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  1. They wouldn't say that if they're fans of Castlevania. Meanwhile, Newcomers will said this
  2. They could still call it Castlevania: Dacula's curse to avoid that problem. And not have people go "Where's Simon? Who are these people?"
  3. Dracula's curse comes -before- the first two nes games and -after- Lament of innocence.
  4. Wait, this show is just called "Castlevania" and not "Castlevania III: Dacula's curse"? wtf.
  5. Xenoblade 2 is chunni as fuck.
  6. Wasn't most of the game was like Dead Rising 2? That said, I wasn't trying to troll, Only red pilling.
  7. Super Metroid tanked in japan & the whole Donkey Kong Country games out sold it, Fusion & Zero Mission were both not popular at it's time.(In japan) Prime 2 was bad. Also, Nintendo Power said that Aria of Sorrow was the best GBA game ever.
  8. Both are "classic" games that rarely get any love from their own company & were both made in the 80's.
  9. That's like saying Ghosts 'n Goblins is a staple franchise to Capcom
  10. Strider is special case since it's not fully owned by Capcom. They have to pay Hiroshi Motomiya every time to use the brand name.
  11. Capcom had to scream at DH on a daily basis for it to be good, With Konami they didn't gave a fuck.