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  1. Gator, I recommend you talk to your doctor about the side effects so he can switch you to a different drug. That one that you're on may not be the right fit for you but that doesn't mean that they all are going to make you sick. Call your doctor, schedule an appointment and talk to him. Tell him what you're experiencing and tell him your concerns and fears over it. These are important and people in the medical community are trained to help you alleviate your concerns and help you make an informed choice. Healing is a process. That's why they do the two week check-in. Because everyone's body is different and reacts differently to drugs. Keep an open dialog with your physician and don't be too quick to write off the whole thing.
  2. Out pops a Deviantart Sonic the Hedgehog OC *do not steal* I shove in the complete works of Shakespeare and a freshly printed copy of My Immortal.
  3. Like: Bulbous Dislike: Irredentism
  4. Out pops a Vietnamese prostitute wearing cat ears I shove in a greasy spoon waitress, named Freida, who has had a hard life and a lingering smoker's cough.
  5. Do try and stick with it. You don't feel better now, but anti-depressants usually take at least 2 weeks before they start taking effect. You talk about not having any motivation to do anything beyond just function, but try to keep in mind that that's likely a symptom of the depression. Let the medication kick in and help and then reevaluate how you feel. The medications aren't going to help the underlying cause if its life circumstances that are making you depressed. But what they will do is allow you to have the energy to take hold of your life again and make the positive changes you need. You're worried about weight gain. Well, like Jtrekkie said, you're already monitoring your diet. That's good. The next step is to try and incorporate exercise into your routine. You don't have to suddenly become a gym rat though. Just small things. Walking more or doing some calisthenics when you wake up can help. Drinking more water so you feel fuller and don't accidentally overeat can also help. Weight gain isn't a foregone conclusion with anti-depressants. You're upset about being seen by people as having a mental disorder. Its nothing to be ashamed of. You have an illness. So you've gone to the doctor in order to become well again. There is nothing shameful in that at all. There is a strange stigma against seeking help for mental illness, but its ridiculous. Depression is a completely treatable illness and you have a right to feel better, to be able to function and to live your life without feeling like crap. Don't let the perceptions of others, real or imagined, stop you from taking steps to help yourself. Anyway, hope you feel better dude <;
  6. Out pops a disturbingly sticky salt shaker. I shove in the Triangle of Zinthar.
  7. I am also willing to kick in for ads if the community desires them. Don't matter to me much where specifically its advertised at; Sofurry, FurAffinity, w/e. Just so long as there is actual community interest in having them.
  8. Out pops a deck of Yu-Gi-Oh Cards I shove in all original 151 Pokemon.
  9. I dreamed that I was laying in the yard and all my dead dogs were there with me. It thankfully wasn't one of my usual lucid dreams so I didn't realize it was dream and they couldn't be there because they were dead. Instead they all just acted excited to see me as dogs get when they haven't seen their owner in long time. Which in this case I guess they hadn't. Has been several years(decades?) since they died. I played with them in the yard and gave them pets and hugs. Felt like nice reunion. <:
  10. Out pops a stack of redstone I shove in 3 puppies and an unopened bottle of tequila
  11. Sleeping is best hobby. Can confirm. Also hi