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  1. giggle licks.
  2. I don't even mind the edge for most parts, It's the laziness is what gets me. Because Some people (me as well) are too lazy the talk about anything.
  3. I disagree, But whatever.
  4. Phoenix is okay, I just wish that most of our users could stop being hipster teenagers and start acting their age.
  5. Transformer robot. Nuff said.
  6. So you hate furry rp?
  7. It was a mistake to enter this topic.
  8. Jojo as a anime/manga is subpar at best
  9. Nah, Most of them don't even matter since you can warp to anywhere you please. (They need to fix up the load times.)
  10. >Good games. But anyways, Advertising an emulator and showing a game that came out a month ago is pretty bad.
  11. I don't know why are we discussing this since A. Emulators and roms are against the law and B. PS3 has nothing but shitty weeb games save (P5, ToVps3 and extreme vs maxi boost).