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  1. Hmm. So there's been a lot of back and forth over the whole Korea thing. Trump fans are claiming that Trump deserves all the credit for it and that liberals refuse to give him credit for anything because they hate him so much, where liberals are asking what Trump did to start the peace talks. Some are calling for Trump to get a Nobel peace price (which is premature), and noting that Obama got one for doing nothing. First of all, Obama didn't deserve that peace prize. Second, the process is still ongoing. Let's break the whole thing down. - Trump and Kim Jong-un get into a war of words. Trump threatens fire and fury, Kim threatens to bomb Guam. WW3 looks imminent. - The USA and UN enact stricter sanctions on NK. NK probably bypasses some of these through Iran and China. - South Korea's president Moon extends an olive branch, they go to the Olympics, talks ensue.... Some conservatives are acting like Trump has already achieved peace between the two nations even though the talks are still in process. Trump still has to meet with Kim later this month. Until an actual treaty is signed it's a bit premature to be acting like peace has finally happened. But I'd really like to know, seriously, how Trump is mostly responsible for this peace process, and why Moon gave him all the credit (besides just sucking up to Trump before his meeting). Not being anti-Trump, I just want answers. The best I can see is that all the blustering Trump did towards NK showed them that we weren't playing games with them, and that caused them to back down. Considering that Kim was threatening to nuke Guam that's hard to believe. Or, the increased sanctions caused NK to back down, which I also doubt because sanctions in the past have done diddly. I have heard that their major test site collapsed in on itself so that is the likely reason.
  2. It was actually the friend who was flipping out at me. That's what I was wondering. "Why is everyone making a big deal about this?" I rinse out the sink when I'm done, and the amount of "germs" I get in the sink are probably the same amount that me cleaning my dishes in the sink produce. Or preparing uncooked meat, which would have MORE bacteria and viruses. Nice analogy. Comparing a private kitchen sink only available to a small group of individuals and not the general public to a public restaurant that's under strict health codes is a bad comparison. Until the government applies food service health codes to my kitchen the argument does not apply. Here, this article might help you with that. I do. I also do my dishes there. Really, people should be thankful I clean my mouth and dishes unlike a lot of furs. In any case it's a moot point, the friend who was flipping out over me on social media and acting like it was the end of the world has yet to unfriend or block me, so I guess she calmed down about it. She has serious anxiety issues so that might be the problem. Whatever. Just saying, you brush your teeth with pretty much what is soap, and I rinse the sink out when I'm done (and I never do it if the sink is not empty). The bathroom isn't always as clean or sanitary. And whatever germs come from my tooth brushing can't be as bad as the germs on my silverware and plates when I wash them, or on raw meat if I drain the meat in the same sink (I never let any food touch the sink though, don't know what other people have used it for).
  3. Wow, 2 pages... walls of text... nope! Maybe later. Funny you bring this up. It reminds me of that little girl character from the Dragon Maid anime, Kanna or whatever. She's 500 years old, but appears as a 10 year old in the anime. And she is lewded like crazy, even in the anime itself (which is no surprise). And some excuse it like "Well she's 500". Still in the body of a 10 year old girl. You're still lusting over the body, not the mind. Mentally she still acts like a child as well.
  4. I found out about this while I was at Motor City Furry Con, which happens to be the same weekend. People were all over it on the Telegram chats. That's why our con is cooler. No one humping in the lobby, and we have FREE LOCAL CRAFT BOOZE. WHUT! In any case, people mentioned later that there was no actual sex contact going on with these two. Don't give a fuck. I don't know if the hotel lobby is public space, but pup play is STILL a form of kink play. And anyone who's involved in kink or bdsm play should know, if they're mature adults, that that kind of behavior should NOT really be happening in public. Don't care if you're not actually engaging in sex. People are still going to see it and think it's sexual in nature, since it's a part of the fetish spectrum. So yea, I'm still disappointed they didn't choose a more private place to do this.
  5. So, I might have just lost a friend AND have a neighbor who hates me now, all because of stupidity. At my apartment there happened to be a shared kitchen area with a sink. I came in to brush my teeth in said sink, saw that someone was preparing meat in another corner. I started brushing my teeth. This Romanian guy who moved in a month ago comes in, probably to prepare the meat in the corner, and gets upset that I'm using the sink to brush my teeth. I finish and get into an argument with him. He's like "The sink is for food and kitchen things, not for brushing teeth. That's what the bathroom is for." I don't know why he has such a demand to use the kitchen sink ONLY for kitchen things, and the bathroom sink ONLY for bathroom things. Is it a personal thing, or something that's a part of his Romanian heritage, I don't know. Later, I mentioned it on my FB only for a friend to get into this long rant against me that I'm entitled and being selfish, that my opinion doesn't supersede his. That by using the sink for oral health I am ignoring his wishes, that since it's a shared sink that I need to respect his wishes and not use the sink to brush my teeth. Okay, first off, both of us pay rent for that sink. Second, this was the first time he freaked out about it. How the FUCK was I supposed to know that would make him so upset? In the future, I have decided I would not brush my teeth around him so I won't upset him again. But I don't see why I should just stop using the sink to brush my teeth just because captain germaphobe doens't like it. I can't believe my likely-former friend was claiming I was being selfish because I want to brush my teeth in the sink, and I can somehow read minds and tell this guy would get upset about it. So I should just safe-space the fuck out of my life and never do anything that might REMOTELY upset someone else. I've lived at that place for 11 years now. This guy moved in a month ago. If anything, if he doesn't like me using the sink to brush my teeth, he can fucking leave. Oh yea, and my friend kept equating me using the sink for toothbrushing to shitting in the sink or pissing in the sink. Um, two fucking different things people. Am I surrounded by Detective Monk-level germaphobes here? I am fucking done right now.
  6. Animation looks rather different. Wonder if it's a different studio. Sounds like the same voice actress though.
  7. This Dogpatch article that I discovered recently seems to do a good job of explaining what's going on (even if it is Dogpatch). http://dogpatch.press/2018/03/09/the-zaush-issue/#more-46525 Go past the meme images to the links that say "image 1, image 2, image 3" ect. And be forewarned, although supposedly there's nothing illegal in any of them, I'd clear your browser history just in case? First image shows Zaush and a client talking about doing porn of two characters, one being described as 40ish, the other one the commissioner says should be 16. Zaush shows examples of a famous legal porn artist that looks underaged. Later screencaps show Zaush showing images of kids in bathing suits (not illegal in itself) and the commissioner (Colbalt) talking about making her younger, first 12, and then 10 years old, and thin so you can see the penis inside of her (one of the fetishes out there I hate... the body being distorted by the penis). Also, Zaush says you can go as low as 12 and they're still fuckable. Screencap: I can understand if anyone's skeptical about whether these screencaps are actually a telegram conversation between Zaush and ColbaltDawg, but Zaush himself confirmed so on twitter. (archive link) I have two feelings on this. While the images in the screencaps supposedly depict a porn star named Sammy Daniels (I looked her up on video sites, she really doesn't look young at all) or pics of kids in swimsuits, those are not illegal at all. However, the conversation seems to be about Zaush drawing art of an underage character that they agree to have be 10 years old or so. AND, Zaush has done underaged characters before, including a yellow lab named Chelsea who looks 15 and ends up in two of his comics, "The Neighbor's Wife" and "Daddy's Little Secrets" where she fucks her own dad. Plus a character named Cynthia who shows up in "Daddy's Little Secrets" being plowed and who Zaush has said in the above link is 11. Both comics can be found on e621. Having images of porn stars that look barely legal or images of kids in swimsuits in itself is not against the law, but considering that Zaush doodles underaged girls and seems to think they may be "fuckable", I'm not going to think any more highly of the guy. He shouldn't be staff of FA, but Dragoneer allows dogfuckers on his staff too so nothing is going to change.
  8. So, crisis averted. Even though my teacher was telling me I couldn't use my TI-89 in my midterm, I walked into the testing center expecting that I could just ask them if they loan out calculators, or if they had ones to borrow in the library. They took one look at mine and handed it back. I was able to use it. Worst part was when I was eyeballing the syllabus and discovered said midterm was only 10% of my final grade.... ..... My midterm was TEN PERCENT OF MY FINAL GRAOUFLSDLUG#)$SF)*SF)*)$#*@#)$SDF!!! Oh, did I mention I hate this class. Yea, see, but our society made some silly little rule that you have to have some expensive ass piece of paper from some crappy public government owned school where there's a required gen-ed class about gender studies or some shit JUST to get a white collar job that pays more than 30k a year. It seems that they don't like you using phone apps because you could just google the answers on your phone. That at least seemed to be the reason why they banned cell phones in the testing center.
  9. FUCK STATISTICS. that is all. No but seriously, this class is fucking hard. I literally read about 1 hour of material a night with this class and still can't fucking absorb anything about it. And it's a god damn REQUIRED class if I want an IT degree. Even though it has diddly fucking squat to do about IT or computers. And this teacher literally has me doing two practice quizzes (10 questions), two homework assignments (30+ questions), and two exams (10-20 questions) a week (thankfully for only one chapter a week, but SERIOUSLY). And, for the last straw, midterms are this week, and this cuck of a teacher tells me I can't use my calculator in the midterm. I have a TI-89 I bought several years ago for Calculus I (which isn't even remotely as hard as this class). The TI-89 isn't allowed for my class. I can have a TI-84 and ONLY a TI-84. A $100 calculator on Amazon. Yea, after paying $150 fucking dollars for a book with an online code I'm not spending another $100 for a fucking calculator that I have a better version of. Fuck you. No... FUCK YOU. I think I've determined that College is only designed to screw you over, steal your money, fuck you in the ass, and leave you bleeding on the corner while you slowly die, and you're left with debt and a shitty underpaid job.
  10. I'm not even sure if this is newsworthy or not. I came across these posts claiming that someone had found that Zaush used child porn, real life child porn, as references to draw his underaged furry porn. Zaush may deny this, but let's be real, he does draw underage characters. One is a dog of some type, she looks like a yellow lab, and who I thought was in early high school. Here's a link to the character, which is labeled clean on FA, so can probably be posted here (if not, mods, I'll screencap it). And I just found this comment which says she's 11. And I know I've seen this character in some of his porn. I don't know if that porn has been posted on FA before but I feel like it has. Oh, I guess it has been posted on FA. I can't link it to here, but just look through his gallery to find a comic called "Daddy's little secret". Has the lab girl's character in it getting plowed. Yep. Cub porn is not allowed on FA. Except if it's Zaush. Because Zaush gives Dragoneer the blowjobs he oh so desperately craves. Anyway, while digging through a whole bunch of posts and threads the only thing I can find about Zaush using CP is that he used pictures of girls in bathing suits as art references. Creepy, yes, but not child porn if the children have some sort of clothing on that covers their parts. There is one picture of someone nude doing a selfie who might be an adult though, it's hard to tell. Here's the threads where I've seen info about this. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/zaush-adam-wan.34183/page-7#post-3118017 https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=221797041719399&id=186139951951775 If he is just using images of kids in swimsuits, that's not illegal. If he IS using CP, then that's illegal. Either way he's creepy. TL;DR: Zaush draws girls who are 11 in his porn and posts them on FA, which is a violation of the rules, and gets away from it because he's popfur, staff, and succ dragoneer dick. He also uses images of kids in bathing suits for reference, and possibly CP (but not fully proven). Also, Zaush is a creep. Edit: Screencapped that "She's 11" comment in case it disappears, doubt it though.
  11. I hear he lives in Australia, so if he wants to waste the money for the plane ticket over here, that's great. Will make things more interesting.
  12. Well you're a little to late. This place is almost dead. Quoting Mungo? Wouldn't surprise me, we briefly friended on some social media ages ago and I think she de-friended me because I triggered her or I was too "mean" or some shit. For someone who was once in the Swiss military she certainly seemed to be pretty thin skinned.
  13. Almost thought you were talking about this dude for a second. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-43352073 But good riddance to Pharma bro. He acted so smug during the trial, basically ignoring his attorneys, mocking the judge, almost got found in contempt of court. If I was facing possible federal prison I wouldn't be sleeping at all, and yet he acted like it was no big deal. Welp, I hope he's just as smug when he goes in, and becomes the bitch of some hardened MS-13 drug lord or something. Then he'll come out a lot more humble and realizing that life sucks and is not a game. Or maybe he'll just be a man-child the rest of his life. Oh well.
  14. Hit a group of potholes on the highway deep enough that I heard a loud bang from them, and destroyed my suspension. After I went through them, I passed a dozen or more disabled cars on the side of the road, but mine kept going and the tires didn't seem to be flat. It wasn't until later that I discovered that my struts were leaking and my wheel bearing was fucked up worse than I've ever seen wheel bearings damaged before. A local repair shop wanted $1050.... $600 for the struts and $450 for the bearing. I took the estimate and thanked them, I've never seen a bearing cost more than $300, and the struts could be had for a few hundred. I already ordered new struts for $250. Wheel bearing kit for $55. Now to get the tools to fix them all myself. I'm still going to demand the state reimburse me and fight it until I win or I've exhausted all options, but the state will probably refuse me. For some reason Michigan's roads are absolute shit this year, the worst I've ever seen them any year. To the point that the news has been talking about it and memes have been created over it. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/02/25/michigan-pothole-so-large-police-officer-stands-knee-deep.html http://www.951ksky.com/2018/02/26/michigan-news-crew-films-19-cars-falling-victim-to-a-giant-pothole-video/ One of the things that pisses me the fuck off is that our Republican-run state government, with our Republican governor, gave everyone a tax break that will be about $25 per person.... but will cost the state $180 mil a year in tax revenue. Money that could be used to FIX THE FUCKING ROADS. $25 more per year in taxes is not going to fucking pay for the $300-500 of suspension damage that has happened to my car, but $180 mil could go far to fixing at least some of the worst roads. But Republicans love lowering taxes but not cutting spending cuz it gets them re-elected, and not using government funds for important things like infrastructure. Here's an actual video I recorded of a really bad stretch of road near a friend's house (this was not the road where my car was damaged).
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