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  1. !!! you're back

  2. hey, are you there?

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    2. evan


      *shrug* whatever it is, seems worthwhile to at least make sure nothing serious has happened.

    3. Brass


      GameDog says that he talked to him not too long ago.

    4. evan


      alright. sounds good.

  3. Furcadia is pretty much dead. I logged into it a couple of months ago and there weren't nearly as many people as there were over a decade ago. It was depressing.
  4. Phausk


    What do people get these days? I haven't bought a Dell since 2008 because I realized it's way better to build your own PC.
  5. Phausk


    I perceive Gabe Newell as a man who worked honestly to get where he is today. But chances are he probably did some shitty things, since that's just the world of business.
  6. Yes it is common in human nature to dehumanize people we hate. But it's a lot more complicated than those people simply being "monsters". There's obviously something that made them that way, whether it be upbringing, past abuse, mental illness, etc. It's not an excuse, but it can help us understand why this person is so fucked up in the first place. Also I disagree with euthanizing animals for that reason too unless they have rabies or something. But that's another tricky thing to deal with.
  7. Phausk


    Stallman is great, especially when he's eating his feet.
  8. lol I knew this was coming eventually. I feel bad that he's not getting treated for his obvious mental issues while serving his prison sentence. I also feel bad that he's now a permanent reject of society and can never atone for his sins regardless of what he does with his life after prison. I also feel bad that this is more likely to just make him more careful in the future than to actually deter him from doing the same thing again. I never mentioned it, but I also feel bad for the victims too. So, everybody loses in this situation. But yes, I still think he's human regardless of his crimes.
  9. Phausk


    And screwing over people in the process. At least Bill Gates donates to charity from time to time.
  10. Well by definition it is a form of punishment, which I feel makes it not neutral. You have made me question myself however. It's hard for me to think of neutrality when dealing with a justice system. To be neutral, wouldn't you just... not do anything? It's just frustrating for me to see the majority of comments on the internet condoning torture or death if it's deemed "they deserve it". Maybe I'm just a bleeding heart or something, but it makes me more depressed about society in general.
  11. Yeah in my college hardware class, the instructor mentioned that some people take issue with the master/slave terminology for hard drives. Do they also take issue with BDSM?
  12. Eh, I don't consider prison neutral, since it's supposed to be a terrible experience for the people in it so that they "learn their lesson". It's good for keeping criminals off of the street, but does very little of anything else. I'd like to see a prison system similar to Sweden's but I doubt much of the rest of the world will ever even consider it. Also, to the commenters: what does inflicting pain or death upon this guy actually accomplish? It won't bring closure to the victims, and it won't deter crimes like this in the future. Isn't it hypocritical to be against rape or murder yet advocating rape or murder if it's for a good cause? Sorry, I've just become to hate the "eye for an eye" mentality.
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