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  1. Phoenix Comics and Doodles

    Long time since the last entry... maybe i will get a chance this coming weekend. We need MORE comics!
  2. new works available

    I have posted 2 new novellas on Amazon... The Academy, first term and Gnarl writes a book. The prices are really low, enjoy!
  3. Creating a ballanced character

    I would like to add a careful word about character flaws. Yes they can go way too far, but then a perfect character can be very boring. Some flaws in a main character hero or heroin can, if not exagerated way too far, make a character interesting. The ruff old tracker who will stop what he is doing to go out of his way to help. Then in chapter 4 you discover it is because he lost his whole family to ...whatever... but it made him the way he is. Maybe he needs to be that way for the story to flow or be interesting. Yes the chosen one is way over used, i would love to read a book about what happens when the chosen one dies in the first chapter, but, then what would the story be if the main character was not the chosen one... What if Harry Potter was not the chosen one?
  4. Phoenix Comics and Doodles

    Did you know that there is a backstory to the Mammalians? Their former emperress, at the ripe old age of 5 had accidentally outlawed males on her home world. She had said that they were icky and grose and ordered that they all be thrown off the world. Then when she reached the at of 15 she discovered what they were for while visiting one of the outer planets and ending up sending her entire space force to go and find, "young-handsome males". She had also given orders that these males must be...uh... tested, to make sure that they would be able to fullfill the Mammalian needs.
  5. Phoenix Comics and Doodles

    Looks like this thread needs some new infusion of something! I will see what i can do but it may take a week or two.
  6. I'm not new

    I'm old i don't remember ... wasn't it, no wait... what ever happened to Minty? and hello Joshi.
  7. Phoenix Comics and Doodles

    And after they boarded the ship!
  8. Phoenix Comics and Doodles

    ANd way past due, but here is another entry for the saga of BEER WOLF.
  9. Phoenix Comics and Doodles

    I never said that they were lost in the Mammalian Nebula, just having a slight, little issue.... "Alright who drank all the darn fuel?"
  10. Phoenix Comics and Doodles

    YAY the comics are back! Will have to do something.... now where did i put my glasses?
  11. Theo says Hi xD

    Little Graymuzzle??? He hasn't read page 9 on the Phoenix comics and doodles!
  12. Theo says Hi xD

    I see all the young people have welcomed you, so on behalf of the arcane-graymuzzle crowd welcome to our insanity!
  13. I'm halfway to death.

    sorry a bit late here, but congrats on starting to almost be an adult now. Why i remember back when i turned 50 and how young i felt, then i turned 55 and that wasn't so bad... and this coming january i will turn older a lot older and that won't be bad at all. I won't even mind when i hit 60 in the near future....
  14. It all depends of what you are trying to do. For example anime has one set of cannons, comic/cartoon/super hero stuff has another and traditional or realism has another. There are so many different styles. I would suggest that you go search the internet and find one you like, then practice-practice-practice.