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  1. I found myself in one of these things recently at a friends place. Fucking 10/10 comfy. would drunkenly pass out in one again.
  2. I guess you can consider me gone for the most part too. Might message some people sometime but I'm not gonna post. Aw well it's not like I was saying much here anyway.
  3. Boy I sure have missed these cute little things
  4. I'm not even old yet but put that kids blood in me already I need it more
  5. I am lonely and angry still but at least I can make bad jokes at you guys sometimes~
  6. Waking up at midnight, eating half a cold pizza, bout to go to work. My days off to a great start already...
  7. I'm still shocked about last night, went out for drinks with a group. We all intended to have a good time and instead all ended up too drunk and depressed in a corner, half of us slumped on the table. This is a first...
  8. If I meet Pete and it doesn't feel like a mirror match I'm gonna yell @ you
  9. Luca

    Gravity Falls

    It's pretty good
  10. Welcome to the forums small Witch!
  11. I constantly feel like I don't deserve how well I get treated by people. I get away with too much.
  12. Ah the young and the angsty.... How I miss it so~
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