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  1. Super Smash Bros.

    Fucking do it, Sakurai.
  2. Super Smash Bros.

    Hi, I gotten my wish.
  3. Final Fantasy

  4. The Animu Thread

    What the fuck, When? How? WHERE?
  5. The Animu Thread

  6. Video game music

  7. The Animu Thread

    From what I see, I what turn those in for better stuff. No one likes season 2.
  8. The Animu Thread

  9. The Animu Thread

    I also forgot, RahXephon is fucking shit.
  10. Video game music

  11. Rivals of Aether

    Sure is! Check it on twitter.
  12. Rivals of Aether

  13. The Animu Thread

    Bones is literally made up of just animators and no writers, So naturally they use bits of shows they previously worked on as inspiration.
  14. The Animu Thread

    You -do- realize that Bones was made up by Ex-members from Sunrise.