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  1. Show off your fursuits/cosplays

    Did I never post images of my costume on the forums? Eh, I'll do it here. I'm a-prowling in the AC 2017 parade:
  2. Any MIDI-type musicians out there?

    Sorry, mate. Also, gonna go with the former on the distribution. Unless by some miracle it turns out brilliant, it'll probably be a personal project or free game. Also also, don't expect speedy scheduling with this project for those curious. Probably gonna be more of a glacial pace as I pick away at it every other weekend. Really just checking to see who all is musically inclined while I determine where the hell this is going. 'Tentative' is probably going to be a recurring theme in this thread.
  3. Hey all! I was wondering if anyone around Phoenixed might have any proficiency with composing music in a MIDI or MIDI-esque format? I ask because I got it into my head to try my hand at slowly creating a game, but rather than just making any old platformer, I wanted to stay true to a retro style and design the whole thing to fit under 1.35 megabytes, the space that would be available on a 3.5" floppy disk. I've already been experimenting with the graphical end of things and checking the sizes of ROMs for various 8/16-bit console games, and it seems quite doable. But, of course, any soundtrack would have to be in some kind of composed format rather than something like an MP3 or wav file in order to fit it in the mere kilobytes of space available. Maybe some leads on libraries or composers that would be willing to lend some tunes, even?
  4. Sofi makes a face: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/24754334/
  5. Thoughts on Charlottesville and neo-nazis

    HEY! ... Somebody noticed us. Not only that, but we're the biggest tribble on that table. Furries for most important tribble: 2017. Also, it seems things have gotten thoroughly derailed.
  6. Butts: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/24558417/
  7. Thoughts on Charlottesville and neo-nazis

    Oh no, I didn't mean that there's some mistake in calling this gathering nazis. They were pretty much that - I agree with you on that front, what with the stormfront posters and people literally flying swastikas. I meant that more in terms of someone comparing -me- to a nazi or at least a sympathizer because I entertained the idea of trying to reform these people. And since you keep bringing up the Holocaust, I do feel the need to mention that the rise of the nazis prior to WWII probably wasn't the result of them not receiving regular enough beatings. Their country was economically crippled and kneecapped as a result of the treaties at the close of WWI, in which the allied forces decided that Germany ought to foot the bill for the entire war while also diminishing their means to pay off that debt. And there does seem to be a trend of xenophobia rising when people are in dire financial straits. I should research the above point more, so take it with a grain of salt - just wanted to make that first correction on the mention of Godwin's Law before I go about my day. I'll try to get more in depth at some point later tonight or tomorrow.
  8. Thoughts on Charlottesville and neo-nazis

    Euarargharrraaaauuuughh.... In other words, there's no opinion I can express on this occurrence that won't make at least half of all the people hate me. I've already been staring at this post for over two hours to make sure it's juuuuuust right, but I should probably rip this bandaid off since Godwin's Law is an inevitability at this point, and I'm sure I'll be restless unless I pitch in my two cents. I'm sure I'll regret it more later than I would regret the lack of sleep now. So yeh, a bunch of assholes showed up to start screaming some toxic stuff one day. I personally think that had Antifa (or their associates) not shown up at all, a bunch of assholes would have screamed into dead air, the nation would have shaken its collective head, and there would have been the slimmest possibility that some of those assholes would have gone home that night, mellowed out, realized the whole thing was silly, and went on to do something productive with their lives. But, because these counter-protestors considered violence a good first solution, said mellowing out and feeling silly will never happen, because now they've vindicated this idea the other side has that someone is out to 'get them.' Imagine a person claimed their thoughts and opinions were too 'dangerous' and 'would revolutionize this country.' Ten years ago, we'd lump them in with the tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists and greet their ramblings with crickets until they realized no one wanted to hear it. Nowadays, a bunch of people have made it a point to show up with clubs to beat this person for daring to speak the forbidden speech, which I can only imagine gives our rambling racist a nice, big, throbbing ego because part of his paranoid fantasy is being fulfilled. And let's suppose a person is a bit on the fence on the whole white-supremacy thing. The best way to win them over to a more reasonable outlook is to give them a way to quietly rescind their opinion and move on with life. But since groups like Antifa seem pretty keen on the doxings and beatings, the only way for a person to put that kind of thing behind them is to practically prostrate and flagellate themselves before such a group while begging for forgiveness from people who have no intent to grant it. At that rate, I would not be surprised if a person chose to be an equal among monsters than a sycophant to their enemies. Maybe I'm sounding a little too sympathetic towards the bad people, but unless the counter-protesters plan to off each and every last person on the other side they will have to work out some way to genuinely convince white supremacists out of that mode of thinking, and belittling and beating a person into submission doesn't tend to make them terribly fond of the point the other person is trying to make. Also, I think it seems remiss, at the very least, for a person to shriek and flail and sputter admonishments with all their energy and every fiber of their being every time someone so much as flashes a swastika for half a second. I can only imagine that would burn someone out, or make them look hysterical. Maybe I'm optimistic, maybe I think flying off the handle and vandalizing property and clubbing wrong-thinkers and everyone standing near them is for the witless, but I imagine there must be much more shrewd ways of dealing with 'alt-right' groups - well-handled satire, reasoning with their recruiting pool, argument from hard evidence and statistics instead of emotions and presumed ethics, speaking with them as equals/peers instead of being combative or looking down one's nose at them. I guess the tl;dr of this is that I'm in camp 'I don't much care for both groups and would be happy if they both disappeared but they're here so I guess we'll have to deal with them well shit.'
  9. Have a drunken wuff-girl: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/24230312/
  10. It's... well, it's starting to feel like summer time, so summer-appropriate picture!: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/23579277/
  11. Phoenix Comics and Doodles

    Also Axle's here, because reasons.
  12. Phoenix Comics and Doodles

    Little did they know the sinister schemes afoot...
  13. I'm gonna sound REALLY stupid going over this, but I'll try to do the best I can... I got myself a solid state drive not too long ago, expecting to be able to attach it with a single cable and have it done with. Turns out I also need a power cable, and since I'm running a mini ITX motherboard there doesn't appear to be a slot to plug a power cable into. So I have an extra cable dangling off my power source that I figure I should plug it into, but there's an issue; every power cable I look up to go from my drive to the power source has a female plug that's got four pins in a line. The male end plug off my power source has four pins in a square? I'm trying to search around Newegg, but all I can figure to type in is 'power cable for solid state drive,' which is hardly specific enough to pull up anything relevant, let alone the specific kind of plug I need. Can someone a little more knowledgeable give some advice? Or at least help me figure out what I need to get this drive working? Edit: If it helps at all, let's pretend this is the drive I'm trying to install - https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820156151 It's not actually the same one, but it's one of the only ones I could pull up because Newegg links seem to be broken as of typing this post. It's got the same connection types as the one I have, though.
  14. Wasn't sure if I should put this in WIP's or here - but seeing as I have no formal plans to color this in, I think Mirig's butt belongs here. :B https://www.furaffinity.net/view/23185170/
  15. Some of you may know that I do sequential art. For the most part, it's been alright. However, recently, these commissions I've gotten have become more elaborate, and the slowdown I'm experiencing on my computer is reaching the point that I just simply don't want to work anymore. I typically try to put all my stages in one file, grouping layers together while leaving the background the same to switch things out easily. However, even trying to minimize the number of layers in a sequence file like this, I end up with a solid 20-30+ layers, and it gets really unpleasant to work with, even when I hide the layers I'm not working on. I'm looking for ways to do things more efficiently, and so far all I can think of is making separate files for each panel in a sequence (which feels a little redundant, not to mention matching colors between panels is gonna get tedious REAL quick), or reducing the dimensions of the file (I typically work with 3-4k pixels on a dimension, though 1500 should be good enough for FA submission. I just have to decide if I ever want to print bigger than a letter size sheet of paper). I currently use Krita for all my work, which I've heard mixed things about. Unfortunately, I don't quite have the free time to learn how to use another program, so if a solution can be found without having to switch to something else, it would be much appreciated. Anyone know of any other approach I could take? I've got several commissions to finish, and I'm simply not gonna be able to work on them is things keep slowing down the way they do now.