in, I think I'll go down there and start putting heads on platters and if they don't want to mop up the blood they will give the fucking discount I was supposed to get. It was in the contract when I bought the first tires, so it's a breach of contract anyway. Last time I buy tires from Walmart.
  10. Things that you love! v2

    This "I will Survive" Zootopia meme. So some idiot goes ahead and does this multi-page Zootopia comic where Judy gets pregnant and wants and abortion, and Nick flips his shit, and it's pretty blatantly obvious that Nick is anti-abortion, and the creator of the comic is likely as well. But who cares about shitty ass political opinions expressed poorly in a badly done comic. The memes based on the comic make up for all of that and are just gold. Probably my favorite one: I did not hit her, I did naaaaaahhhhttt. Oh hi Fenneck. Oh, and this one.
  11. Tim Hortons and Bitcoin Megathread

    Are you saying I should prostitute myself?
  12. I'm literally fucking depressed right now...

    Can I forego getting a life and just get a knife instead? Knives are fun to play with. And to OP, while Net Neutrality seems to be something you care about a lot, there are a lot of other shit going on that's even worse. Hopefully if or when it ends, it won't be as bad as people are predicting and the internet will still function.
  13. Things that you hate! v2

    So, fun furry drama time. I'm friends with a few furs who are friends with another guy who decided to friend me on FB. I've only met the guy a handful of times but I said why not, friended him back. Note that he's in a gay relationship with another guy I know who's a nice fellow. The other day, he comments negatively about the "any gendered" bathrooms at MFF. Calls trans people "Transvestites" and "disgusting", "If you're a man stay a man, if you're a woman stay a woman." Joy. I personally replied "People can be whoever they want." Some people went the angry SJW route and called him an asshole and threatened to beat him up (predictable). I posted in a friends-only post that I wasn't sure if I should continue being friends with him. One of the people who were mutual friends with both of us said I was being like a snowflake because I wanted to stop being friends with someone I disagreed with. Yea, thanks, maybe you can join him. In any case, this guy I don't know well, and I can be friends or not be friends with whoever I feel with. I'm friends with people I disagree with politically, does that make me a snowflake? Or is it just considering not following someone on Facebook that I only casually know? Then later on the guy apologized but with the persecution complex apology. As in "I am sorry I offended people but why are you angry that I'm just expressing my opinion." type of thing, as in not understanding why people are angry. He said in his defense "I just hate the actual sex change, I don't hate trans people." Uh, no, I screencapped your comment, you said they were disgusting and should stay their birth gender. And now there's white knights, the conservatives who are like "Everyone's triggered nowadays about nothing. You don't have a right to your own opinion, just theirs." So yea, lots of stupidity on both sides. Oh, what do I hate? - I hate it when people, especially gays who themselves were treated like shit, treat trans people like shit as well. - I hate it when people tell other people they can't live their personal lives the way they want, either trans people or gays or whatever. - I hate it when people threaten violence because they disagree with you (Looking at you SJWs). - I hate it when people (looking at the right side this time) who say something controversial and then get all upset and act persecuted if people get upset about that opinion. You have a right to an opinion. Other people have a right to be upset and disagree with you, and even say they think you're an idiot. - I hate it when people think I'm a snowflake for making choices in who I friend. I can friend or unfriend whoever I want, and especially someone I don't know well, there's nothing wrong with saying "is this person worth my time?"
  14. Things that you hate! v2

    I have a sore on the side of my tongue. Makes me sound thick tongued. It makes my mouth annoyingly dry. It sucks.
  15. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Anyone from here that actually still checks these forums go to MFF this year? I did not attend but I heard I missed the fun and drama. No chlorine chemical warfare, but some more minor things. The biggest news was that Confederate Fursuit guy, Magnus Diridian, was arrested by the police. The stated reason was that he was banned from MFF, and when he was spotted at the con, that was trespassing thus the cops came to drag him away. He also didn't pay for a badge. The best part was that he was wearing a WW1 German military outfit, complete with spiked German helmet, and doing Nazi salutes and screeching something in German. Or likely what he THOUGHT was German and was probably just a load of made up words that sounded German. My advice is just sing Rammstein lyrics, that would trigger enough people. But seriously, dressing up in WWI military wear but acting like Nazis that didn't show up until over a decade later? Sounds about right for him. It gets better. Police had to remove the fursuit in order to arrest him. Turns out he was naked underneath. Of course he was. So the police covered him with a blanket while they escorted him out to their cars. Also, I heard that someone pulled the fire alarm on Thursday in the main hotel. Not sure if there was an actual fire. Also, one of the overflow hotels had to stop being an overflow hotel and had to kick all the smelly furries out a week before con, so people had to scramble for accommodations.