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  1. You either ; a. don't complain and shrug it off or b. Stop supporting Nintendo and their games and let Metroid die again. Because Nintendo doesn't care in the long run, Because this is mostly a problem NoA has, Not with just amibos But with everything. According to my friend who lives in the Philippines, They carry tons of them/get a batch of them every week. So obviously this is NoA's problem. Amazon isn't a good site to shop. Hell, Yahoo of Japan sells them starting at 20,000 yen.
  2. I'm pretty sure it was MS's Idea to lock out those things, not Nintendo. I forgot to mention you could just import them.
  3. That's Nintendo being Nintendo. Tho, you should be bitching about the scalpers.
  4. Most of them were ugly as fuck because Capcom lost all their good artists.
  5. You're wrong about that. SF4 only had two DLC packs for characters plus roster balancing and other shit. Now DLC costumes are thing people shat on them for.
  6. The new one is a watered down Gundam vs. Gundam game for casuals. You might as well get Gundam versus since it's coming out next month.
  7. So about that new FF Dissidia...
  8. Capcom flat out said Mega Man 9 and 10 were expensive as hell in a interview and I don't remember any reused assets. MML3 was never green lited and MMO was Korea's doing.
  9. MM9 had weird fetish for minibosses and both Tornado Man's and Jewel Man's were kinda awful. But aside from that, The game is kinda bland(?) 10 was much better as a game tho.
  10. I don't even like MM9 and I still find this incredibly asinine.